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Hi, Im 25 no kids, 5"6 tall and weigh 8stone4, im...

Hi, Im 25 no kids, 5"6 tall and weigh 8stone4, im currently a 32b cup but not quite filling the cup, i like my boobs they are just too small. Ive wanted a breast enhancement since i realised i was never going to be blessed with natural beauty's lol, I've done lots of research and been told by my breast consultant that my breasts are healthy and fit to finally undergo a breast enhancement.
So being given the go ahead and having had a consultation with a certain surgeon i was very unimpressed very unsatisfied with what i was not told to be precise that being said the implant sizing done by myself and my partner under the surgeons supervision was very impressive and to the agreement that a 340cc high profile would best suit my frame and give me my desired result hopefully a big c small d cup??
Due to the uninformative consultation with that one surgeon we have decided to go elsewhere.

My friend recently used transform and
She found them to be fantastic, very clean hospital friendly considerate staff informative and very helpful pcs,
I have since booked an initial consultation with transform and will be going to the maidstone clinic on tues 21st jan, i myself am extremely excited as its now so close i can almost feel them, my partner on the other hand wishes id stop banging on about them haha, oh well enough rubbish, I'm now fully prepared i have a new soft stretchy button up night gown new dressing gown pj bottoms and slippers for when i leave the hospital i have my v shaped pillows different sized support bras oh the list goes on u know what i mean ladies lol.

If you have similar stats id love to hear about your op before or after, what size implants, what was your final size wer you happy, any info at all and il keep you updated with transform as my journey continues im sure they will be amazing xxxx all the best to all you post and pre op ladies xxx


Hiya, we have similar stats - I was a 32a, a bit shorter and just under 8st when I had surgery - I had a 285cc implant as that's all my body could fit (it's something to do with your 'footprint' my surgeon called it) I know I have swelling but I think I will Defo be a c/d cup at the end of it - I feel like they're massive! I do however have a very petite frame. Every implant depends on the persons body and two people with the same cc's could be so different. I went into my surgery telling myself I wouldn't have anything below 300 but it's only a tiny difference between the implants. Hope you can get the size you would like and good luck with your consultation :) x
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Forgot to add I'm wearing a tight 32D sports bra at the mo - they did give me a 32DD xx
Hi I'm also going with transform.. Had my consultation with one PS but it was only 15 mins long and he rushed me and it really put me off so now I'm having another consultation with a female surgeon so I'm excited about that... I,ll follow your review as it's nice to see some one else from the uk x
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Consultation tomoro pure excitement!

Ok so i didn't have time what with work today to get myself officially measured at debenhams i will try just before i leave for consultation in the morning, weighed myself today 3pounds to go untill im at my optimum weight so fingers crossed i can keep it steady after the op.

Macom bra on way too finally oredetd so again 95% ready woop woop another updatr following my consultation tomoro, maybe even a scheduled date :) will keep you posted xx

Happy healing to all you beauty's xxx


Hi, im galf you ate happy with your surgery and i wish u all the health love and happiness that goes along with it, i hope im as happy as you sound with yours, you are smaller than me actually more my friends size and she wa told 280 and they look spectacular she had above the muscle tho so het recovery has also been short and well, keep me updated with ur progress i hope they fluff up nicely :) xx
Hi there, yes ive heard they are good and that sounds like my consultation we wer jus left to our own devices while he rubbed his head lol, please let me know how ur next consult goes with the lady i hope shes all u want n need to push forward, what are you having done if u dont mind my asking whats ur desired results lol xx

A pair of my wish boobs

I love implants under the muscle to conceal them slightly, i want to be a decent c cup or small d cup if possible more wish boobs to come ... All comments welcome xx

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Bit of info u might not have come across

For any ladies using allergan implants for a breast enhancement it's nothing to panic about but if you haven't already seen it why not check out the allergan website and learn more about the products they offer and what would be used during your operation, (www.allergan.com). It tells you what sizes projections and fills they offer across their ranges Theres a link in the website which tells medical professionals how to correctly use the allergan implants that they have been qualified to use, how they are labelled, safe removal and insertion,device tracking ,has all risks and percentages and to be honest is really interesting or boring (whichever way u look at it) stuff.

I hope you ladies find it as interesting as I did :) xxxx
Just a little brain food thats all xxx
Apologies for my spelling errors my phone has a mind of its own tut tut lol xx

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Wish boobies natural looking I hope

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I like :)


I'm a 36a and hoping for at least a 36D.. Double D would be very nice :-) i like a little of the fake look..

What a consultation!!

Hey ladies update as promised,
Well we made it to the consultation eventually just in time no thanks to the sat nav :/
Anyway we walked through the door of the maidstone clinic to be greeted by a very friendly lady who provided me with a health questionaire to fill in whilst we waited, we was shown to a nice waiting room where she made us a coffee and left me to fill in the paperwork. After around ten minutes i was called in to see anita, she was fantstic took time and care to ask and answer any questions and give any advice she could , hispital info, info on near by hotels for my partner when im in overnight, exactly what would happen before surgery down to the minute and also provided a patient care book with lots of information to take home n mull over,we discussed various options and she was pleased to see id done my research and knew exactly what i was after even down to the surgeon, the consultation was fantastic it actually couldnt have gone any better and when me and my partner had a spare moment when she left the room we smiled at each other and agreed that this is the place for us its everything ive been looking for so far, very impressive also is that ive been told my first consultation with the surgeon will be for no less than one hour which to me sounds great compared to what ive experienced. Overall we were very satisfied to the point where weve made a date for the consultation with the surgeon, 28th febuary!!! unless theres a cancellation before hand which i highly suspect their will be :), ive also been offerd a few operation dates that follow the consultation those being 31st march,2 april and 28th april again i presume unless theres a cancellation before :).
I am extatic and now worrying that il spend my partners bday and the summer recovering, ok bday trip postponed easily done summertime hhhm even with op in april will be well into recovery before summers out so i suppose either way im onto a winner :).

Anyway girlies thats all just to let you know how my day went and that 100% as it stands now im going with transform.
(Il review the surgeon who im sure will be great from what ive found and read, update when i return home from the next consultation)

Boobies are one step closer now xxxx

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Macom bra discount code!! 15% off at checkout xx

Hi ladies as you know ive now orderd my macom bra, i wante to share this with you all. they are fantastic from the reviews ive read and what ive heard from macom users, you just measure your band size for example I'm a 32 so i ordered a black macom post surgery bra in black size32 should have been £36.80 plus 3.99 delivery in total with discount came to £35 n a few odd pennies :)
( you just buy the band size you are and the fully expandable cups mould to your new size giving maximum support and compression where needed)
When you go to the official macom website find your suitable bra and size (1007 is most popular)pick colour and then enter voucher code "mybreast" at the checkout for a 15% discount :)

Happy shopping ladies xxxx


Hey girl! I went with 340ccs and I love them! You can check out my profile I'm 7 days post op
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Heya. I'm similar stats and age as you are, and I'm also based in the UK. I would be interested to know how you get on in February. I had an initial consultation with Transform in London but eventually I found a surgeon elsewhere who specialized in the procedure I needed. I was originally a 34B and I'm just over 8 stone. I went with 330s in the end, because I thought that the 360s looked a bit too big on someone of my frame. I tried on the 400s and they were just ridiculous! My surgeon tells me that I'll probably be a 34D/32DD by the time the swelling has gone down- which is fine by me! Anyway, good luck for the 28th! Keep us posted! :)
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Hi, im just over seven and a half stone, 5ft 4, 32B and wanting a CC or small D cup. Consultant has suggested 385 under muscle but im not sure if they wil look to big for frame! Im also thinking about getting macom bra but not sure what size to go for. My op is in 3 weeks x
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To be continued after the initial meeting with Anita on tues 21st jan.

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