Brazilian Butt Lift in a Couple of days!!

Booked in for body jet lipo and brazilian buttock...

Booked in for body jet lipo and brazilian buttock lift. Very excited, just want to get the procedure over and done with, for now i will try and prepare my body, by eating healthy and no smoking and some excercise. The consultation was very infomative and eliminated thoughts of inexperienced surgeons in Europe unable to carry out the procedure, and exceeded 500 cc in each cheek.

Expecting min of 1000cc possibly more :)

Hi Misty,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us and good luck with your surgery. When exactly will you be having your BBL?


in 4 weeks exactly :)

Wow, not long then! Are you all prepared?


Managed to to push my appointment up, im all...

Managed to to push my appointment up, im all booked in for the 23rd of July, feels the most real as flight and hotels are booked..not looking forward to the flight back.

Im 6 days post op and can say that the pain was...

Im 6 days post op and can say that the pain was not that bad at all. I havnt the need to take the pain killers after 2 days! - The Doc removed just under 3000cc from my torso and thighs and injected 1080 into each cheek. YAY. Im still a bit swollen and totally numb in my lower abdomen but day by day im getting better. Happy with the results so far but not liking the idea that the buttock may shrink so just have to wait and see.

1 week post op, and im feeling fit as a fiddle,...

1 week post op, and im feeling fit as a fiddle, was really scared to have horrible pain but can honestly say it wasnt that and at all and was bearable. I didnt have to take any painkillers after day 2 which is surprising. The worst part of the procedure is not being able to sleep on my back or being able to sit on my ass which is totally annoying as i like to sit. The flight back was so awkward- i decided to stand up for the 2:30 hour journey told the air hostes and she let me stand up eventho my tickets were first class thus more comfortable, im adamant not to loose any fat grafts and on guard protecting my new booty. I was given a doughut for the flight and if i wasnted to sit for a short period of time, but i find it completely useless as the pressure is directly on the fat grafts. .I will post some pics on my next update just to wait for swelling a the little bruising that i have to subside.
Thaanks nellimaaa :)
I had aqua lipo and then laser to aid in skin retraction, had just under 3000cc's taken from my torso and flanks and some off my inner thighs. The doc injected 1100cc's into my booty- actually wanted more but he saod he couldnt fit anymore in :(- wS thinking to get a second one done:)
U look good girl wat all u had done??

10 days post op and Im really sore all over my...

10 days post op and Im really sore all over my lipo areas, especially when I wake up in the morning..sleeping on my front is sooooo uncomfortable my neck back and and teeth really hurt. I find it more comfortable to place a lean pillow under my stomach and on under my feet when I sleep. Can't believe I havnt sat at all on my butt, seriously trying to protect my ass lol. Getting used to toilet time hovering over the toilet seat such a chore but doable- luckily I have my sister to help me take the garment on and off.- you defiantly need someone to help you. Rubbing on ur skin gives u horrible pain!

My skin finally starting to tighten thank god!! I was worried about having loose flabby belly but it's feeling really hard at the moment. But my abs are really hard and my skin retracting nicely- probably why I have a aching pain in these areas.

Really disappointed with the garment the dr gave me, a cheap spandex PRIMARK one with no consideration that the cheap quality will stretch out and be ineffective. It was half way down my back on day 4. Ive ordered one online and should be here soon, while I'm waiting I purchased a clincher from debenhams which is doing the trick at the moment- it's sculpting my body.
to the shape of the garment which looks really sexy!

Look thousand times better with clothes on and off...

Look thousand times better with clothes on and off and guys have been commenting on my 'phatt ass' he he he little do they know that 'phatt ass' as cost me thousands ha ha ha
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new pics please!! i need for me procedure
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