27 Yrs Old, 2 Kids- Breastfed, in Need of New Boobs - Maitland, FL

I'm 27 years old with two little ones that I adore...

I'm 27 years old with two little ones that I adore. I've always wanted bigger boobs since I was a teen but never really got serious about it until I breastfed my son for 6 months and went from a nice B cup to an 32A. I just want to feel sexy and wear what I want without feeling like a boy. Since having kids I've gotten more insecure about my breast abs hardly ever take my shirt off during sex since there is not much there at this point. When I was 13 I had a lump removed from my breast but it turned out to be non cancerous but it did leave me with a nice sized scar that I planned to have covered with a tattoo 6 months after I have this ba completely and am healed. I'm 120lbs, 5'2 and am going for a more natural look with the implants so I'm giving my ps the option of 325-375 cc's under the muscle, mentor silicone m+ profile. Basically which ever fits since I'm on the small athletic side but I did tell him go big or go home so I'm hoping he can make the 375 work since most of the ladies here seem to wish they'd gone bigger, but I'm sure I'll be happy to atleast have something to work with at this point lol. I've been researching a lot about ba and I have to admit I'm really scared and have dreams about something going wrong more since the date is in least than a week now. I'm looking forward to achieving a nice C cup and look forward to hearing from you ladies and going through this experience with you'll =)

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Here is a pics of the current boobs

I'm wondering how soon after the ba can get a tattoo to cover this scar....I'm barely a 32A at this point.


Yay! I can follow you now :) Are we ready? I can barley stand it. Whoo hoo. 4 more sleeps till boobieville!!!
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Yayyy...I know right lol...I've been having nightmares of things going wrong like last night the implant fell on the floor in my dream and the dr picked it up and stuck it right in there, didn't wash it, sterilize or anything...Lol...I'm trying to keep busy all weekend so the kids and I ate going to Aquatica water park. Last time I'll be in my swim suit with no boobs lol
Whoo hoo! How fun. I am working all weekend, so hopefully it will go by fast for me. I have not had any dreams since a few months ago. I am so excited, but weiredly calm at the same time.

keeping busy till it's time

Bikini pictures from aquatica yesterday. I always try to pick out swimsuits that's have design or something going on around the breast area to take away from the fact that my boobs are so flat. I'm excited to have different swim suit options after this Wed....ahhh I'm so excited!!!


I love that swim suit. You look already without a BA. Your gonna really ROCK that suit afterwards. :)
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Agree, that swimsuit is awesome! xx
Thanks chic.. caught it on sale at Jcpenney's a few weeks ago...hoping the new boobs fit in it since this was the smallest size they had and it's already tight..Lol

Omg I'm really doing this...

Sitting in the waiting room right now. I'm a nervous wreck but can't wait to see my new girl....wish me luck ladies!


Best of luck, boobiebaby...can't wait to hear how everything goes!! :)
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Good luck!
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Good luck! Hope you have an easy recovery!!
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finally done

I'm feeling sore but otherwise OK. I'm getting the bricks on the chest feeling all the ladies who have had their Ba done described.


Congratulations! How are you feeling today?
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I'm hurting like hell right now, just waking up from a nap haven't had a pill since 10am....getting my pills out right now. Ughhh...my advice, don't wait to take the pills take them before the pain kicks in.
Yep, gotta keep on top of that pain. I know that system well. Feels a million times worse when you have to start at ground zero all over again. Hope when you see this, you are feeling better!

morning boob is the worst

Just wondering how long morning boob lasted for you ladies?...I'm feeling much better and starting to ween off the meds but in the morning is the worst time for me. Day 3 pictures


You're lookin' good! Here is a helpful link about morning boob from our Doctor Q&A. It should typically last a few weeks. Hang in there and take it easy!
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That was a great link !
Thanks for the link it was very helpful...omg, I dread moving out of the bed in the am....but it's much better when I sleep up right so I'm going to stick with that for now....thanks for the info and support..how are you Michele?

holding 1 year old

I'm now 6 days post op and haven't had much help today with the baby. I was wondering is there a limit on me holding him?...He's 1yrs old and about 19 lbs, I had silicone under the muscle with the incision within the crease on the breast. I don't walk around with him but lifting him in the tub, high chair, car seat, that kinda thing.and allowing him to sit on my lap. I went for my post op appointment today and forgot to ask my plastic surgeon about it and wondering if it will cause damage, I don't remember him mentioning a limit on what I can do after day 6 he just said my body will tell me when enough is enough. Oh yeah and updated photos for you ladies.


Looking so beautiful, boobiebaby! :) As for lifting...my PS gave me a packet of post-op directives, which I never would have remembered on my own. ;) I think it's 5 or 10 lbs max for the first several weeks, and I do think it's important because there's a risk of internal bleeding or disruption to the healing process...so my advice would be to avoid it, if/when at all possible! But easier said than done w/ a little one, I know. :( Anyway, I wish you the very best with your recovery as the days and weeks go on...but so far so good, it looks like! Thanks for sharing your updates!! :) xo
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I've already given in and lifted the baby, groceries, etc. It sucks being single and not having much help but I've been feeling wonderful the last 3 days and go have the stitches removed tomorrow, they've gotten softer and now I have feeling in my nipples..yay...hopefully I haven't done to much tho, kinda scared
Oh good, well those all are great signs that your healing is going smoothly! I'm sorry you haven't had much help, that must be really tough. :( I have SO much respect for single parents under even normal circumstances, let alone while recovering from surgery, lol. Wow. Best of luck with the removal of your stitches today! Hopefully the doc confirms that things are progressing beautifully!! :)

I got my stitches out today...

I just wanted to give you ladies an update, I got my stitches out today; 1 Side hurt like hell the other side came out easy to love love love my new girls they are so beautiful and the scarring is perfect so far. Thanks for checking them out?


Did you go to Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani?
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Did you go to Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani?
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4 weeks post op

Feeling 100% back to normal but upset I still have to wear sport bras for the next month and no swimming for another month in the middle of summer. Just ordered some bralettes online and I'm excited to try them on and shop for new swim suits here soon. Scars look great also.


You look fabulous!
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You look awesome! Congrats on getting it done! I have my consultation tomorrow.
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Thanks, it's life changing, I cried when I looked down and finally had boobs and cleavage for the first time... lol.. Good luck!
Dr. Jon Paul MD

He seems very knowledgeable and has answered all of my concerns so far I really like him.

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