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My eyelids were weighing my eyes closed - so...

My eyelids were weighing my eyes closed - so uncomfortable, etc. I also didn't realize how much it was impacting my eye sight which was improved since the procedure. Procedure was covered by insurance.

Very helpful, thanks! :)

It wasn't hard at all. They give you a vision test to see how much of your peripheral vision is affected and based on the results (I'm unsure the criteria) they determine if insurance will likely cover it, and then they submit the information to insurance so I didn't have to do anything. Hope this helps. My friend also went to Dr. L and was really happy with the process and results also. Good luck and hope this helped. :)

Thanks so much for sharing, K. Was the insurance hard to deal with, or did they just need an eye test or something?

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The experience and results were beyond my expectations! I would highly recommend Dr. Lucarelli and his team.

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