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Here I am, 21 years after my first baby was born...

Here I am, 21 years after my first baby was born and I love my body EXCEPT for the breasts! SO... I made a hard move for me toward that which I thought NEVER would be in the same sentence as my name..... Plastic Surgery - Breast Augmentation! OMG!

This site has really helped me to understand my feelings by reading about people like me and those with other feelings/reasons for coming to this conclusion.

When I was young I was always small breasted but, liked my body and my 34B breasts. I thought they were nice and never had to wear padded or push up bras. After breast feeding 2, and 3 pregnancy's under my belt, I lost quite a bit of fullness. I adjusted to the smaller breasts, though I didn't like the shape of them anymore but, I took it like a battle wound and being the warrior I was, I figured that breast feeding was well worth it. I started buying the 'thicker' bras, then... the push-up ones... to give me that 'illusion' of the fullness I had lost. Then came weight fluctuation and natural age atrophy of the breasts. I'm 48 - enough said?

I finally wanted my old body back and determined to get it through natural means (exercise) I jumped - NO Dove! Head First, with utmost determination, onto the work-out fitness wagon in order to better my body. I REALLY thought I could turn back time. Yeah, well it worked in a limited fashion. I got leaner and firmer and started to Love my body again .....then I looked in the mirror (which I really ever did - especially naked) anyway - you know? I looked mainly at my hair and make-up while wearing a bra or a towel!! Doesn't everyone? Eeeekkkkk!! Was that me?

After feeling pretty proud of all those push ups and core killers I mastered; I actually looked...."Eeeeekkkk!! WHO is that?" I had never seen myself looking like that! A new low for me. "Is that me?" Yep it was, I found myself looking like what I call... a concentration camp victim.

Thats my story - that is why I am here.
Thank you to everyone here for sharing and caring about each other and helping make it better, easier and a more informed experience.

Here is to our REAL SELF, the one that gives us the freedom to just plain love ourselves and others and support, as we come together for strength, to walk along our separate paths.


It still feels weird to work out! Im not back to my upper body workout yet. I am back to my regular lower body workout. It still feels a little painful to do upper body lifting so I am taking it easy until there is no pain.
I read your story and I wish you all the very best with your revision (tweak). Was that under the muscle for you? Mine will be under the muscle. My doctor told me that they will move weird with chest presses so wear a loose fitting shirt over them or I may have people looking and pointing "Hey did you see that?!" Lucky me I work out at home. Wonder if it feels as weird as it may look? Honestly the thought of an upper body work out scares me. My fiance and i was a Tri-Athlon posted in the newspaper this AM. It is in later in September. My surgery is 7/25 so .... I am thinking about it but, worry I will be out of shape from lying around healing. I know I can do leg work at 2 weeks and that is crucial. I notice my core exercises also use my pecs more than I thought. I am much more keenly aware of these things now. The transaxillary incision I am opting for seems to be a longer recovery. Cannot lift my arms for 3 weeks!!! Elbows at sides..... T-Rex arms.
That Tri-Athlon part - really messed up. Maybe my brain and fingers should have a talk? Sorry for the typo's.

OK... so above are some pictures of what I am...

OK... so above are some pictures of what I am thinking in terms of size. The 3 pictures after my before are me with rice equal to the look of 375 implants under the muscle. I decide on giving myself an up-grade from my old 34B to a 34C. Rice is maybe not totally accurate but I am doing it also to bring with to pre-op, to show my doctor my desired outcome.... along with several other pictures and then I will show my doctor some from his own work that I found at his office.

CC's are tough! Everyone is different! our size, the chest type/shape, just everything! To me, looking around I see 375cc looking like 400cc, or 350-325cc even. I have pictures of 400cc, 375cc, 350cc and 325cc that I like and that oddly look similar.... to my untrained eye haha.

So it remains to be seen how I end up looking after. It will be interesting to see how similar I end up in that sports bra and t-shirt!
Wow, I got under the muscle. Yes, I'm waiting to do heavy upper body. I have been doing light arms. I workout with my friends who have had breasts Augs under the muscle and I don't notice anything weird. Maybe because they have had it for a while. Keep me posted on the triathlon, I've always wanted to do one!
Do you know or remember your triangle measurement? Just curious. We are a lot the same! Thanks for your comment! Best wishes to you too :)
We have exactly the same story! I used to be a 34-36 B as well. I have 2 kids and worked out super hard and ate clean the last 2 years. I am finally happy with my body except in the chest area as well! I always joked about the surgery, but never actually thought I would go through with it. I had my surgery June 18th and very happy that I did it. When I went for my pre op, I tried on different sizes. We came up with 390 cc's and agreed that 410 was too big. I told him that I wanted at least a C to full C. Not too big bc I'm a teacher, but big enough since I'm going through all this. I knew and had total faith that my doctor and nurses would have the final say in the size at the end during the actual operation. He ended up putting in 510! It sounds huge, but it looks perfect on me, esp when swelling goes down. It is hard to pick a size bc once it goes in your body, it looks different. Just pick a doctor that you feel 100% confident in. Best wishes on your journey :)

I have been driving myself crazy with sizes! Cc's...

I have been driving myself crazy with sizes! Cc's are so confusing and JUST when I KNEW I had all that figured out...Bam! I have to consider my own body measurements. Is it not hard enough to find breast before shots that are my own shape size and configuration, upper pole, lower pole to compare to see what the different cc's might look like on me? AND there are tons of cc choices and for that matter so many variables in styles, profiles etc. Further, complicate that with height and weight! Then even further with age! and DID that women have children and breast feed like me??.... I may just have more skin stretch than a 25 year old w/o 3 pregnancies under her belt. OMG!!!

I am one of those if I know it I can deal with it people. I HAVE to feel am well informed and going into things with eyes wide open. I have to sort of build it in my head and it has to make total sense. I must know every pitfall all the pro’s and con’s and try to make all the shades of grey acceptable for my rather black and white brain. This trait (better or for worse) has gotten amplified with age and life experience. I am a plethora of information I tell you!! REALLY!

I read a review of someone saying that her friend said that SHE could probably do the surgery herself for she knew so much about it from her research. I can totally relate. I feel like that!

Hot off the presses: New development, I just recovered from pre-op booby greed sickness! Thank God I recovered!!! I could have ended up looking scarrrry!!! This illness was only made worse by my well meaning soon-to-be husband. Bless his boob loving heart! :) I was told it is a primal thing in Men's DNA if I understand him Yes, it has been quite interesting and with my reading so many stories, and so much support here too, for BIG boobies!! WOW, it was a miraculous recovery, if I do say so myself!!
I am back to reality and the limitations of my own measurements. I think so anyway?
OH Boy! Is there hope for me? IDK!

Yeah, about the (2) photos after my before picture...

Yeah, about the (2) photos after my before picture they are with rice sizers: looking at that now I think that is more like a 34D if I go moderate profile. There would be a lot of side boob as I am not wide enough BWD for that in reality, I think I would have to probably get the crease lowered to accommodate the dimension as well in that size and ..... I would not look exactly like with the rice as the implants are wider than the nylon with rice inside I am wearing. I could look rather matronly or fat - which I am not.

I wonder if anyone else thinks the boobs look too big in the 2 pictures for my frame?

3 Days till my pre-op! I have downsized. I think...

3 Days till my pre-op! I have downsized. I think. I believe so, from what I was thinking last time I wrote? ... Ugh! I have no idea!!! Why is it so hard to decide? I am obsessed about this. I have read and analyzed numerous doctors opinions, etc. of how to choose size and profile and with that all aspects and considerations of the science involved based upon many variables. NO HELP!!!!! MUST process all info regardless!!!!!!!!

I have to now find smaller pictures. Or just ones that look like what I want I hate the idea of going too big and getting too large of diameter implant for my chest and ending up with lots of side boob! Looking FAT is WORSE than going too small - I think. I want some side boob but, projection is more important to me to give me a better look..... It is like a roller coaster ride. Heck anything would be better though - really!

I think that if I somehow understand how to decide the size and the many aspects of it, I will be better off in trying to convey what I want to the doctor - then I will just let HIM tell ME what I NEED! That is the plan. BUT.....ugh, I do know of one person who did end up with a slight problem (looks like a double bubble on only one side) and from what I have researched it COULD stem from an implant that is too large in diameter for the breast. I believe she was fitted with Moderate profile. She may have had a size difference from one side to the other. I do not really know the true reason for her trouble. I only speculate, and I am NO expert! The problem - It is getting better on its own, and I do not know the circumstances. I just hope that my doctor will be taking my measurements into account and carefully choosing the correct implant size. MOSTLY me believing he is.
HE is the artist, the Expert after all.

I am thinking I need Moderate Plus due to the smaller more narrow diameter. I am also older and have had 3 pregnancies. To me the added upper pole fullness will be perfect for me. It is not that much greater than the moderate but, I think it would be warranted in my case and still look natural. The diameter is way better on the Mentor saline Moderate Plus for me too I think. Every cm counts. Do not want boobs in my armpits or boobs touching in the, no, not funny! Help!!! I am going nuts! I want a natural look but hey I am not paying 5,750.00 to look too natural either, as in, like the boobs are almost 50 years old like me, hey I am looking for full and perky. I want to look awesome naked! That is that! The rest of this bod don't look 50!
LOVED reading your review. Relate to many of your concerns and uncertainties regarding size! Thanks.

OMG!! Tomorrrrrooooowwww morning I have my Pre-op...

OMG!! Tomorrrrrooooowwww morning I have my Pre-op appointment. I am SO nervous!!! I had a great idea. I have found pictures of what I DO NOT WANT to happen to me! Perfect!

I trust the doctor. I just have to be sure that he knows what I want. What better way than to bring BA pictures that I find awful looking. I figure if I tell him what I do not want to happen that is Just as valuable as showing him countless pictures of great breasts. I will also bring along desired results and I am wearing a bra to make me look look i want to look after to my appointment.

My nerves are frazzled! I have been awful to my fiancee. Just on edge.

I also have this new attachment - feelings that I never have before, of a real fondness for my existing breasts. I wonder if any else feels that way in this stage of the decision. I am 2 weeks out from the surgery.

Maybe I am having cold feet and maybe my shortness with the fiancee is because he is way too excited about this!! I am creating conflict where there is none and pulling away, feeling like if I don't do this it may be -- well, ... terribly disappointing to him. On the other hand I want it too but..... I just don't know what to feel. I have always liked my body, it is the changes that occurred over the past 20+ years that have lead me to this point. I am not that fond of them now and that is why I decided to embark upon this however, it is not without much risk and I will never be the real me me again. I feel like I am going to miss the ME and feel sad that my fiancee has never expressed any feeling like that for me - it's like he is so ready to discard the ME for the fake.

I am driving myself nuts questioning EVERYTHING! I have to settle down and just remember why I am doing this without the outside influences. It is like cutting off a perfectly good body part on purpose to replace it with a prosthetic one. Hey, maybe I want longer arms but I am not cutting them off to have a fake longer ones, my legs either. I know a little dramatic example but that truly reflects how I feel today. Dramatic and over-the-top. It is getting so close and so real.

I know the Fiancee is just trying to be supportive but.... I feel so confused and I need support BOTH directions right now. If I do it or if I don't!!! I'm scared.
One more thing! "Of course you should do it if you really want it and that is what you need!" I want to take that point back from my previous message. Personally, I don't recommend implants to anyone (cancer is a different story). So I don't want to say at all that you should do that. I had to correct because I don't want to send wrong message! :) I mean that it is a very personal decision and you should do what feels best for you, not to think other people or your fiancee. It is your precious body. And there are always women that have problems and are not happy with their implants. It is nice to hear that you have read those stories too, get all the information that you can. And don't close your eyes from the cons either...You don't think too much, there is no such a thing when it comes to this topic. Good luck :)
Thank you dreemy for your thoughtful input. I have actually read those stories. I am a person that needs to be informed. I am told I think too much but I have to weight both sides and feel I am informed. I will have a better handle on my feelings tomorrow after my consult. I will then be better in touch with the origin of my concerns. I am not sure if it is just nerves about surgery or what. Thank you again and I appreciate your support in the opposite direction as well.
Mixed feelings are normal but there might be some important message behind them too. Do what your HEART is telling you.. Those feelings are very real and it is so true that you don't cut your arms and replace them with something artificial to get longer ones.. And that feeling of being YOU authentically is very important to some women and they might realise that after it is too late. Of course you should do it if you really want it and that is what you need! Many women are happy and don't have problems with their implants. I don't want to be mean, intrusive or anything, I really wish you the best and I hope that you do what feels best for you. Men often get excited about those kind of things, especially if they don't have real life experience about implants, it is new and exciting and that's why they are so excited about it. Don't worry about that. Maybe you should read some stories from implant removal forum too, there are similar thoughts that you brought up..Just to make sure this is right thing for you. I don't want to make it more difficult but I think it is just very important to consider it from different viewpoints. It does not do any harm and you can feel sure and comfortable with your decision to get implants :) Better to think now and get all the information than later. I'm sure you can find a peace of mind with this decision. All the best for you!! (Sorry my english, I'm not a native)

Well, Here I go off to get ready for the pre-op...

Well, Here I go off to get ready for the pre-op appointment. I am nervous and have many questions.

I only have one body and I would like to once again feel completely comfortable in my own skin. My body (Breasts) have changed so dramatically (in my mind) even if incrementally over 20+ years, it is hard to now feel good about them as they are today. The fondness I feel for my natural breasts today I know, stems from the fears I am facing.

My fiancee has been so great the past couple of days to put up with me. He was really amazing last night and this morning making me feel so accepted as I am and so admired too. I know I am not making this decision based upon his showing "excitement" the last month of my having having surgery to have larger fuller breasts. He is a man, lets face it in our society that is pretty normal for him to feel that way. He loves and adores me regardless that much is clear.

I have to make this final decision based solely upon my feelings and with eyes wide open to the risks. Do the risks outweigh the benefits? Do the Benefits out weigh the risks? The benefit here, is my being made whole in body to match the me inside which is beautiful and whole regardless of breasts or no breasts. In a way we are connected to the body in our self esteem though, and in another way we are totally independent of the body in that regard. When I look within I know I do not need this to be whole inside. I like me but, when I look in the mirror, I miss the breasts I once had. I used to feel beautiful, sexy and desirable. I think would feel more free inside to have that part of me back.

Question remains the same, is it worth it at the end of the day? Will I one day feel deep regret or will I feel joy to once again have my more desirable shape restored? Will it make any difference? IF we are looking to find a quick fix to our self esteem plastic surgery is not the answer I know that. The women and men that believe some changes in the way they look will bring about inner peace and happiness need professional help. (not to be mean or anything) It is like the people that believe if they just could win that lotto they would be so happy. NOT! I feel I am pretty solid and know myself pretty well. No I am not planning to make any decisions today but, it is a pre-op appointment and I know too that if I wish to, I can pay today and secure my tentative scheduled surgery. I have a choice. It is a serious decision. It will all hinge upon my comfort level after seeing my very talented Doctor. This may well be my final entry in my review. I wish to thank everyone for their support in that event, and say that this website is invaluable for the info and support and I am grateful! Thanks!! OR - This may be a beginning of my journey to taking back a part on my body once lost and hey, a little up-grade too!

Finding my Real Self either way!

Too Funny! I just got a call from the Doctors...

Too Funny! I just got a call from the Doctors office. They said I had called to move the appointment to 10:00am and they wondered where I was. I was just leaving the house to go to the 11:30 appt. I never moved the appointment. They were QUITE rude about it too!!

I rescheduled for Monday as the doctor had a previous commitment. I really am not at all fond of that receptionist!

Some History: And My review of office staff - When I called to make my consultation she (Black haired receptionist) was very very impersonal and cold. (a star off for that) I was so surprised. When I made an appointment for the pro-op and the tentative procedure, I didn't have any money on me. They require $250.00 at that time to be paid but she did make the appointments (she got star for that) and told me to just send the money since I am an hour away. I showed up the next day. She had had the day off and someone - very nice lady - by the way, was filling in and when she double checked the schedule, it appeared that the appointments were never really made at all by that nasty woman (a star off there too). So I made some new ones, ....The nasty black haired lady at the front desk gets BAD reviews from this customer!! In my opinion, If you are working in the area of service and have no rapport with the public then it is time to change professions! What a Witch. She could have been a little nicer rather than argue with me (all but called me a liar)- Not very professional! (star off for her attitude, another off for her lack of professionalism) I do understand that if they did call me to change the appointment, my mailbox has been full for the past month - I am not really attentive to my phone but hey, it is common sense of you cannot get a hold of a customer you send a card in the mail with the appointment change info. In my experience too Doctors offices usually call to confirm a day or two before any appointment. I just emptied the mailbox this last week. No such message. (star off for no appointment confirmation) so - one star for service out 5 possible stars at that Office!

Hey, it is Friday the 13th after all so, am I disappointed? - Not one bit! Not that I am superstitious but, I am glad that I am not taking any chances. The angels are looking out for me! It could have gone wrong I fear. Maybe I just needed more time to think....New plan.... Monday at 10:00am UNLESS that changes too! They better not call me at 9:00 and say OH - that was Eastern Time) lol! :)
So happy to read your update! I agree, you will never look back. By Day 2, I could barely remember what I used to look like, even though I really liked my old self too! I have had none of that "boobie blues" many people talk about.Just not a second of looking back, despite the fact I think we did go rather large. When I want to pull them in, it's easily done with a sports bra and sensible dressing. It's the times when they are in full bloom, when I am feeling my powerful womanhood, I almost can't stop smiling! About to post some pics that, I think, will reassure you, we don't end up feeling F A T or matronly or bloated, or any of that.
YAY! Today the appointment went very well. I have always liked the doctor even though I feel the receptionist could use a prosthetic personality implant. lol. OK, not funny, that was not nice and uncalled for. I am sure she is a nice enough person we just do not click and her telephone skills are poor. I actually do not know what got into her today, she was really quite pleasant. I still do feel she is in the wrong profession. My doctor on the other hand is such a professional and explains everything so well, kind, caring and patient. I have tremendous confidence in his skills, his experience is really un-matched for this procedure and I have hear that his work in other body sculpting surgeries is outstanding.

I thought it would be uncomfortable for me but, to the contrary it was really a great experience. I know in a doctor my choice could not be better!!

If that sounds like I have made up my mind to do this.... you are correct! My surgery will be preformed on the 25th and I am feeling excited and happy about it. Not what I had expected to feel. I thought I would feel at least a little hesitant or nervous but it is like a weight has been lifted. I am going into this highly informed and ready.
Hey Wow63, sorry that it has been a bit bumpy for you. Frustrating. Bad enough with the nerves as they will be, somewhat frazzled, on a day when you're making a major change to your body! The way I see it, your in one of the centers of the universe for smarty pants, right? I know Madison is a cool place to live with lots of smart folks putting their heads together (I went to Cal in another center of the universe for smarties). If you still feel right about the doctor, go on and push on through because you have come this far and it's worth it. If not, find another doctor & office you can work with. Any deposit should be reasonably refunded, given the way you have been jerked around. Whatever, push on through and keep us posted. Do not feel defeated. We can see how STRONG you are!

I was so nervous at my appointment. Towards the...

I was so nervous at my appointment. Towards the end I felt so much more relaxed HOWEVER, I have normal to low blood pressure but that day I had a reading of 146/78!! A little nervous! The Pre-op did go well and left me with a good feeling! I feel confident I have made the right choice in a Doctor and have a fairly good understanding of what to expect after my appointment. My doctor was very open and listened to me, letting me communicate in my own unique way. He seemed so accepting of my opinions and never poo-pooed my feelings or fears. His professionalism shined brightly and I felt so blessed to have found him. His style of communication made me feel at ease and his knowledge and straight talk was so appreciated. It feels great to know that the doctor and I are on the same page. I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to have found my doctor.

I have lamented greatly over this decision. After all of my research and trying my best understand exactly what I am getting into, I feel moving forward with the BA is right choice for me. I feel at my age and with what I have going on with my breasts it is worth the risks to me to have my body back....well not really my body....While my old body or a version of it would be nice, I am going all the way for the upgrade. Not too big though, just what will look proportionality appropriate for my body. Can't wait!

Honestly, I would have NEVER contemplated doing this 20 years ago. This is a very serious choice and one that is not permanent. Chances are great to have to have a revision after this, develop a complication that calls for a correction, or just plain have to replace them in 10 years because that is the realistic life span. If you are lucky they may last 15 years or so. So girls, moral of the story, as soon as you get this done, best be saving for the next one. So don't run out spending like crazy on that new wardrobe; although tempting as it be, I am sure.

Barring complications; by October I feel I should be really loving my new breasts. They will be feeling like a part of me I always had. I will be celebrating my 49th Birthday and will be toasting all of you who have given me so much support on my journey!!

I am so excited 7 more days....I cant wait to up date my pictures for you. I am sure what they will be (clothed or not clothed) as I am a fairly conservative person. I thank all of you that are so brave to show so many aspects of the healing process, it has been so helpful.

I have lists of things I need to buy, things I need to have with on the big day, things I need to have that first day or two handy, foods to prepare ahead, concentrating on the nutritional values needed to heal. I have my pre-op vitamins and special supplements formulated for this type of procedure (cleared by the doctor to take), my special sleeping pillows and things, My list of prescriptions and coupons for prescription savings from, and o/c meds for pain, stool softeners, etc. I have lists of things to get done before, and mental lists of things to modify in my home and life, to make all of this easier, better.

I think I will be ready!!
I am so glad you have a great attitude and are so happy with your outcome!! NO you do not look matronly or F A T! You look great! - and while you say you went quite big, you are taller than me and pull it off nicely. The size is perfect. I am SO happy for you!!!! I hope my outcome is as good!

So who knows you are doing this? I am sure it will not go unnoticed. I personally am not sharing my experience with anyone. I feel like it is really none of their business. If they ask I will probably just say - This is my Real Self...haha

Thanks for the reassuring words and pictures. You look fabulous darling! soon... WE will look fabulous!

Still in gathering mode. Picking up prescriptions...

Still in gathering mode. Picking up prescriptions tonight and preparing for a weekend trip. Next Wednesday is my big day!! I am feeling so confident I made the right choice for me and for all for the right reasons. I feel I deserve this at this juncture in my life and after much research and soul searching exercises....I am here.

I am getting ready for the next phase in my life. I brand new chapter. Funny it should begin like this.

I would have never guessed even a few short years ago - heck even a year ago, that this would be in my future. Heck of a way to kick off a new life... and I am so excited about all of it!!
I've just read your review. You sound much like me, always needing to know everything and spending much time agonizing over the decision to be sure it is the right choice for the right reasons with the right doctor and the right type and size and on and on and on....
The good news is, after tomorrow you will be able to relax and focus only on the healing. Rest well tonight, good luck tomorrow and keep us updated as you can.
Feeling a weird calm feeling. So glad I am not a basket case. I am hoping to get terribly organized, I will be making 2 recovery places in my house tonight. One downstairs and one up. I will be on my own during the day so the baggies for the meds, easy to access pre-made healthy snacks and foods and water will be a great help. I am trying to eat mostly foods that help to thicken the blood the last couple of days. I realized that most of the foods I love are blood thinning. I have been taking a vitamin supplement the last week that contains no vitamin E as it thins the blood. I am taking Bromelain with Quercetin, for inflammation and will continue for 2 weeks. Been trying to eat proper foods and cut out the red wine... :( boo! I love my red wine! Oh well, it is only a couple of weeks of red wine deprivation. I have a list of anti inflammatory foods to eat and snacks and such after surgery. I will begin with Arnica tabs after surgery for bruising and swelling. I have my pain meds and my Tylenol. I am taking a (less gentle) works in 15 min to one hour, No fun, laxative tonight in effort to avoid the most common issue - constipation after surgery. Anesthesia slows the peristalsis and the pain meds are really bad for doing that too so I have stool softeners to take with my first meal or pain med. I also bought dried plums to snack on - that should so it! (a.k.a. prunes) Hey, they are kinda yummy. I do love natural remedies. Well, that is that, if anyone has any advise/ideas/great tips let me know. Otherwise, I will up date after tomorrow. Thanks to you too Eileen212! Eileen, I am READY, I am STRONG, I am am, like YOU, a powerful Woman! Yeah!
I have been out of state and am so glad to be back, so much to do the next two day before the surgery!!! Thanks Scrappy!! Sorry I didn't get here this past weekend. I decided on the moderate profile plus, it will fit my rib cage at the cc's the doctor ordered. It starts at 325cc and goes up to 390cc. I thought about the HP style but, was worried the projection may look too much. I am wanting a more natural look. I wanted moderate but they are too wide for sure to go even 325 on me. I am over the second guessing ...on to the third and fourth - NO just kidding. I am feeling pretty good about the decisions I made with my doctor. I am just nervous about having a surgery period.

Today it's all about cleaning out closets, doign ALL the laundry, cleaning EVERYTHING, getting stuff organized and .... throwing out some old bras.... ;) Yep, it is the big counting down today! I am counting in hours rather than days.... OMG!! I must keep busy in order to not think too much today! Thanks to all the women here for all of your stories and so much support and to you scrappy37, I am so Happy for you!! Thanks you so much for your support too and you look really fabulous!

OK, so it is over! Well, not over just over the...

OK, so it is over! Well, not over just over the surgery hurtle. I really felt so comfortable with the doctors staff. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all so perfect. The doctor - well, really I did my homework and he was the Perfect Choice. He is so professional and just all around the BEST!

Hard to say about my final product as they are swollen. Looking great so far! I did see them early on and they were not so swollen and loved the result. but hey, they are perfect! Perfect placement and perfect size. I know they are looking a little huge at the moment as they are like 2 bowling ball on my chest.

So here is the program so far. I hydrated pretty good the two days leading up to the surgery and had a couple prunes here and there for good measure. Last night before surgery I took a laxative that is more of the harsh variety - one that works in 15 min to an hour... lets just say I was in there at 10 minutes and out of the bathroom in just under an hour. I took a shower, drank water and went to bed. Woke this AM took a brief shower washed the entire upper body with anti bacterial soap and headed to the clinic. Before surgery I was given two pills one for stomach upset acid and such, one for nausea. They allowed me to put on wrist straps for nausea (sea Bands - available at most Walmart or Walgreen stores) that I brought. I was a little slap-happy out of surgery in the recovery. No nausea, Had a dream of kayaking the Wisconsin River - Great Dream! Had to share that experience with the whole crew. Dressed back into my zip up sports bra - Light compression, and front button shirt. I took a pain med, one rather than two Vicodin, plus a stool softener for the ride home as it was one hour drive. I was anticipating a bumpy ride, Lots of bumps on the way, smoother on the way home though. Had a blow up neck pillow (great for customization of the firm and size!) I had a airline blanket and water with straws. Stopped at the golden arches for a ice cream cone mid-way. YUM! They made it huge.....usually they are pretty small. What Luck I Love Ice Cream!

HOME felt so good had my fiancee apply the arnica cream to the bottom and sides of the breasts took my Bromelain and arnica tabs, read and rested. made out a schedule of when to take what. I am putting reminders on the phone to tell me something is due. I am due. I ate some whole wheat saltines and some watermelon, later I ate a hard boiled egg and some cashews plus a banana and also 2 prunes for good measure. Took a nap and had more arnica cream on also the tablet supplements that go with that - Bromelain pills and dissolving tabs of arnica. Now I am writing and see it is almost time for pain meds. I plan to now take 2 extra strength Tylenol and see how that goes.

Hey girls the twins are looking good hats off to the Greatest Doctor Mr. Thomas Bartell, true body artist! He gets a 10 out of a possible 5 stats with this patient!

Well of to take Tylenol - thought I might just need more narcotic assistance tomorrow so better lay -off the hard stuff till then to give the intestines a little break from that! Do not want to have constipation that is for certain. I also have gotten up to walk for short spurts to help with the meds. Trying to lay pretty low today though.

Yay! Thanks to all of you that supported me through the fact finding and the decision making process and thanks ahead of time for the days to come!
I am happy for you! You sure do sound buzzy! Can't wait to see the results, when you feel up to it. If they seem really out there at this point, just remember a week or two bring different results -- less swollen, softer, jigglier!
I looked at your doc's website and - you're right, he does beautiful work!
Loving the choice I made! Thanks! I dis a little update but no pics today. I am so shy but hey, they look so great!
Hard not to show 'em off, ya know!
Oh well, I am pretty conservative but, I will post some for you all perhaps tomorrow.
Thanks for all your prayers everyone and well wishes!

I did forget to tell about the ice. My WONDERFUL...

I did forget to tell about the ice. My WONDERFUL fiancee (like over the top wonderful) went to the store while I was in surgery to get bags of frozen vegetables (bought the large bags). I iced all the way home from surgery. I also iced every hour for about 20 to 30 minutes and will continue to do so today and tomorrow morning but in the afternoon I will alternate the ice with the heating pad.

TIP: Icing makes the world a better place! I bought the small bags of peas and corn in prep for this thing. Leave the small bags at the store - The large bags are the way to go!

I am feeling tired today and will sleep a lot. We heal when we sleep so I assume my body wants that. I did not take the Vicodin this AM just Tylenol, the pain seem not too bad. It really has not been terrible at all. I did have a hard time last night at around 12:15, I had slid down the wedge I was sleeping on. My abs hurt so I instinctively used my arms to pull myself up - MISTAKE!! So, by 12:30 I was hurting and felt like I was swelling up instantly. Again Fiancee to the rescue he went and found some of that anti slip rubber in the cabinet. You can get it for kitchen cabinet liner or a even thicker variety for anti slip for rugs. Lowes has it for sure. Anyway, he put that under me and while I may have waffle-butt marks, it seems comfy enough and has holes for breathability. Between that and the ice (large bags of corn) I was feeling great and drifting back to sleep in no time.

TIP: Get a sleeping wedge and some of the non slip matting! A firm pillow for under your knees and a neck pillow - I love my blow up one I got at Walmart for the airplane trips. The adjustability is so great - soft or firm for different positions or my moods.

TIP: I used clothes pins to secure the two bags of veggies together in the middle where they meet, and a pillow below to hold them in place - on the wedge they like to slide down, my hands free device!

TIP: If you cant reach an itch have a back scratcher handy!! I also used it to comb my hair this morning - haha - duel purpose!

I am trying to stick to foods with vitamin K for blood clotting. I found that most of the foods I eat and Love are blood thinners. I cut out my red wine. I also tried to eat foods that are antiinflammatory, build immunity and those that are blood thickening before surgery but, I guess I did have a slight bleeding problem non-the-less on one side.

I feel all has gone so well but it is only day 2, the girls are doing fine and so am I. I am happy. No emotional issues and in a good place. No terrible pain today, and when I feel it building I just get out the veggies and am all better.

I updated the review of the clinic not that I have more experience with them and the only reason they get 4 out of 5 for staff is because of the receptionist. She took them down 4 stars but they surpassed my expectations and I give them a 10 like my doctor! Over the top great!
Congrats on your new additions!!
Thank you Scrappy37, I will post some but am so tired today. I will this weekend when my fiancee can help me. I think I communicated my desirable outcome well to my doctor and got EXACTLY what I wanted! SO happy!
Hi Wow,
So glad you are happy! And I understand about being tired. I slept a lot the first 2 weeks. =)
Happy recovery girlfriend, sleep as much as you can!

Tried to up date earlier but somehow it just...

Tried to up date earlier but somehow it just disappeared on me! Trying again...

Day 3: I am counting surgery day as day 1.

I am getting better everyday. Pain is changing, more precise pain today rather than general dull pressure pain. That is ok with me as it makes me feel I can better handle it. It makes me feel like I am really healing. The pain is not terrible. I took 1000mg of Tylenol this AM before my shower (first shower ahhh!) - just in case that irritated the new additions, and I just took 500 mg tylonol now (7 hours later) - slept through my dosage time. I am wearing a Hanes front zip bra available from Sears size medium with a strap. I am using the Arnica cream and see no terrible bruising and taking the Bromelain and Arcica tabs as well. I am a believer in that stuff and at the price was best ordering the combo pack with the vitamins, Bromelain and Arnica tabs together and then ordering the Arnica cream separate. I also ordered a sleeping wedge there and got everything 15% off for my first order, so that turned out to be the best deal on-line for sure! I also got my prescriptions filled with coupons from I paid less than one prescription for all 3!

Tip: Get vitamins specially formulated for surgery and Bromelain and Arnica tabs + cream it works!

The shower was wonderful!!!! I have a seat to sit down in my shower and a hand held shower head option so that worked out so great! I also had assistance. I am so grateful to my Fiancee for being there for me, I do not know hew I would do this without help. The first day I was so out of it! It is like they kick you out of those places before you can really even stand up on your own. I was so tired I didn't want to open my eyes. I remember them saying, "you have to open your eyes to get into the wheelchair". Haha, I just struggled with that.

I have been icing and alternating with heat today. My boobs feel huge still - hard and like bowling balls.

My bowels are working great today no constipation!! I attribute that to only taking one Vicodin and with a stool softener, and a stool softener with my first couple of meals thereafter. I have also been following each meal with a couple of prunes. I quit the stool softeners after the morning of day 2. I wanted to avoid the discomfort of constipation I have read so much about and I believe I am out of the woods on that one but will continue with the prune snacks ;-)

Nausea - I believe in the Sea bands I am still wearing them since before surgery and think they have kept me from getting nauseousness. I didn't need the nausea prescription but I didn't know that in advance so I had it half filled.

TIP: Sea Bands!! I bought mine at Walmart next to the Dramamine.

I have full sensation in both arms - it is common to experience numbness in upper arms, here or there, for this type of incision. I have normal nipple sensation but my skin does feel weird on the breast because it is stretched. The only time I had any reduction in sensation anywhere is when the swelling would start and ice helped that greatly, the Bromaline is supposed to be for inflammation as well. So I believe my keeping the inflammation to a dull roar has helped me greatly, judging from all I have read here on this most helpful forum.

I do have some edema which I believe is protection to my body while the capsule forms - I am no expert it just seems like common sense kind of thing considering how the body works. The body has to wall-off the intruder ;-) My poor body, no wonder I am so tired.

The discomfort in my breasts: I think it feels like a mammogram that never ends! 24 hour a day mammogram plates squishing my poor boob! It is too like when breast feeding and your milk comes in but, I think to me, the mammogram analogy is a better fit.

More later.... sleepy!
Happy to read your updates. Thinking of you and keeping check with your page! Speedy recovery to you!
325-390cc Mentor saline and I really did my homework! 325 can look like 400 on diferent people. I am a small person and do not want to look like I have been 'done'. The doctor did great. Right now they are so swollen but when they are back to normal they will be great. I think I went to 375cc. Eat lots of foods with vitamin K in them like kale and spinach, cashews, tons of good things - google it and be sure to avoid vitamin E and blood thinning foods, this will help with bruising later and bleeding issues. Good Luck!
Lovemyboys84, Yay!!! I m so happy for you to have had your surgery too! Happy you too are doing the Bromelain and Arnica. As for he vitamin E, I understand it thins the blood so I avoided it but will go back to my usual diet and vitamins afer I reach the 2 week mark. Some doctors believe that vitamin E helps with capsular contracture but usually in megga doses afer they see a problem. You keep on using that WONDERFUL ice. Yesterday I started to alternate heat. First 48 Ice though! I only too one Vicodin too and believe that stuff slows our healing and causes other unpleasant side effects. I was wearing a hanes zip front sports bra with the strap the doctor put on, which I liked but yesterday the fluids under the skin and the swelling got too much for me so I am just wearing the strap now alone. I ended up with 375cc saline (I was pretty out of it when I spoke to the doctor after) I think it was 375cc. I went with 325cc Saline Mentor moderate profile plus and they fill to max of 390cc. I will ask him Monday at my post op. I hope you are doing great today!

5 day Post-Op!! I have not updated in a while but...

5 day Post-Op!! I have not updated in a while but I have been busy ....sleeping :-) Actually I did Try to add an up-date yesterday but it just disappeared and I gave up and took a nap.

Tip: Sleep as much as possible we heal when we sleep

I went for a walk in the woods yeserday slowly, and sat down a couple of times to drink water and rest, the wonderful air and pine trees smelled SO GOOD! That was a healing experience.

Ok so, anyway.... I am a huge believer in less is more as far as pain meds go. I Ditched the narcotics as soon as possible (only took one after procedure) I Used Tylenol as much as possible, the healing process is inhibited the more drugs you have to take and EVERYTHING slows down. The kidneys and liver suffer; our poor livers are SO effected by the use of even OTC pain meds. While pain meds have absolutely been my savior, at the same time my body is my best friend. I tried to treat my best friend as well as possible. I used ice and then ice and the heating pad after the first 48 hours. I have been trying to gradually reduce the amount of Tylenol. Took 2 Tylenol yesterday (morning and night) - and yesterday was a bit uncomfortable but ice and the heating pad did wonders to get me by. I stopped the pain meds completely this am. I feel great! I get better and better by the hour.

Tip: Breathing exercises - Remember your Lamaze breathing? It helps here too, and breath helps to cleanse the body after anesthesia. Also: Try deep cleansing breathing making sure to exhale fully and inhale deeply.

One thing I neglected to mention that helped me so much is breathing. I did cleansing breathing a lot starting after surgery- you exhale FULLY, keep from breathing in for a count of 5, (you will now want to gulp in air but Don't) inhale slow and controlled until your lungs are totally Full - hold for a count of 8 - exhale slowly Very controlled, and repeat… I would do this 5 or 6 times several times a day. We sometimes forget to breathe well, especially when in pain. It is vital to our bodies to provide good blood oxygenation for healing and cleansing. Also healing visualization is helpful. Maybe I sound nuts to some people but it REALLY helped me!

My appointment was very good today. I got my stitches out under my arms! I got the ok to go ahead and shave and wash carefully this week! I can wear deodorant! I am honestly afraid to shave. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow. My strap was loosened too – never have taken it off, wore it in the shower and blow-dried it on my body, and that felt SO GREAT!!!! I am wearing a light support sports bra with the strap OVER the top and it feels wonderful to get it off my skin!! I can now take it off to shower and put it back on but, must wear it all the time for the next 2 weeks till my next appointment. These boobs are definitely worth the inconvenience or any discomfort!
Thanks Eileen212! I LOVE the new additions!! What a great improvement! You were right it is worth it! I feel GREAT! Off he Tylenol today and feeling healthy and wonderful! The left one feels perfect no pain - as long as I behave myself and the right is still a little swollen but not bad. It has some air and fluid in there for my body to absorb yet. Can't wait for them to soften! Can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow!! Lovin' it!
I recceved my device card today and I have 375cc on both sides! Yay! I was pretty sure in my own mind that I wanted filled to 375cc but never said that to the doctor, thinking I just wanted him to decide on what looked right; and so I I was not for sure if I dreamed that or what... was so out of it in recovery when the doctor visited with me! All I remember well is my kayaking dream. When I woke up I forgot I was there for breast surgery!! Too funny! I was just happy and sleepy.

It is Tuesday the official day count is....drum...

It is Tuesday the official day count is....drum roll please....
DAY 6: Having a great day! Everyday gets better.

One thing I wish I had known before I did this is, not to stress so much!! Trouble is that is just not who I am. ;-)

I may not have mentioned my abs were hurting after surgery. I had worked-out hard the night before and inflammation from above spread to that area not helping matters. By Saturday I was totally tired of the pain pulling myself up from the recliner or bed. My Fiancee helped me all day Saturday with my moving around. His help was such a benefit to my recovery that day. I am feeling SO much better today and it is almost better; it only took 6 days and by about 8 I expect to feel fully recovered from that. I have avoided the Tylenol today and feel good. I have had some hot poker pains in my upper arm today and last night but that was a reminder to behave myself! Ice and the heating pad were great friends, ...Totally avoidable if I would have behaved myself so today I learned to obey all the rules. I want to heal quickly and setting me back due to my own impatience is just stupid.

Tip of the day: is take it easy as long as you can and just concentrate on healing and do not push yourself as one moment of impatience may add a whole day on to your discomfort!

Loving the new me!
I will get around to the Pictures soon...
GREAT review, I like your natural approach and agree with all you said about the body and healing. Thanks for sharing, very helpful. You look incredible!

Day 7: One week ago I had just gotten home from...

Day 7: One week ago I had just gotten home from surgery. I felt less pain than I had expected. Today I can say the same thing, much Less pain than I expected. I went shopping today. Couldn't resist the sale flyer.....I couldn't wait to get home! I am not really wanting to shop I found. I just an a little afraid of ruining my breasts, overduing, setting myself back. Glad to be home! I am so tired!!

Added some pictures, I have to wear the strap 2 more weeks! I may do some pictiures without the strap latter in the week! I am liking the 375cc.
Lookin good WOW! What a nice size you got!
I can relate on the shopping. At week 1 I went shopping with a girlfriend to an outlet mall. I made it 5 stores in before feeling like I was going to fall over and then I felt like I was going to puke on the drive home! I wasnt even trying too many things on either. You made a wise decision! lol
Cant wait to see more pics!
Hey wow! Loved reading your profile! I have my BA surgery tomorrow morning and am looking for all the little last-minute tips I can get. I really liked your idea about pinning the bags of peas together with clothes pins...genius! I hope to have great progress like you! Glad to hear you're doing so well :)
Dr Bartell his web site is he is excellent cant say enough good about him!

2 WEEKS! Sorry I have not updated in some time. ...

Sorry I have not updated in some time. I did try but it just didn't work and I got frustrated.

Since my last up date I have felt that the hardest thing is to stay within the parameters of what I can and cannot do – (a.k.a. Doctors orders) I find that the heating pad and ice are my best friends still, especially at the end of the day. I am supposed to keep my arms at my sides for 3 weeks!!? Are you KIDDING ME! Whatever! Just try to go grocery shopping like that…. I swear everything is on that top shelf. Ugh! Genius that I be, I put my groceries in the trunk; didn’t want to have to reach across the backseat lifting bags….(that could hurt) Well after I got them in the trunk ;-) shutting that trunk was all kinds of fun –ICE PLESASE!!
It has been nuts trying to behave myself for the past 2 weeks.

I know this week I can reach over my head without pain because I HAD to do it several times. I have had an issue with a hot poker type of pain in the back of my arm then numbness following. I do try to be good and am 98% of the time :-) That pain is a great reminder not to be too stupid. My doctor did tell me that I could end up looking like a Picasso painting if I DON’T behave and that is also curbs my behavior. So far so good, they look amazing!

I found that the rice sizers were quite accurate. I look very close to the sizers. I liked the 350cc best and so I called that 375cc because I was told that you lose 25cc’s once they are in. In reality they are so close too! I have 375cc’s and do have some settling, dropping , fluffing to but I cannot imagine them changing just too much.

CHANGES: I see a rounder lower pole fullness developing since the first day. Around 10 days I noticed a softness also developing. They are still very firm but not hard as rock like when they were first done.
I have sore skin and nipples (over sensitive). I am rubbing in things like Euceriune cream and Bio Oil twice a day (unpleasant) trying to de-sensitize the skin and my nipples.

I have a ball-like lumps under my armpits under my incisions. I felt them the first time tried to shave them, around the 7th day and they grew in a couple of days (left side) to nearly golf ball size, (right side) marble sized. I called the doctor’s office but they told me to just wait until my 3 week check and the doctor will tell me what to do then and that I should do nothing for now. She told me it was an irritated tendon from not using my arms for so long….Yeah, about that, I didn’t sleep through anatomy class…. so I knew that was ridiculous!
In retrospect I should have called my doctor rather than the office help, he does give his cell phone number to his patients but I didn’t have it, my fiancee did but he was not available. I didn't want to be a pest either. I self diagnosed, and DR WOW decided it was more likely a hematoma or even a swollen lymph gland. SO… I started to gently massage them twice a day for 2 -3 minutes and apply heat 4 times a day. Within 2 days they shrunk to half size and man what a relief! The discomfort improved immensely! Today at 14 days they are still there (whatever they are) and about 1/4 the size they were a few days ago! Chances are they will be resolved by that 3 week appointment. :-)

That’s it for now ladies. Yay for boobies! Yay for sleeping NORMAL in a week!
5 Stores, What a trooper! Yeah we pay a fortune for these things and should allow our healing before we get too carried away trying to do the regular stuff! It is darn hard to behave though! You are looking fantastic Scrappy37! I had more pics up and decided to simplify :-) I am pretty conservative too, so all my pics are with clothes but I really do appreciate everyone who shares so much of the whole experience even pics at the hospital! The nude shots do give us a great insight as to the healing process and how we change as we heal. Thanks to all who are so brave to share!
Hi Wow,
well I had a friend visiting from Alaska and shopping is not so great there, so I HAD to take her shopping. I SLEPT afterwards for a couple hours and then felt much better.
Thanks for the compliments. I am a bit lopsided. I think its the size difference, but I am not sure. But I dont blame my doc as I am sure it is super difficult to decide how uneven a person is before surgery. It didnt become apparent until a few weeks out also.

Do you have any pics of your incisions? That might be helpful for some girls considering transaxillary. Glad you are doing good- be careful you dont rip any internal stitches!
I can only imagine how frustrating t-rex arms are.
Ciao chica!

DAY 16! Sleeping is not that great. Sick to...

DAY 16!
Sleeping is not that great. Sick to death of the wedge and just want to lay on my side -I am not a back sleeper. I hate irritation, discomfort and itching. Last night I had it all. I resorted to the strap only, ditched the bra, put Eucerine cream on my irritated places and that didn’t seem to help. Truth is…. I over-did on some exercise…I get a little obsessed when I put my mind to things. I committed to these ab exercises --even though after surgery my upper abs seemed terribly effected and sore and heck not to mention the only way to get up out of a chair or bed was to grit my teeth and use them – I decided to go for it even thought they were still somewhat tender. Didn’t I feel sore when I was doing it?? (you may wonder)…..YEP! I just thought to myself “no pain no gain and if you quit now it will show weakness, I will be a whimp”. Great pep talk huh? STUPID


So I have been going around in agony since Monday. It is Friday and I was so sick of my self inflicted discomfort last night, itching, moving around, scooting up, then down, fluffing my pillow, turning on the ceiling fan…etc,etc,etc… I went downstairs to the couch recliner, (feeling bad for my fiancée). I slept one hour there, kinda on my side but without squishing any important parts, and it was heaven! My poor significant-other came down to see if I was ok and woke me from my bliss. He cuddled with me there for a while. We retreated back to bed and I actually slept the one more hour till the alarm. He has been a saint. I keep him awake all night long trying to sleep lately. I hate sleeping on my back and on that wedge! It bothers me so much about keeping him awake with my antics that I start itching and stuff making matters worse guaranteeing to keep him awake for sure! I do feel less discomfort today under my breasts – mostly it was the right side that was worst from my exercise episode. I am so glad it's finally better……
so I thought …what should I do....
I should exercise, I'm feeling beter….Too funny but, that is the truth. I will try my BEST to behave! Not going there. Saving myself for a nice long bike ride and picnic his weekend!
Other than that I feel like progress is being made in my recovery. I feel less and less discomfort in my breasts and feel worst in the night. I often get ice (peas) and that helps. I don't wake with a lot of soreness (morning boob) …um, I think I get midnight boob! After being up all night it is better by the morning, lol.

I feel best if I veg-out and that is darn hard to do. I have been horrible about lifting my arms to do things. I haul a stool around – like that is much better to carry that around but, at least I don’t raise my arms as much. Love the boobs, they are changing and I like how it is coming along so far! Trying to not raise my arms today at all! (I made a strap to hold my arms in T-Rex position to remind me of my limitations :-)
The things we must do!
I am wondering why you have to keep your arms down? Did your doctor say that? I am 10 days out and although I am careful what I lift, I can pick blackberries, feed the animals, scoop litter, prep and make food, carry dishes, wash dishes, wash my hair, lots of things involving my arms.... just wondering.
I had to laugh when you said you made a strap to keep your arms down! Too funny!

I was trying to figure out how many weeks you are post-op at this point.
And I think you are 2 weeks?

All I gotta say is...
GIIIRRRL! you better settle down before you rip some stitches, give yourself a hematoma, or displace your boobies!
Now, I say all that with a sisterly love of course. =)

I know its hard to do nothing when you are obviously a very active individual, but really- you gotta figure out how to take it easy so you dont ruin your new girls!
I am amazed you were able to bike at this point, because I tried it after week 1 or almost 2 and could tell that the downward pressure of my arms on the handlebars were no bueno! And my pecs would contract.

I gotta do what you gotta do- but please be careful!
Haha, recovery is TOTALLY the worst part! Hang in there!
I am also struggling with the not exercising thing. Have been taking one hour walks so I feel like at least I am doing something but am used to running and free weights and abs galore. Yesterday I tried to do a sit up and quickly felt the most pain I have felt yet at the breast fold incision site- big sign to wait. I paid for it all night.
Our bodies are amazing and we will bounce back quickly and soon enough be back to where we want to be. In the mean time know how wonderful you look. Are you doing the massages yet?

Day 13!! I had all restrictions lifted yesterday...

Day 13!!
I had all restrictions lifted yesterday at my 3 week appointment a coulpe days early. I feel great! I started really stretching my arms. I did a workout yesterday and after the workout - as one of my stretches, I just layed on the floor and with my arms out and elbows bent up at a 90. It was a stretch!!!! I stayed like that until it became more comfortable and doable. Funny how such a simple thing is such a sretch. I have some adhesions on the left that is clear and that is my hard side. The stretching helped tremendously! I feel GREAT! Thanks to all the support here! I feel so blessed to have found this site!

No more strap, No more sleeping wedge, and I can exercise again with the doctors belssing! ;-)
I posted replys to you guys! Where they are I do not know!! Anyway to sum it up Larue42 --I have a armpit incision and so the Doctor would prefer me to not raise my arms too much or above 90 degrees for 3 weeks. I will be 3 weeks tomorrow and had my appt yesterday and had ALL restrictions lifted! Yay! I did my Weider ST week 8 workout yesterday evening. That felt GREAT - it hurt a little and I did substitute some exercises for others to avoid using my upper abs that I hurt last time (they were not ready) Somehow the surgery seemed to really hurt where my breasts end and my abs start....until I reach the totally healed 6 week mark ...we heal a little slower on the inside. I will behave. I learned from last time!
Hey SCRAPPY37! Thanks for the sisterly love and advise! Teehee, I have a hemotoma! Just a little one it is going away. The bike riding seems fine for me I try not to use my pecs and when they tighten up I breathe deep and hold it stretching out the chest and exhale, it seems to help the chest spasms. I get them no mater what I do though. Do you get random tightening in the pecs too?
I actually think grocery shopping is worse than my playing!! i did 47 miles last weekend FUN! It was fine but I did ice as soon as I got home.
I can still feel the healing inside in the bottome pocket and promise to be careful till I am healed on the inside! The boobs seem none the worse for the wear from my antics!
Loved sleeping flat last night!!!! Love not havign to wear that strap anymore! Or the one I made to keep me behaving!! Haha! They both will come in handy when I exercise for a compression strap to wrap an ankle or something. :-) The wedge...I have a use for that too but it is not something I am sharing Sending out sisterly love back to ya!!!!! ;-)
Glad you are doing good Wow and that they caught the little hematoma. =)
How did you know or find out?
Did you have symptoms and what are they doing for it?

Day 21! 3 weeks Today! Well, I am so happy...

Day 21! 3 weeks Today!

Well, I am so happy with my decision and I have not had the pain I have read about on so many reviews. I have iced really often up until now though; greatly reducing pain and even avoiding pain maybe.

I have the transaxillary incision (armpit) I do not know if other incisions have similar issues with the tight muscles and tendons as I do but I assume it is not too terribly different if the implants are under the muscle- that muscle is going to be a little angry. (?) One thing that may be worse with this incision is that you have not moved your arms as much and the implant path had to of caused additional irritation to muscles and tendons and such. ... so, stretching them gently but firmly is a must.

I had some burning sensations in my left arm (upper) and hot poker pains, here and there with some topical numbness not a constant thing or too terrible but, it was there when I would over-do throughout the past couple of weeks; All that is pretty much gone. As I said, I started to stretch 2 days ago and realized a great relief from that. Just laying on the floor with my arms out is a stretch I feel in my high pectoral region then the bending them a 90 degrees up is really no fun but I feel great after I do it.

I hate pushing or pulling things! I must stick to my, no lifting or pulling or pushing, more than 10 lbs this week! I will be able to increase that next week and doing the personal physical therapy of stretching the way I described as well as a few harder to describe ways helps me a lot - as unpleasant as it is, it is a wonderful thing. I told my Fiancee last night that I have all my pain pills left over and maybe that is why the doctor prescribed so many…. for the physical therapy part of recovery! Ouch!

Today I give my zoo of animals baths. 5!! Two of which are like dog-horses and one that can only be described as is a dog hair disaster! Lhasa Apso - need I say more - Oh Boy!

I’m goin’ In………
Never mind Scrappy, I know the answer.....sorry after I hit submit I remebered about your sensitivity. I went to re-read that part of your wonderful review.
Much gratitude bella chica!
It is at the incision site and it is small so it will just get absorbed by the body. No big deal it is quite normal. I really don't think I did anything to cause it. It is not one of thse big nasty henotomas we all fear that must be drained or watched.

Yeah, I feel so great! My skin and nipples are a bit sensitive though. I am just so happy not to have ANY numbness anywhere or loss if feeling! Blessed to be sure, so I must not complain of a litle temporary hyper sensitivity. I am trying to train the nerve endings that the big lumps on my chest here to stay and this here is the new normal! Ouch though. How about you - did/do you have that? Numbness?

One Month+: So it has been one month post op...

One Month+:

So it has been one month post op and about a week. I will not sugar coat this. I feel that so many here say "wow I feel so great" "I'm healed!" after a couple of weeks and some even sooner too. Reading some reviews - I would see pictures of women wearing swim wear or low cut shirts to show off their results a mere hours after surgery....hummm, I was sure it must have been some miracle or divine intervention after surgery!! However, reading further I would see 90% of the time a regression in recovery seemed apparent as they would have complaints of implants settling properly and pain issues. So was it divine intervention...No, I think it was the miracle of pain meds!!

I feel very good - not normal - I am able to perform most of the duties I did prior to surgery. I was very physically active. My body (or should I say my breasts, pectoral muscles ;-) alert me to when to quit or just take it down a notch.

Tip: Stretch your pecs after any physical activity that employs the use of them!

I feel way softer but not as soft as a natural breast. They fluctuate though throughout the day. Sometimes they surprise me how soft they are. Like right now - Yeah I had to check. Not only massage but stretching is great to encourage softness.

Tip: Do not forget when you are in a public place, ... don't check your breasts, or try to massage them to relieve a muscle spasm and such things :-) Haha but not so Haha when you see someone looking.

I feel better every week that passes and more toward normal. I am not fully there. I believe it takes a full 6 weeks to heal on the inside and more like 10 to be able to really use the pectorals the way your use to if you were really physical. I do exercise but modify or replace any exercise that uses the pectorals too much right now. It works for me.

I do love the results or the surgery and do not regret my decision. I just did not realize the healing would take so long after reading so many reviews here. Unless it is a divine intervention no matter what incision you get the body only heals so fast on the inside and the pockets are really important to a great final result so my advise in my own experience is - DO NOT rush your recovery, schedule your surgery so that is possible. Just take it one day at a time stay away from the pain meds if possible, above all else... listen to your body when you are not medicated pain is an asset. Do not over-do because your pain is masked.

That is my 2 cents today. I hope all the wonderful ladies that supported me are doing great! I wish all of you considering this to take it seriously, it is a very invasive operation. Your body needs 6 weeks to heal. Yes you can manage to return to work before then but you will have to baby yourself a little for the healing time. The bigger you go the more recovery to expect - The more complication that may arise, be informed. Then I say go for it! I am loving it! I feel like me again! ---Only even better!
Just checking in! I miss the times when we checked in daily! I suppose we move through this period and get on with things. Hope you are doing well and happy with changes.
Hey hello!!!! Yes not here much either. 6 weeks PO in a couple of days for me! Wow how great! Finally feeling sort of Normal!!!! The soreness is way better and I never really got the morning boob thing like everyone else talks about. Maybe once or twice.... Feeling great now!! Kind of weird feeling at times though and the softness comes and goes. Yeah, happy with the changes


How the heck are you!!!
never looked back. would recommend to anyone -enjoying what I've got now! Bet you are too!

6 weeks! Oh it has been 6 weeks I have looked...

6 weeks!
Oh it has been 6 weeks I have looked today at some progression pics without clothes (too shy to post nude photos) I can tell you that they look really good. I do notice a small dent right where the pectoral muscle ends on the right side and it does hurt still a little - not horrible but definitely there. I had the flu and didn't stretch for a couple of days and got pretty firm again. Worried me this AM but I did the stretches and feel soft again. Stretching is very important. My left is slightly different shaped than the right but them it was slightly bigger before - to me looks slightly smaller now, weird, but it is like it is more positioned to the side to create that illusion of size difference. The implant could have been places a slightly off. When I say slightly I mean it. I am one of those people that really notices differences. I am talking an 1/8" of less. We are all so critical of ourselves. No one would notice but me.

I would recommend to someone else interested in the armpit incision to seek a doctor that uses the scope to position the implants. The doctor I chose does it by feel . He has tremendous experience doing it that way so I felt OK with his technique and he did an great job. Unless your doctor has 20+ years experience doing it that way I would not trust it without the newer tools as it is harder to get the implant positioned with the armpit I understand. I am happy. I know the armpit incision is really a great way to go, and my scars will not ever be detected by 3 months I am sure of that. This doctor is great with sutures!

That's all for now! I will try to update a picture for you soon!
Hi Wow, Just wanted to let you know I appreciated your review. I'm 49 years old, and your story was one of the best stories to inspire me since you're close to my age. I had my surgery on Aug 30 and am doing well. I heeded your advice to take it super easy and am I glad I did! I feel really good now, at 11 days post op and have gradually increased activity level and kept things easy. Thank you! Good luck with your recovery!
Thanks! I don't get here much anymore but I did post pictures of 44 days today. I look way better now though!

9 weeks! Now that it has been a couple of...

9 weeks!

Now that it has been a couple of months I can finally say that the periodic hard boob-itis I have been suffering from is over! I believe that the stretching has helped that so much too. My advise to anyone is to stretch whenever they feel that pectoral muscle contracting. It takes a while for the pec muscles to learn the new normal.

My boobs are really consistently soft and WAY MORE natural feeling. I feel no regrets over the surgery. While they may not be flawless, they are really pretty perfect in my eyes and in the eyes of my significant other--- who by the way I never knew loved boobs so darn much! Go figure!

I like that way they feel to touch and the way they feel a part of me. Most of the time I feel I WAS born with them. They seem bigger now too with the relaxing of the muscle and softening. I am wearing a 34D bra and while I wanted a 34C I am happy with them. I feel a D is unavoidable unless you stick to under 300cc due to the circumference of the implant. They don't look big in clothes but naked they look ......bigger.... but, nice and really natural in shape now. Most swimwear will never hide them but, I can still be somewhat conservative depending on styles.

The scars are getting more faded everyday. One is barely noticeable but the other will take more time. I had a problem with the tape an bleeding on that side. I feel so GLAD I did the armpit incision because I personally know that if I had scars on my breasts they would feel not like me so much (to me) ... like a constant reminder that they are not natural to me and to my significant other. I would feel self conscious. But that is just me.

That is it for now looking forward to my three month check up in Late October. I will check back in then!

I only have a picture of 44 days out. NO new ones and I have a cold and do not want to have to take a new one. I will upload that and will take a new one at 3 months. They look OK in the 44 day picture but they look even better NOW!
I only see one picture? Hope all is well!
Hey Wow, glad to hear that all is well! I look forward to seeing your new pics! And I hope you get better soon!
what size did you finally go with? i love your end result!

10 Months Later....

I am happy with my results. I have a natural look. They seem bigger as the months pass and the muscles have relaxed. At first in clothes I felt they looked not much bigger. The muscles were tight, now I do not like to wear some things because they look kind of big and in other outfits a little matronly. If I were to gain weight DEFINITELY matronly. I still have a weird feeling in my right one, like a pain sometimes. I definitely feel best to sleep in a sleep bra. Real or fake they will succumb to gravity. Overall I feel lucky to have gotten to this point of recovery and not to have complications. I feel glad I did this 90% of the time. The other 10% is mostly when I exercise and cannot do the chest exercises because it feels uncomfortable still. When look in the mirror and think I used to look thinner with smaller boobs. When I feel the strange feelings of pains or like there is air in them. I guess that is the trade off for not going silicone. The saline does that a little here and there. I am glad for my piece of mind that I did go saline though. My prayers are with everyone out there that is considering going through this or that has developed complications, as well as for the women that are satisfied and so lucky to be healthy with no issues. I feel I am a member of that latter group. So far so good.


I found this picture diary I made to show how I changed over 7.5 months. I did not take new pictures and will not until one year. I do not have any before pictures I can find.
I am 2 weeks post op trlhru armpit silicone and my scars look horrible. How do your look now? How did they look in the beginning please!
I don't get here often but am glad to see your question today. One of mine looked kind of ugly the other, normal bad I suppose. On day one I bled on the left side and the tape he put over the incision had to be taken off (which made it heal less flat I think) . The other I left the tape on until it naturally fell off which was about a week of so later. The right one was pretty much invisible after 4 months but the other is getting there (still slightly visible) now at nearly one year. The scars are amazing and really no one would notice (even the one I can still see). They are in the crease or look like a crease now. I used a scar gel/cream for about 3 months and started it up again later for a while. I was not consistent with the cream - the scars were really not that bad so I would say for you to get a scar cream and they will get better. Be consistant and use it twice a day messaging it in well. After 4 months you will be surprised!! Wish I had pictures of the scars. Scars are always ugly but do not worry they will fade!. I also got lumps in the armpit area (common) I used warm compresses on them every night and a couple of times a day when I could do it, until that cleared up. I also started stretching exercises against a wall at 3 months post-op. Take time to heal, DO NOT overdo. It takes some time to heal on the inside. I am GLAD I was able to heal and rest as much as I did and ICE frequently. At 2 weeks I think I was adding heat between ice. That was amazing. Do not worry, just keep them clean and they will be fine in no time.
Do make sure they are not infected though.

Nearly one year

One year later .... on my actual anniversary I will post new pictures. I have weird feelings in them still and it is like air or slushy water, or just plain odd. It is not that bad though. They ARE fake and so I have to ask myself ... what did I expect?!
They are nice but I still do miss that athletic body now ans then. My husband is thrilled all the time. He CONSTANTLY says how gorgeous I am. (Oh Boy!) No wait... that should be (Oh Girls!) Too Funny!
I find myself wanting to lose this 8 lbs I gained after the surgery..... AFRAID to do it for fear of losing it in the boobs and them feeling totally fake! Am I being stupid? ????
Anyway, do look to see my one year anniversary pictures on July 28!
You are amazing! Thank you so much! :) I really appreciate it!

Year anniversary coming soon...

No pictures yet. Just thoughts...
No one ever really talks about the strange sensations and feelings of having the fake boobs. It is not like the real thing! I think that some of the women here are so excited to have boobs and feel more accepted or sexy or whatever, that it is like a trade off. (Never seen so many BOOB mongers, lol)......joking ladies! Or maybe it is that so many women do not up date after being fully healed and tell of the experience from that new prospective. (Reviews of Life AFTER augmentation - rather than through the decision making process and the initial healing reviews) people here seem to me to be so over the top boobie happy....maybe it is the drugs of recovery ;-)

I feel it is important to understand the AFTER for women that are considering this. To know what the fears are and what the feelings are both emotional and physical. If those woman that had this done one year or more ago could all tell honestly the pains, the victories, the new problems (that were just traded for the old rather than GONE), and the weird side effects that it would be helpful to those just plain excited not seeing the big picture. I tried to I research my butt off but still my experience though mostly positive is not completely as I expected. It is like child birth..... no one wants to tell the TOTAL truth or no woman would do it, lol. Not really, but you get the point... I know it cannot be just me having weird feelings in my breasts and other things. YES, some days I DO miss my old figure. They can get in the way, inhibit your working out and change some of the positive that was in your life as well as if you gain a little weight make you look fatter or even matronly. It just scares me to see 20 year olds doing this!! How many of these operations do you want in your life? Fake wont last a lifetime. AND, Dang have your babies first!! Getting huge boobs before breast feeding is like asking for a future breast lift, how much can your skin/frame support! The boobs can double in size breast feeding! Can you spell stretch marks? Enough for now girls... I will share with you more in my next review on my one year anniversary end of this month, complete with pictures. I ask the rest of you to stick with this and share next year and the one after. Thanks!

I encourage everyone that may stumble upon this message to come back in a year and every 6 months after to tell your experience. Without the sugar coating for the newbies.
Hi There, thanks for sharing your story. I have my first BA scheduled for sept 12, its nice to here a review thats not just "yay boobs" and to know what i'm in for after... when your say that you don't do chest exersizes etc, does it actually hurt? are you afraid of damaging them? I'm contemplating size right now and I feel my doc is suggesting a size a little larger than what I feel comfortable with, you mention the breasts making you feel a little heavier, do you feel going with a little smaller implant (I didnt see what size you have) might help with this feeling?
Risks and complications I researched heavily. I also tried to be realistic about size. I think that most doctors will tell you that the most common regret newly augmented patients tell them of is "I just wish I had gone bigger". It is not the fact that they really believe you should they are just (men)... kidding, no, it is just that they hear it so much. I think MOST people get what we fondly refer to as "Boob Greed" at some point or another. For the first few months I think some women feel that way but hey, the skin is still going to sag and bigger is not necessarily better. I have spoken with two women on another site that wished they had gone bigger in the first 4 months and now it has been one year for one and 2 years for the other, and they BOTH say Man, I went too big because of gravity and sag and just discomfort. Fake boobs can be darn uncomfortable at times too. I feel weird things all the time. It is a silicone bag of saline under my skin and muscle .... what did I expect right? It is NOT horrible do not mis-understand me, it is just that I wish someone would have told me to expect this because I expected after healing to just feel totally normal for the most part. Also unless you have a long torso, you risk looking matronly or sloppy or fat in some things that are not form fitted if too big (I am borderline). God forbid I gain some weight and do not want to be so fitted. I have always been fairly slender but being only 5'3" I must watch it! On the flip side... I would like to maybe lose 8 pounds but on my frame that 8 really shows and I remember pre- boobs that the 8 seemed to come off the size of my chest as well as the more desirable places. I am honestly afraid of losing some breast tissue and having wrinkling of the implant show in certain positions or be palatable by my significant other!! Ugh! As for exercise, I was warned by my doctor that I should leave certain exercises to the home gym or wear a big sweat shirt at the gym for certain chest exercises because people may notice them moving in an unnatural way. Mine are behind the muscle and yes they do move a bit wonkie (that's a word right?) They feel yucky as they flex too. I also fear irritation the area too much. I read tons of FDA reports and such, some of which site friction as a factor (there are many theories) in capsular contractor. I do NOT believe in putting myself at more risk and so I do avoid chest exercise but sometimes we all do things that involve that muscle group and when I do it feels uncomfortable for me, another reason I choose to avoid it. Long and short of it, if you are young only go as big as YOU feel will be comfortable because, barring complications, you will need to have at least one more surgery in the future (after children or with natural sag) and then elect to go maybe higher profile and maybe a little bigger to avoid the breast lift and those nasty scars, but that is just MY feeling. I have a small chest and rib cage. I went with moderate plus (because the plain moderate was so much a wider implant) and 325 size filled to 375 was my choice. I researched implant manufactures dimensions and measured my chest with a mm caliper. I should have maybe gone with a 300 filled to 350 because that one was less diameter but this is my last surgery - at my age should last my lifetime - and I listened to all the boob greedy gals and went as big as I could for my frame. Sometimes the get in my way. I was 34 A/B before surgery. Full 34D after. You will do what is best for you. Good luck!
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Your reinforcing what I have fealt through this process and that is to go with my gut and go with a smaller size, I'm almost 5'8" so most docs (I have been to eight consults) talk about "what I can handle" but I don't feel just because I can means I should, even though I'm on the taller size I still have a very small frame, I wear a sz 0/2 dress! Thanks again for keeping up with the update and sharing your very sound advise.


ONE YEAR! Yes, it has flown by. I found a picture of me in the sports bra before. I do not remember begin that small however the sports bras to tend to squish a little. I wish I had some pics without clothes of before, but I do not.
Looking back I do not regret the decision. I do have to say I live in fear of complications and probably always will as long as I have them. I have not had any health issues or problems that way but I do find that chest exercises are uncomfortable not painful just the kind of feeling that tells my body NOT to go there. I have weird sensations sometimes. I mostly feel good about my decision. It has made me feel more confident. I do not have to worry about going swimwear shopping or finding that padded bra that looks natural. I used to feel self conscious when I have to take it off. I do have to be careful to pick clothes that do not make me look fat because of the boobs. Looking at the pictures I have to say it is a MAJOR improvement. It has been a long road. I have gone through many stages of healing and so many feelings. I have seen wonderful women on here have wonderful results but then develop complications. It is so hard to think about that. It is like when you are in an accident and some are killed but you live, why?? It is so random. My heart bleeds for them and then rejoices in their strength and resolve. So far this is working out for me, and I am very grateful. It is a very serious thing.
I love your review! It is so thorough and honest. It's great to read about someone else who has done the transaxillary incision, not to mention a full year or review. Very helpful! Also, Congratulations! Your boobs look beautiful!
Just found this review and am so glad I did. THIS is the kind of review I've been hoping to see more of on this site. Real answers. I'm happy for those who are boob-giddy, but I want to know what's REALLY going to happen or go through my mind. I have a pre-op next week and I'm so nervous. I've already paid my deposit and have a date set, but once I get to the appt next week, it's committal time. It's a big deal! May I ask, what was your pre-op weight? I'm similar in height to you at almost 5'4" and I think I'm around 120#. I don't weigh myself. I'm 35 and worry about putting on weight down the road and how that would affect the breast size. I worry a lot. About everything. With the exception of my breasts, I'm happier with my body now than I ever have been, even before having kids and I worry that I'm going to ruin a good thing by going for implants. I'm researching like crazy and have booby brain all day. I guess we all feel that way. Well, most anyway. Just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate your honesty.
Love your handle - reflects a great attitude! I went to your review and I see us as very similar. If you look at my "before" shot with the sports bra (black and white) and the "now" in the same garment it is an amazing the transformation in me. I was pretty deflated from nursing, weight loss and just breast atrophy that happens with age. I do not have any nude before pics. I was 115-118 pounds - depending on the day. I worry a lot too. A real over thinker! I mean heck, I bought a caliper! I researched EVERY aspect of this thing!! So, you are like that too huh? I was so afraid of looking matronly and hey, that is STILL a concern. I look great in most clothes but some sloppy fitting things 'I think' make me look dumpy or matronly. I am as big as I would ever wish to be both in breast and body. I did put on some weight after - Hey, in all fairness 2 lbs are the implants. They DO get bigger with weight gain just as before. I am now about 124 - 128 and look fantastic I think. I do aspire to get back to my old weight + maybe 2 lbs for the implants. So I want to be 117 - 120. Happy researching! I Googled the brand of implants my doctor liked to do, to get the size of their different profiles. He said he would only do moderate profile and if I wanted stripper/Vegas boobs I came to the wrong place. I decided right then and there he was my guy! BUT LATTER I was worried about the implant getting too much into my armpit or worse!!! (uniboob!) He told me they position them to be centered under the nipple. Then, I was really worried..... I bought the caliper!! I brought it to my pre-op and told him why I wanted to go moderate plus, explaining why the cc's I wanted would be a better fit with that profile for my chest he agreed and ordered in my special implants. I am HAPPY! I think after a woman has breast fed a baby the moderate plus gives that little bit extra projection that is nice. It is not much but I love my result (natural NOT stripper - no scars!) and honestly even though I didn't have enough boob to say I had breast "sag".... the skin was a little loose around the nipple. I look like I never had kids now!! I had slight stretchmarks from babies too and they are VERY hard to find. :-) I was very strong especially upper body prior to surgery - my breasts seemed to get bigger as time went by and I know people call it "fluffing" here, but it was way later than people speak of here. I figure it just took way more time for my pectoral muscles to relax. I also had like, contractions in my breasts, off and on sporadically for a long time after the surgery. It was like my pectoral was resisting the stretch?? That quit after 9 months but in the latter months I would stretch against a wall and that made it let go. At 10 months everything changed for the better.

Chest Exercises!

Just when I thought that I was out of the woods...... It has been 13 months and I started chest exercises recently. All was going well and I was thrilled to be pretty much back to normal. I guess I spoke too soon, I have the old nasty pectoral muscle discomfort again on my right side especially (weaker side I am left handed) . It feels like a tightness grabbing me. I am not happy about it at all. I have decided that chest exercises are not my thing. I will stick to arms and try not to do the chest so much.
Oh well.... as I said previously, it is a trade off in ways. If I do not develop complications I will still consider this a positive move. Other than that, lookin' good.
Thank you SO much for your review. It is by far the most honest and heartfelt one I've read. I think it's so necessary to hear honest reviews on the good the bad and the ugly post surgery. Especially longer than the typical 5 months post op. I share very similar concerns about size, comfort, weight gain and finding the right clothes that fit without looking frumpy or matronly. I've never had issues with clothes with my smaller chest ONLY in bikinis, lingerie and workout wear. Is this a good enough reason to get implants? I really like my athletic body and work hard for it. But my stature is not tall and I have a short torso. So although I'm lean I have a wide frame and it can come across as a medium build in clothes. I'm afraid with implants I'll look top heavy. My surgery is Jan. 15 and I feel like I'm coming down with cold feet.... If you read my review you will get a better perspective of me and my desired outcomes. I'd be grateful for any insight from you.
I agree that it would be helpful if more women would update a year or more after surgery, there are many trade-offs, I personally don't think larger breasts are worth it.

Thank you for your 1 year post op update! It's nice to hear how women are feeling both emotionally and physically at this point. Sorry to hear about the chest exercise discomfort but I'm glad to hear that you can just stick with arm exercises for now and that you have no other complications. look picture perfect!

Madison Plastic Surgeon

I found my doctor from reviews on this site. Thanks! Very happy with my decision to go with transaxillary. Doctor was a little rushed though. He was great at pre-op though. I brought cash to pay to pre-op as per instructed to do so for a discount by the receptionist - no checks or credit cards just good lo' greenbacks please.... The cash thing kind of struck me as weird. I can totally understand giving a discount for cash as in a check, or money order, or even a cashiers check. Something. Rather than have to pay the fees associated with credit cards that would warrant a discount but why green bills only? It felt a little weird carrying around over 5,000.00. He is a little quick in his after care appointments, you MUST be prepared with questions he leaves no time to think. It is QUICK! He will just get up a start walking out! I really didn't need a longer appointment it just made me feel rushed out like wham-bam-get the heck out mam! Funny! He did an outstanding job with my procedure and I do like the final product. oddly my scars are at different angles and the right side always felt weird like it needed support or the implant would slip out of pocket after the procedure and even now after 12 weeks it feel s different. The staff receptionist could use a personality augmentation for sure. The other staff at surgery seemed very nice though. I am happy with the end result but know of one other person that had a bad result with complications and she was treated the same as me. Quick, rushed and she had to drive long distances to her appointments. I would feel the need for support and a caring bedside manner if I had complications. I do not know looking at it that way if he deserves more than a couple of stars no matter what result I have today. If I do develop complications I would like to know he would be there for me as a doctor to help me. Don't know....

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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