Deformed Breast 3 1/2 Weeks Post Op - Maitland, FL

Had Breast Augmentation with a crescent lift on...

Had Breast Augmentation with a crescent lift on the Right breast. Surgery date was April 8th 2011. The left breast was currently has 600cc, and Right breast is 550cc. I went under muscle to obtain the upper pole.

I am extremely disappointed right now and beside myself. I am experiencing the "snoopy droopy" effect. I had to take 2 weeks off work, and currently still out of the gym when I work out 5 days a week vigorously. I have recently obtained advice from the wonderful surgeons on this site that a revision is definitely seen in the near future.

I have expressed my concerns to my PS, and all he says is give it time it will drop and look great. OK, has not changed, and I am not happy. I feel he is always rushing me when I try to talk about it to him. I have another follow up the end of may but feel I need to go in sooner and speak with him AGAIN.

My huge disappointment lies in the fact that I am NOW going to have to go through this again, and deal with the set back from taking off work WITHOUT PAY, and losing gym time. ALSO I do not have the extra funds lying around to pay for the extra fees. I am so aggravated, I don't even want to look at my breasts nor bathe them. I really hate them right now, and all I want to do is cry.

I have been advised my a friend that is an attorney to start taking NUMEROUS photos, and document everything, start keeping a journal.



I'm sorry you had to experience this the way you did. This is supposed to be something you are proud of doing for YOU with no regrets! Which Maitland Dr. performed your surgery?
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Yes I completely understand, we all takes risks when having surgery but this is clearly a poor result from an inexperienced surgeon. I'm sure this is not what you envisaged and can agree you don't look like you have had breast implants. I would be just as upset and I think you have every right to take this further. I'm sure this can be corrected by an experienced plastic surgeon. Your breasts before didn't look that complicated. Please keep us updated. All the best of luck and I hope you can find a surgeon that can help you achieve the result you are looking for :)
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Ok, I am currently 3 months post op, and I am updating my posts with new pictures.

What I am experiencing now is that they have dropped, and now they sag, and look like I have saggy bigger boobs. NOT what I wanted, or envisioned when dreaming for years of having this done.

My problematic breast on the right the one with the slight crescent lift is noticeably smaller and does not even look round at all. When I lay down the implant that is already close to my armpit slides to the side under my arm pit and I have to push it back over towards the center. The extra skin on the right breast is wrinkly and deflated when the implant lays under my arm.

When I wear a bra, I am constantly adjusting my shirt because of the noticeably difference in size. My shirt will pull tighter on one side, and sag on the other.

I have kept a photo log every couple of weeks, and a log of each conversation with my surgeon.
I have expressed all my concerns with him, and he pretty much acted like a douche, and now does not have me scheduled with him again until almost December.

Not sure what to think but have already retained an attorney for legal advice, and what steps to take if I have to go there.
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I am now 7 months Post op, I have now been to 5...

I am now 7 months Post op, I have now been to 5 consults for revision. I have been told by all 5 surgeons that I need a revision and that the "pockets" were made TOO LARGE. My right breast now droops onto my ribcage under my arm, and now experiencing a huge indention when I lay down close to my sternum, along with constant burning pain where the indention is located. All on the right breast. My surgeon has told me there is NOTHING HE CAN DO FOR ME, that THIS IS THE BEST I WILL EVER LOOK.
I am worried about the burning pain, as it comes and goes, and each time it occurs the pain goes a little longer. It hurts when I move, when I breath deep and so on.
I also still experience HIVES on a daily basis, which I have experienced ever since the surgery. Any suggestions would be great guys...thanks.


Your surgeon is full of shit I can't believe he said that was normal looking I am so sorry this has happened to u
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what was the doctor's name because I'm seeing one in maitland fl too????
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I'm sorry you are not pleased. As O-town said this is something you were supposed to have no regrets about. I hope that you can find a surgeon who can make the corrections you need so you will love your results. Good luck!
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Name not provided

Currently I am not Recommending him at least until my breasts are corrected, and look somewhat like what I wanted.

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