3 months post op! Updated pic***

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. Age 7,5, 3...

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. Age 7,5, 3 and 1 year. I am 38 years old. I am going in for a full TT, breast reduction/lift, lipo to hip area.
I breast feed all four children and my body hasn’t been the same. I work out 5 days a week at the gym, and try to eat healthy. I have done every diet possible, my body isn't changing. I have always had large, heavy breast even before children. At age 12 I was a full C cup and a size zero. I always hated the negative attention I received as a child; it was very embarrassing to me.

My goal has always been to wait until I am finished having children/breastfeeding. I cannot believe my time has come! I am excited and nervous at the same time!

I know my thoughts are like a lot of mothers on here. Am I sure I want to go through this? Is it going to be worth it? What do I tell my young children I am doing? How am I going to manage the recovery time? What if I don't wake up?
Please say a prayer for me if you think of it. I appreciate all the support from you ladies!
Happy healing to all!

Hello moms, I am scheduled for my pre-op this...

Hello moms,
I am scheduled for my pre-op this Friday. I just heard from my plastic surgeon about the mamagram results , says I need further evaluation! Has anyone else had this happen? I am praying everything's fine, positive thoughts!
Hurray, that you are doing the full mommy makeover. I chickened out of the breast lift and kind of regret it now. I breastfed my three kids (all for more than a year) and my breasts are down to my knees (I'm a DD)!!
We are in the same boat. Have faith that everything will work out okay. I will pray for you and will keep in touch so that we can compare notes. Can't wait to see your pics too.
Had my pre- op today. Didn't meet with Doctor, he wasn't even in is this normal? Just paid in full and filled out paper work. As Iwas leaving the office staff said try to loss some weight before surgery it will help? What? I told her I wrk out like a crazy person 5 days a weekend have tried every freeze diet out there no luck that's why I am doing surgery! Ok mayby I'm just sensitive right now, I am sure she ment well.

Reality is setting in, jut one more week! Looking...

Reality is setting in, jut one more week! Looking forward to being on the flatter side! Thank you to everyone for post your experiences this has truly been a blessing!
Your surgery is so sooooooooooon! How exciting ho are you feeling about it?
Yay! I know I am super excited!

Less than 24 hrs from my mommy makeover!!! Please...

Less than 24 hrs from my mommy makeover!!! Please say a prayer for me!! Ready or not here I come!!!
I will be praying for you. At what time will you be going into surgery? I am so excited for you. You are going to look amazing!
Good luck tomorrow Mof4! Will pray for you!
Gooooooo girl !!!!!!!! wish you the best :-)

It's finished! I was so nervousness my blood...

It's finished! I was so nervousness my blood pressure was through the roof! But I did it yay! Recovery has been better than expected ( keep the pain meds coming) lol
I finally have perky boobs!!
Well update w pics when I can!
Happy healing!! So happy that everything went well get plenty of rest!
Yay! I'm so happy you're done and recovering. Can't wait to see your new pics! Get a lot of rest and remember to stay ahead of your meds. Happy recovery!

Each day is getting easer and I have to admit its...

Each day is getting easer and I have to admit its much easer than I anticipated . I had a great group of doctors and nurses which makes all the difference in the world.

Thank God, I didn't remember anything, I had a fear of waking up during surgery. The first thing I remember is having the chills/shakes coming off of the anistisia. Feeling so cold. They just keep reminding me to take deap breaths and it eventually wore off. I am the most pleased with my tolleit seat riser and recliner chair, I don't know how I could have made it with out it!

Tomorrow the drains come out! Yay! They are the worse!

The worse days are behind me and the best days are ahead!!
Yay glad things ate getting better!!!!! :-) so awesome your drains are coming out tomorrow. Good to hear the toilet seat riser was a good purchase - I got 1.  Can't wait to see after pics:-)
It does get easier!! Time is going to fly by before you know! Happy healing!

I got my drains removed today and I feel like a...

I got my drains removed today and I feel like a new women! I feel very lucky because I know a lot you ladies had to wait 7 days or longer. It makes such a huge differance. I am also using a spank like garment feels so great compared to the other CG I was waiting!
The removal of the drains was uncomfortable, I would recommend taking a pain pill before you go just to take the edge off.

I will post pics as soon as I can, I'm still bandaged so its difficult to see, and I have a lot of swelling. Each day is getting better!

Happy healing to all!!
Can't wait to see your after pics!

Just added a new pic today. I'm still very swollen...

Just added a new pic today. I'm still very swollen so I know the 6 week mark will be the turning point. But i am so pleased with my smaller perky breast! Wow what a difference, doc said they are still swollen and will settle into place over time.
Happy healing and good luck to those going in surgery soon!
You look wonderful. I'm still freaking out about getting it done. I was so sure about it last week.
Looks like you are doing well. Congrats on the transformation.
Thank you!

I have been coughing for the last 2-3 days up...

I have been coughing for the last 2-3 days up green mucus (sorry, I know it's gross) I was just thinking it was from surgery because the information sent home said try to cough etc.. OMG coughing hurts so bad!! Anyway saw my doctor and he listened to my lungs put me on a different antibiotic. You ave to be carful of pneumonia after surgery...just Incase someone reads this and suffering the same call you doctor. Feeling better now. 6 days PO walking straight and feeling good, still swollen!
My sister told me that about its important to cough after wards for that reason- sheis a nurse. You are looking good!!! How are you feeling?
I'm feeling great now the coughing has slowed down! All these nerves and anticipation, and Blonde they recovery has been so much better that what I thought. The first few days are rough but after that it just gets easier! Your gonna do great!
Glad you are feeling better:-) I hope it's not as bad as I think...

My swelling has really gone down, and I've lost 10...

My swelling has really gone down, and I've lost 10 lbs! PS said he took 21/2 lbs of tummy so it must be my light eating. Anyway I am so thrilled! I'll post some more pics after the bandages come off.
Happy healing everyone!!
Good for you! You look great! Keep up the good work and happy healing.
You look FANTASTIC...I go tomorrow . I can't believe it's here!
Thank you! Keep us posted on how you do!!

Sorry I haven't been on here lately, I have been...

Sorry I haven't been on here lately, I have been going non stop with my kids it's crazy! I don't have time to but my feet up and I am experiencing a lot of swelling. It's awesome that my tummy is flat but I can't fit into jeans I wore pre op even though I weigh 10 lbs lighter ! If I Hadn't read others stories I would have probably lost my mind thinking was it worth it, but I know it's still early days only time will heal!
Wow - you look amazing! can you tell me more about the toilet riser and recliner you used? I am planning to use my glider recliner which rocks forward so I can put my feet on the floor easily. Haven't heard anyone mention the riser. Thanks!
Hello chicagomom! Thank you!! I have to write an update and add pics soon! The Toilet seat riser was the best thing ever! It's the one with the hand rails on the side. A true lifesaver! My mom had one so I used hers, but I think you can get one at Walmart. The recliner was one I had in my living room it also was a lifesaver. I slept in my recliner for about one month. When is your surgery? I hope all goes well with you keep me updated good luck!
You look great!! I also had my TT on Oct 19. All the best to you.

Hello all, Sorry I haven't been very good...

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't been very good about posting stuff, I will try to be better! It has been 2 months post op and i am still very pleased with my results. As always we can complain I wish I was smaller here or there but I have concluded to be content and thankful that I was able to have a mommy makeover.

I really had a great experience with my surgery and recovery. I want to encourage those who are going In For a mommy make over not to worry because its never as bad as it seems!

I started back at the gym 1 month post op. I have been enjoying running (I was never a runner before because of the size of my breast !) anyway I am now able to do everything I did before with out limitations!

Best of luck to everyone. Hope you all enjoy th holidays! Merry Christmas to all!
Thanks for your posts. I'm nervous about tomorrow but can't wait for it to be over so I don't have to be so anxious!!
How did it go Marykay?

3 months post op and am so happy I had mommy...

3 months post op and am so happy I had mommy makeover! Everyday is getting better and better. I still am experiencing swelling by the end of the day and especially after Exercising. My PS told me its normal and should start slowing down by 6 months.
I am back to my full exercising Routine, and have started running for the first time, I'm loving it!
Good luck to all who are going onto surgeries, happy healing to all!

New photos 8 months post op

I feel amazing! It really does get better over time, all swelling gone and love the new me! I couldn't be happier!
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