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Hi , I had my breast implants last monday 24.03...

Hi ,

I had my breast implants last monday 24.03.14 , I am 18 years old and was a 32 AA . I am very petite and as my surgeon said , I did the larger implants I could. Natrelle allergan TSX 375CC (HIGH PROFILE) Dual plane and Inframammary incision .

My implants are very high on top and my breast is like still small under them .(I am scared looking at them and feeling them!!!) I have a lot of pain in my ribs and also the skin is so stretched, I can't even breath. I am currently taking pain killers and antibiotics . As I went to visit my surgeon yesterday , he said that my breast will take a lot of time to soften and to get in place . Can anyone please tell me if they have been in the same situation and how long does the implants remain that up ? I am very worried and feeling sad with all this pain and with them very ugly :S

Thanks a lot
Check out Niki_2014, she has had some of the same issues with tightness. I felt pretty badly the first few days, like I couldn't breathe and like I was getting sick with the flu. My doctor said the irritated lungs and diaphragm is normal and to take deep breaths frequently. If you feel like you really can't breathe, or if you are having significant lung pain, call your doc ASAP because this could be a sign of something serious. But mild discomfort while breathing is common. My doctor said that it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for the implants to drop. I know that seems like forever, but it is common amongst women who have smaller breasts to start with. Mine were placed lower bc of ptosis, so they won't drop very much. There are lots of helpful women here that will be able to assist you with your concerns. What you are describing is very common! I wish you the best and hope you heal quickly and achieve the results you desire. :)
What seemed to help me out with the sensitivity pain like when something touches them was arnica gel. I massaged it onto my boobs and it helped out a great deal with the pain.
Hun Mines remained high for almost 3 weeks. I didnt use the strap, i did the over the head arm stretches; its when you raise your arms above your head straight up until your elbow is above your head, hold it for 10 minuted then put them down. Its painful but it helped out a great deal. I would also start massaging them, the more you massage the sooner they will drop and begin to feel soft. Mines are actually considered extra large implants. I got high profile saline 560cc over filled to 1000cc in each!! so i can definitely relate to you about that tightness feeling like you cant breathe. It does get better, you just have to do the massages and arm stretches. Feel free to message me if you want. I hope you feel better.
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