Biggest Mistake I've Ever Made. Should Have Researched More Carefully!

I did this because it was affordable but now I...

I did this because it was affordable but now I have to pay twice the amount to hopefully correct unsightly scars! It's been a year and I still have discomfort around my ears, horrible looking scars that I cover with my hair.

I am now researching plastic surgeons carefully before going through this again and can only pray the outcome will be much better

How do you do a through research on plastic surgeons? I read reviews all over . I live in Sonoma Co. The doctor I wanted wants 20,000 for neck and mini facelift. I am only 51 but a 5 year divorce (i lost everything) topped with 2.5 years of breast cancer has drastically aged me....I don't no how to pick without a ton of money
After meeting with 4 reputable, non LSL plastic surgeons, I've decided to do a scar revision only. I never really needed much of a lift so all I want now is to get rid of these unsightly scars so I can live normally. That will cost me about 5K. Of course they all say to do the neck but I dread a scar there and the cost would be 15K and I just can't bear the trauma again. Maybe 10 years from now?
"Facial Firming" is a marketing term and a euphimism for surgery, which is what Lifestyle Lift is. The point I have made several times is that most Facial Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons perform their Facelifts in surgical facilities accredited by national accrediting bodies. In fact, the ABPS and AAFPRS require that their surgeon members have their facilities accredited. The purpose of this requirement is for patient protection. I am not sure why anybody would want to have a surgical procedure in a facility that is not accredited. Lifestyle Lift facilities are generally not ACHA, JCAHO, AAAASF, or AAAHC approved.
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You get what you pay for. Research you Lifestyle lift they are only limited to certain procedures and do surgeries quickly..the more they do the more they make...

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