Less Than a Week Post Implantation and Already Wanting to Explant - Madison, WI

I got my implants on 2/28/13 and HATE them. I got...

I got my implants on 2/28/13 and HATE them. I got 425cc's in both breasts (which is weird b/c i have assymetry and he said he would put more in the smaller one, so the bigger one still looks bigger) I have gone through the emotional roller coaster and am still not happy with them. I know they will change with time but they aren't going to get smaller and that's what i don't like about them. I also have double bubble under both breasts and i will not be getting a revision....I WANT THEM OUT OF ME!! I don't have my first post-op appt with my PS until this coming monday b/c he went on vacation days after my surgery. I can only imagine what he is going to say:(

I thought that this is what i wanted but they are just way too big for me. I want them out before they ruin my breasts:( I wish i could have just loved my old breasts:(

I have heard from others that have used my PS that he may require me to wait until the 3 month mark and that is not what I want to hear. I feel that if i wait they will just stretch my skin more. I am not sure how much it will cost either.......

If he refuses to do it before the 3 month mark should i try and see if another PS will do it? I'm sure I will end up paying more if i go to another PS though.......

I hate that I put myself in this position in the first place....Grrr.......live and learn i guess.


I feel you. I got breast implants almost 3 months ago. It blows my mind that I did this to myself. How I could have rationalized that running, weightlifting, hugging my children o natural wasn't as important as having large breasts. 1 percent of the day they are worth it. 99 percent they are uncomfortable, heavy, and very noticeable. My comfort and peace of mind are worth an explant. You had nice breasts before. My breasts were messed up before and i miss them! The money is gone just be comfortable being who you want to be. Experience is the name we give our mistakes. Make it right and listen to your heart. Good luck:)
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Thank you very much for your kind words! I will be waiting and seeing how they settle to decide whether to take them out. I think a part of me always will want them out, even if they look wonderful. Are you getting yours out?
I agree they suck. At the same time I did just pay 6300 for them and it's 2000 to have them removed. Due to a tax error we just don't have the cash to pay right now. After talking to a friend,who had hers done, apparently regret and depression is pretty common after this procedure. I think it's unfair for the doctor not to warn you of this to be better prepared. Anyway she was near suicidal about her decision but After 6 months she loves them. I'll give them time to get used to them. After all my pre boobs were totally different sizes from each other and very sad looking. Nothing like most of the boobs you see that are just slightly deflated or smaller. I'll give it some time. Good luck.

Today is my first post op appt. I am uploading...

Today is my first post op appt. I am uploading some pics from last night so you can see how bad the under the breast looks:(


They will change over time, they will "drop" which some perceive as sagging, not sure that's the change you'd want either. 425cc is very big, unless you told your PS you wanted DDD breast, I don't know why he went so big. What size were you before? I'm sorry you're going through all of this :(
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With my first set of implants I got a severe double infection and they had to be removed in under two weeks. I was very sick. The relief was immediate and, though my skin was looser, I didn't have any significant issues due to having them removed soon. I did have a muscle issue where one side of the muscle either dissolved or became unattatched to the center of my chest. But that was either from the infection or the surgeons techniques. I wish I could have been happy with myself then and not gotten more put in...live and learn I guess.
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I had my first post op yesturyday and my PS says...

I had my first post op yesturyday and my PS says what is going on under my breasts is the old crease. He said it takes time for the implants to stretch that out to the new crease, which is what is giving it the double bubble look. So....I am back to waiting the full 3 months to see if it fixes itself. He said that it usually does fix itself in time....USUALLY:( I keep going back and forth still......a part of me wants them out now but another part of me wants to wait and see how they turn out. If it weren't for the t-rex arm restrictions and the band i think i would like them much better and since those things are temporary I am hoping i like them once those restrictions are lifted. Only time will tell:(


just came across your page and it caught my interest. My thoughts (but of course im not a doc lol) would be to wait the 3 months.That gives you time to heal, i know mine took at least a year to completely settle, but you will know for sure in 3 months what you want :) I would say if you fully hated them now then youd probably hate them in 3 months :) Since your still on the fence id wait it out :) Thats just my thoughts :) i pretty much new as soon as i got mine i didnt like them but of course i went down a crazy journey just like a lot of these women on here have also done ,From exchanging them a couple times. to smashing them down with extra small sports bras LOL!! If you decide to take them out and your still uncomfortable with the 2 different sizes you should look into fat transfer.There is some women on her that have done that and they look amazing! But again always do your homework and check everything out including your doc :) BIG SOFT HUGS :D
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Thank you for your kind words! I will for sure be waiting the full 3 months. I still go back and forth. Some days they seem fine to me and others they seem HUGE. I am not getting very much sleep b/c i cannot sleep on my tummy and it's uncomfortable to sleep on my sides still. I think i'm just not used to them yet:( How long does that take??!! Thanks again!
He went 425 in the right and 450 in the left b/c that one was smaller. I was a B on the left breast and nearly a C in the right breast. Which is why i had the surgery, to correct the size difference. I could never find a bra that fit both breasts:( I told him i wanted to be a full D but i have a feeling i will be a DD atleast.
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