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It's been almost a year since my surgery and...

It's been almost a year since my surgery and I've had one painful internal revision and one for the scars that were left on my skin. which seem to have gotten worse. I had this surgery because for a very long time I felt very insecure about my body and it made me feel like if I was less of man. I wasnt able to do the things I wanted to do like Swimming, going to the Beach, Running, doing social activities, and walking around without a shirt. I've had to deal with this most of my life and finally its gone but I dont feel quite happy with the outcome. It has taken my mom and dad alot of time to save the money the surgery. I'm afraid to complain or say something because they will get upset at me or feel like I am being ungrateful. It just feels like the job was not done correctly.

Hi, The surgery you had looks OK. Result is symmetrical. Probably your surgeon consulted about the residual scars with you before the surgery. The only thing is the scars you have are hypertrophic. And it's obvious that you already started to use silicon sheets. Silicon sheets work better if there's also a pressure over the sheet (e.g. with elastic bandage). You may need much time for complete healing. I understand your concern about the unnatural look. The main reason for that is the technique used for your surgery. Not because it's not appropriate, it is indeed. But you had to be much more aware of the final appearance. This technique always results in the same appearance. It's not a bad operation but it may be a wrong decision for you. The only thing can be done from this point is to get rid of the hypertrophied scars. You'll be much happier after the scars fade away. Best wishes...

I think your results look fine - a lot of people express frustration with recovery time.  Have you expressed your concerns to the doctor who did the procedure?  Here is a related male breast reduction Q&A that you may find helpful

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