25 Yr Old Female in Much Need of a Derriere! :) - Malaga, Spain

Hi, I'm a 25 yr old female from the UK and have...

Hi, I'm a 25 yr old female from the UK and have always always had a huge complex about my butt/hips or lack of them! I have unfortunate genes and was blessed with a flat chest & no butt or curves what so ever..

After years of research I finally decided to bite the bullet last March and get a breast enlargement. It was the best decision of my life & I couldnt be happier with them.

Anyways, since having them done and seeing the difference it made to my confidence, I have now done alot of extensive research on - butt implants with fat grafting (BBL). At only 120 pounds, I simply just dont have enough fat to transfer alone for the impact that I want and so have booked to have both butt implants + fat transfer done with Dr Aslani (Malaga) on 27th October 2014. I am so unbelievably excited and just cannot wait to look like a woman rather than a 12 year old girl!!

This has caused many arguments with my partner as he just cant believe im prepared to pay for something so "rediculous". No-one really understands how miserable I feel about myself but I do think my partners now starting to realise that weve been together over 3 years now and hes barely ever seen my butt naked or even seen my butt in clothes without padded pants on!

I feel physically sick when I go shopping and always arrive home in a terrible mood as It just bothers me so much that I cant find jeans to fit or flatter my boyish figure. I know it is rediculous as there is much worse going on in the world and I feel so selfish for caring so much about something so trivial but I just cant help but let it get me down. I feel it affects my confidence the most at work, I feel people treat me as though i'm a child because I have the body of a 12 yr old.

Anyways enough of how i'm feeling, im hoping this will all improve as of 27th of Oct. I done alot of research regarding the procedure and alot of research on which surgeon to choose and I am more than happy with my choice to go with Dr Aslani in Spain. I have managed to get affordable accomodation & flights for 2 weeks and 1 night for recovery will be spent in the Cirumed Clinic Malaga.

I sent pre-op photos to the clinic in order for them to carry out a visual consultation & about a day later (not long at all) I received a clear and detailed description of the treatment plan.

The total quote includes the following procedures:
1. Insertion of buttock silicone implants
2. Water Jetstream liposculpture of the abdomen, back, flanks and waist
3. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting. This entails workup with the extracted fat with the Humanmed lipocollector technique and multiplane microinjection technique
4. Laser liposuction for skin retraction on the donor sites to tighten the skin and accentuate your waistline


Also included in the quote total are the following:
1. One compression garment
2. Anesthesias fee (general anesthesia)
3. Hospital fees (your suite, theatre, nursing, IV lines, meals, on premise medication etc).
4. Surgery Fees
5.Materials: Body Jet single use fat harvest cannula, lipocollector, laser fibers, plasma enrichment, Serofil microcannulas etc.
6.Your postoperative medication, which is handed out to you on discharge
7.Your postoperative reviews

Total cost €6690 euros
($9219.49) & (£5467.74)

I will keep you all posted on my journey, I have attached photos of me currently and photos of what I hope to achieve.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading my journey so far :)

Wish Pics Before & After Photoshop

I've been playing about with photoshop to try and figure out the look I want to achieve and this to me is perfect! I just hope I have enough fat to transfer to achieve this much curves to my hips! What do yous think? :-)

Wish Pics

Love these figures.. but I think these are unrealistic ideas to be getting in my head as my body probably couldnt change that much!?

Date Rescheduled!!

Well after changes in my personal circumstances last year, my surgery was put on hold. It has now finally been rescheduled for the 24th of August (with Dr Aslani - Malaga).

Can anyone please advise where I can get an afforable full body compression garment? And also any advice leading up to d-day?! muchly appreciated!

Thank you!! :-)

3 weeks to go!!

Ahhhh! So, I have 3 weeks to go!! time is now dragging!! I fly to malaga on Sunday 23rd August, and op is on Monday 24th... literally cannot contain my excitement!!

I've managed to gain 5 pounds...not as much as I would have liked but hey,its better than where I started!!

I had my bloods taken at the start of this week and results were sent to the lovely Jenny at Cirumed where she confirmed everything is good to go.

Can anyone plssss advise what comfortable clothes to wear on the day of the surgery?!

Thank you lovelies xxx

Weight Gain...

I have managed to gain 5 lbs so far in preparation and completely lost all/any definition in my waist! Less than 3 weeks to go and hoping to gain atleast another few lbs or so...the more the better! :-) let's hope aslani manages to find my waist again!

More pre-op pics.. 9 days & counting!!!!

More pre op pics!! Excuse the mess around me :)

Couple of hours post op pic

Post op pic...
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Not yet met my surgeon in person but his administrative staff have been lovely.

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