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Botox Nightmare - Malta, MT

to start with i am just 25 years old. the only...

to start with i am just 25 years old. the only reason i have decided to undergo botox were my 11's which i noticed got deeper these past years. date injected 3rd apr 2013.

doctor injected all my forehead, sides of nose and between brows.

first month was ok i felt great, 11's looked much better less defined.

exactly 3 weeks after i ended up in hospital. zero energy, big pressure in my head, head feeling extremely heavy, numbness all way to my feet and dizziness. i was extremely scared! undergone all tests from ct scan to head mri to blood tests. conclusion all resulted normal. this faded within a week but till now 7 months later i still have that "in the air feeling".

i hoped that by now 7 months later botox wore off. still didn't!

these past months my face changed. i feel the sides of my face numb whenever i smile. my cheeks drooped. my forehead seems bigger and more "popped out". i read about "the glass hour effect" that this happens frequently in patients using botox.

i feel so depressed. i'm anxious and all the time looking at the mirror pulling up my cheeks. pulling up my brows hoping for my forehead to move more. (still hardly moves) hoping to get my smile back! i don't feel me any more. with all these effects and heavy hollow eyes i've been told i look like a 35 year old and not a 25 year old!

will my face get back to normal?? how come all of this happened to me when there are people praising botox!

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are you better?
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Does your face fluctuate? My face gets really saggy in the morning and tight at night. It seems really bad when I drink alcohol. But yeah. My face is much longer and my high cheeks are gone. I have jowels now and can feel every bone in my face. I always hated my fat face but wish I had it back now :(
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Did you finally get better? I am 9 weeks out and have the exact same problem. Botox to glabella and crows and my whole face as changed. My face looks thinner and droopy. I am hoping you will say you are getting better.
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Yes it does. Sometimes I think yay it's getting better and sometimes it looks even worse. The scary thing is that a year has passed from when I had Bptox injected and I'm still suffering from sagging skin at the sides of my jaw, un- natural arch when I raise my eyebrows, difficulty breathing and droopy cheeks. Will by face ever get back to the way it was? This is making me so depressed.
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I have seen very minor improvements but I am still not back to normal at all. Drooped eyebrows, cheeks, sagging.. This is making me feel so depressed every time I look in the mirror.
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I'm only 32 and I look like I'm 42. My whole face is sagging especially under my eyes. I am almost 5 months after botox and things are not getting better. That and I had laser that did some damage under my eyes as well. This is horrible! How are you doing ? I'm so sorry you have to deal with this it's not fair. I looked like I was in my 20s and I ruined it for nothing . It feels like this will never go away!
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I'm sorry you are having such a terrible experience.  Do you remember how many units were injected?  It sounds like you weren't injected properly if you are experiencing the facial numbing and extreme drooping.  Were you injected by a plastic surgeon?  Sorry for all the questions, just trying to clarify for our other Community Members so you can get the most support possible. 

A lot of people say that working out speeds up the breaking down of the Botox.  You might try that, I'm sure you are eager to get this stuff out of your system as fast as possible.  Here is some more info: http://www.realself.com/question/speed-process-botox-leave-body

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I don't really know how many units were injected. I'm not a couch potato though I try exercising every day. But a year has passed and my face is still suffering from all I mentioned!
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