50 Year old. Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty - Malaysia experience

Hated the ageing bags under my eyes, after...

Hated the ageing bags under my eyes, after consultation my PS advised me to have both upper and lower blephoraplasty. I didn't really feel I needed upper eyelid surgery! I would have had this procedure done in Australia but it was twice the cost I paid. The experience has not been pleasant as a result of poor communication and consultation from my Dr. I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the result as it's still too early to say.

My upper and lower blephoraplasty experience

Well it's been 9 days after surgery, still have som swelling and bruising. I'm really disappointed with a slant on my left eye and feel I can't completely open it. My PL Dr Faizal Anwar from Kuala Lumpur assures me that it will be fine and he's satisfied with the surgery results. I'm not convinced, perhaps I'm being a little inpatient.

11 days on and still bruised

Well it's been 11 days post surgery and wanted to go out for a bit. Attempted to camoflouge the bruises with some makeup, so this photo probably makes me look better. Still feeling I'm having problems with left eye, skin fold on this eye is not sitting right and am really worried that the little lump sitting on lower left side of left eye. This really is my problematic one. Despite that still also have some swelling under eye and still slightly bruised. Going to have a few drinks tonight as I have just turned 50. Am really trying to resist the dreaded ageing process!

My night out

These photos perhaps are too flattering.

Still unhappy

Well it's now been 17 days post surgery and things are still looking bad, my eyes look shocking, they're very dark and the folds on the upper lids look shocking. My lower left eye has a small lump on the left side which I brought up with my Dr only to be fobbed off saying it will settle and I just have to be patient. I am so unhappy, sad and so regretful, I should never have done this procedure, I had such beautiful big eyes that were my best feature, I just wanted to get rid of that tired look, now I'm too embarrassed to go out or have anyone see me. My confidence is shattered. Can anyone shed some light, will they improve once the healing has occurred?

Still bruised 3 wks on

I'm really concerned with what appears to be slow recovery after viewing so many other profiles. Its been 3 weeks since my op. My right eye has a small lump on the crease where sutures were, my left eye has strange skin fold on the lid and small bump in lower outer left corner and I still have some bruising. I know everyone has said to be patient by in comparison to others the recovery is not looking as good. My dilemma is I had one of those asian holiday surgery experience and now back in Australia so I'm not even able to consult with the Dr, who I don't trust in any case. Can anyone give me some advice on where or what I do from here? Thankyou all in advance

Exactly 4 weeks on and still bruised and swollen, is this normal?

Well exactly 4 wks to the day since surgery and my healing has been horrendous. I still have swelling and bruising under the eyes. Have a small lump on the upper lid of my right eye and strange skin folds on upper eyelids, not sure if this is normal, certainly looking worse than before surgery, argh!! Why oh why did I ever go down this path. Van anyone shed any light. When I look at other profiles and reviews they are all looking so much better at the 4 week mark.

My photos at 4 weeks

Almost 6 wk mark, still bruised and Lump

Would really appreciate some comments here people, it's almost 6 wks since my upper and lower Blephoplasty and rhinoplasty and I still have bruising, I also have the lump on my right eyelid which is not going done, also my nostrils are uneven. Please folks I'm really after some input here as I really do rely on this site for feedback as I no longer have anything to do with the surgeon overseas. Thanks in advance

seriously concerned now

What the hell is this lump growing on my eye?? 6 wks after upper blephorplasty.

Looking for recommendation for an excellent eye PS for revision.

After being left with disappointing results of my upper and lower eye surgery in Malaysia, I am looking for a very experienced competent surgeon in Melbourne, Australia. Can anyone help me out with a recommendation. Thanks to you all, looking forward to getting your feedback.
Dr Faizal Anwar

Dr Faizal Anwar made no effort to do a proper consult. I felt he had no genuine interest or empathy for me. He neglected to complete a procedure, I had to return the following week to have it completed. I tried to see him before I left Malaysia but he cancelled my appt. I explained my concern via email and he didn't even bother to reply. He was quick to take my money but did not follow through with any after care and did not address my concerns. I am very unhappy with the results, I would definitely advise against using him. My unfortunate lesson learnt having a cosmetic procedure done abroad. This was a very costly lesson learnt and will cost a fortune to have the procedures revised.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I don't know if you are willing to travel but one of the best eye surgeons in Australia is Dr Dinesh Selva in Adelaide. I have seen him once for a consult as I want a lower blepharoplasty next year. He is also very kind and will not be judgmental about holiday surgery in Asia. Clearly there is an issue with the lump on your upper eyelid and you need to get it addressed as soon as possible. The first step is to choose a range of eye surgeons for a consult. Then go to your GP to check if the lump is an infection that requires urgent attention. Ask the GP for referrals to the several eye surgeons you have chosen because it may take many months to get an appointment. It took me three months to get an appointment with Dr Selva. You also need to get a variety of opinions as revision blepharoplasty is more difficult than the original surgery. Put yourself on the cancellation list at each of the eye surgeons you choose to get yourelf the fastest appointment possible. You do not look bad at all but I understand how confronting it is to have your eye area altered in a way that you perceive to be unattractive. Nobody else's opinion is as important as yours. Good luck and please let us know what you decide to do. Cheers, KP
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Thanks KP, the lump has dissolved thank goodness, I have been give the name of two Plastic surgeons in Melb so will see how I go. Will definitely do my research first on their work. Thanks for your suggestion. CHEERS CONNIE
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I wonder if the little bump on your right upper eyelid will continue to flare up intermittently as it seems to be evident in your photos immediately after the surgery. Honestly I do not think your eyes are bad at all but I understand that you need to be happy with them. I wish you the very best of luck in your revision.
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What did the doctor say about your lump? Is it better? What are you unhappy with? XO
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I'm sorry Connie. I feel like u do. I'm n a deep depression I don't leave the house I won't let my husband look at me. I'm really scared I will never get better. I no people say it takes time but sometimes a person just has a gut feeln something is wrong. I def think u should c yr doctor an get another consul from another surgeon Good luck an keep me posted!
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Mahlon Kerr plastic sergen in RR just done my surgery on 7/15/2014 and my eys look amazing ! Give him a call you will be happy I guarantee .. Good luck!
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Mohlon Kerr you said did your surgery. I am an Australian looking for revision eye lid surgery. Is he an ocular plastic surgeon? What state and country does he practice in?
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you get what you paid for. I see Dr. Schmidt in New Haven, CT. He is the best surgeon and the only one I trust.
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You need to go to a Dr., an urgent care or the ER. Good luck!
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The swelling and bruising should have been gone 2 weeks after surgery. The lump may be a stitch under the skin. Have your Dr. check it.
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Thanks mklemenz14, sadly I stupidly opted for a cheaper procedure by going to Malaysia, so no longer in contact with Dr. I sadly have acknowledged my mistake! I went to a reputable surgeon here in Australia for a consult. All I got was a scolding for going overseas and he saying I cant fix someone else's work but I suggest you come back in 6 wks and we'll review the lump. You can imagine how so disappointed I was, I know I stuffed up but I did expect a little more empathy.
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That bump might be a keloid formation. Some people have tendency to develop keloid. I have cut and paste info on what are keloids for everyone easy ref. Keloids can be considered to be "scars that don't know when to stop." A keloid, They sometimes referred to as a keloid scar, is a tough heaped-up scar that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. It usually has a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Keloids are irregularly shaped and tend to enlarge progressively. Unlike scars, keloids do not subside over time. Hopefully you don't have keloid and the bump will just go away. It takes generally about 2 months for an op swelling to subside and for some may take longer. As you recall I had both upper and lower bleps and I am just happy to have the extras taken away. It didn't look good at the start with the stitches I thought were too straight, and the stitched area harden but now it's falling into place nicely and the lines have soften down. I am positive you will start to see same result over time. I do hope you don't have keloid.
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You shouldn't be scolded for going to Malaysia. Plenty of people go overseas for their surgery and it turns out wonderful. Plenty of people don't and they have their own horror stories here on real self. What you need is someone to help you with your lump or at least diagnose what it is. It seems as though you are healing well, except for your lump, so don't beat yourself up. I hope you can find a doctor with a little more compassion!!! Wishing you the best!
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Agreed!! Thanks Susie.
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It's not really that true, Connierose because, I went here in the "U.S.A n I paid a lot n this "surgeon" really botched my eyes 12yrs ago ectropion indented scars almost n inch in length on both side of my eyes. I didn't want to go to another country wich it would've B way less money because I thought this miserable "doctor" would have ethics. But I was totally WRONG!! Ur eyes the only thing I see wrong it's the lump on ur upper lid, that I'm pretty sure that they can fix it very easy. Your nostrils they look uneven. I did my nose too in the USA n they left it uneven too. So my dear, here in the USA are a lot of crook Drs. Be very cautious on who you choose. Good luck on ur search. n don't let Drs scold u that they r not doing it for free!
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Very true Susie! I agree with 100%
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Yes. Get to your primary doctor ASAP. Do you have an eye care physician, optician, optometrist?
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Connie that could be fluid. I don't remember if you have followed up with your primary doctor at home, but I think that's what most do after going away for procedures. I would suggest a visit with your doc to discuss your concerns and see if this is fluid that should be removed. It's a simple procedure in the office. Best! ~SS
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Hi Connie, I understand your distress :( Imo your nostrils look the same as before, just looking at the first picture. Your eyes are healing slower than some, but prob faster than some also. I really thing the things you are worried about will resolve, with a bit more time. I know it's easy for me to say, as it's not my face. We are our own worst critics, I really think you will be happy in a month or so. Best SS
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Agreed. She did not get the best after care immediately after so it may be why she is a little slower to heal. I think the shape is lovely and that they will resolve.
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As far as your eyes are concerned I wouldn't worry about bumps and extensive and long lasting bruises. 6 weeks is still way to early. 6 months you will see you final result. I had a revision on an upper bleth to remove a little extra skin. I had bumps along the incision line for 4 months. In the outer corner it looked like I had a pleat of skin. That also went away. All of this will settle and go away. The nostril is a different story. Did he cut down your nostrils? By that I mean make them narrower? Did you have rhinoplasty? If so you still have a lot of swelling. The nostrils may even out after the swelling goes down but that could take 6 months +. You are a slow healer but that doesn't excuse the bad care from the Dr. The Dr. knows you aren't staying there so he can get away with it. Find another Dr locally. Live and learn.
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Thanks Maybellineo, its so hard to be so patient, if only I can be certain of the end result and have had that reassurance from my Dr but I'm relying on the comments from this site, so thank you.
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Hi CR, what did your Dr recommend for icing, Arnica, etc for aftercare? I iced almost the whole first 48 hours (I was fortunate I could take some time away from work). I used (and still use) the Arnica 30x tabs under my tongue (2) at least 3 times per day, I am also still using the Arnicare gel on the bruises. I'm not sure if I'm just a fast healer or whether this all helped but I do want to pass that on. I can't believe your Dr actually ignored you & cancelled your appointment! I'm FURIOUS for you and hope you can get some kind of recompense from him. From what I'm reading here also, it seems that a minimum of six months is needed to really start to see the final results. Wishing you the best & I will keep following your progress!
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Thanks for your advice Karen, yeah my mistake for having a procedure done in an Asian country. I will try your tips and make an appt with an Australian Dr in nxt couple of weeks for a 2nd opinion.
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oh I also want to add that my immediate post op bruises and swelling were alot worse than what I can see from your pictures. My left upper eyelid stitches looked alot like what you had. Now it is falling into place and looking natural so I think you don't have to worry so much.
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