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34 Years Old, Always Look Tired - Madrid, Spain

This afternoon I'm going to perform the procedure...

This afternoon I'm going to perform the procedure restylane for dark circles. I hope from now not always look tired, no matter what I do it always seems that I need sleep.
For years I've tried a thousand creams, aesthetic treatments and nothing has worked for me.
No such investigation saw my problem resided in the loss of volume in that area according the years go by, I report on fat fills itself, but for now I've decided with this technique.
Tomorrow I will tell you that I have gone this afternoon!
what happened after the injections, did it look better?
Looking forward to hearing how it went!  Hope you update soon :)

It has not been

Al final no he podido hacerme el tratamiento, el doctor me dijo que me iria mejor una blefaroplastia... y de momento no tengo idea de operarme! es una pena, estaba muy ilusionada

At the end I could not do the treatment, the doctor told me that I would go blepharoplasty better ... and now I have no idea have surgery! It's a shame, I was very excited
Sorry, i forget to tell you one important thing. When you call to Doctors/Clinics, remember ask if they make under eye treatment with microcannula system ( different kind of needle) ? My treatment has made with microcannula system, and i didn´t get any bruising after treatment.
I recommend that you try to find a doctor/clinic who makes the under eye filler treatment with TEOSYAL REDENSITY II ! It has been developed only for the under-eye treatments, and the results are so wonderful. It does not cause same kind of swelling or lumps , like the other fillers for the under eyes, it is much more safe product for under eye treatments. It creates such a beautiful and smooth impression, I just love it!
Hi I have bad black circles under my eyes so I tried TEOSYAL REDENSITY II. The nurse did it slowly and so far I have had 3 sessions, however I have not noticed any difference? Is this normal? I paid so far $750 and that is a lot I don't want to keep on paying. What should I do?

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