I am a 28 year old mother of 2. I had my kids 22...

I am a 28 year old mother of 2. I had my kids 22 months apart and it of course took a toll on my breasts, even though I did not breast feed:( They are not as full of life as I wish they were and my right breast hangs about a half inch lower than my left:( I have contemplated getting breast augmentation for about a year now but let my mom guilt me out of it the first time, saying "You should just be happy with what God gave you". Well, I was very happy with my small perky breasts before I had kids, but I am not happy with what I was left with!! So, I have decided to go for it! I am very scared and excited about it, I have never been under the knife before so I think that is what I am most concerned about.

I will be setting up my consultation soon with Dr. Bartell in Madison WI. I am hoping to get saline implants under the muscle. But we will see what the doc says, he is the expert after all!

I unfortunatly have to wait until late february early march to have the augementation. It is the only time that I can really swing it:( I work in retail and cannot take any time off between thanksgiving and christmas and then february is busy for my specific job...which sucks b/c I hate putting it off for that long but I don't want to rush into it either.

My husband seemed excited when I told him that I had made my decision but now after a couple of weeks he keeps going back and forth:( Of course I am not doing this for him but I want him to be okay with my decision. Anywho, that is my story! I will obviously keep updating once I get closer!! I want to thank everyone else on this site b/c you have all been a huge help!!

I have scheduled my first consultation for tuesday...

I have scheduled my first consultation for tuesday October 9th!! Unfortunatly we will have to take the kids, but I hope they don't mind at the office!! There was no way around it...

I will start writing my million questions and concerns down tomorrow!!

Well I had my first consultation and I am 99% sure...

Well I had my first consultation and I am 99% sure I am going for it!! I am going to wait until the end of the month to set my surgery and pre-op dates. The Dr. and staff were really nice and informative. I'm super stoked! Hope everyone's surgeries and recoveries are going well!!

I forgot to add that my Dr. doesn't think I need a...

I forgot to add that my Dr. doesn't think I need a lift at all...which was worrying me b/c I didn't want the scars!! LOVE IT!!

I just made my surgery appointment!!! On February...

I just made my surgery appointment!!! On February 28, 2013 I will be on my way to having beautiful breasts!! It will be a late birthday present for myself! (my birthday is on the 25th) Pre-Op date is 2/11/13, looking forward to deciding on the size then. I know i have several months but I am soooo excited and scared!!

2 1/2 months left till I get my two new friends!...

2 1/2 months left till I get my two new friends! Getting more and more excited and less scared each day. I still have no clue what size I want, I keep thinking more is better but not sure since I have not tried on any sizers on at all. Been thinking around 325 to 400 so it will be interesting what I think after I try on the sizers!!

44 days until my pre-op appt.!! Time is going very...

44 days until my pre-op appt.!! Time is going very fast and I am getting more excited than nervous. I tried on a 36c bra the other day and it fits around the bottom of my breasts but I in no way fill the cup. I have decided that I want to be a full D. At first i wanted to be a full c/small d but "go big or go home" right?!

38 days and a wake up!! The nerves are starting to...

38 days and a wake up!! The nerves are starting to set in:( I had a dream a few nights ago that i went in to my pre-op appt and the next thing i knew i was waking up in the middle of my surgery. I couldn't feel anything and asked the doctor if it was normal to wake up in the middle of it all. When it was done i had to call my husband and tell him to pick up the kids and he was freaking out that i had the surgery already. Then suddenly my brother was there to drive me home! Also, the PS was not my PS. He did a good job though! Very weird!

Down to 26 days and a wake up!! 8 days until my...

Down to 26 days and a wake up!! 8 days until my pre-op appointment.....I will be getting all my supplies soon too. I am so excited! I booked my surgery in Oct and I cannot believe that it is finally february!! Happy Healling to those who have alreayd had their BA's and Happy Waiting for those of us who are coming up soon!!

Pre-Op is on Monday!! I am so excited! I can't...

Pre-Op is on Monday!! I am so excited! I can't wait to hear what CC's he thinks he will put in, I want to go big but I still have some breast tissue so it's hard to tell how much I will actually need to get the look I want. Hope everyone is happily healing and/or patiently waiting!

Pre-op is tomorrow! Not sure what to expect other...

Pre-op is tomorrow! Not sure what to expect other than getting an idea on size and getting my instructions for surgery. I am still excited but the nerves are starting in again!! 17 days until the big day!! I cannot wait to get it overwith and to start the healing process.

I had my pre-op today and everything went well. I...

I had my pre-op today and everything went well. I told him i wanted to be a full D, he took pictures of my current breasts and then we looked through his books and found several that I liked. The pictures that I liked were in the low 400cc's and that's what he said he would do for me. I was origninally not wanting more that 350 so i'm kind of having some "sticker shock" on the cc's!! I hope I'm not going too big. I know a lot of women wish they would have gone bigger I just don't want to wish I had gone smaller......

Other than that it went well. I paid the rest of my balance, got my surgery information and prescriptions. I am super stoked!! I can't believe I just spent that much money on myself though! I am very thankful that my husband is such a tightwad b/c if not we could have never afforded this!! 17 days and a wake up!

7 days and a wake up! I purchased my...

7 days and a wake up! I purchased my prescriptions, a zip front sports bra, extra strength tylenol, and a book to read. All i have left to do is clean the house (boo!) and rent some movies from my local library (they are free there!). Have to be at my PS's office at 7:30am he said I would probably be ready to go by 8:15am and on my way home by 9:30am or 10am if everything goes well.

I am just getting over a three day cold and had a horrible headache for 2 days and nights and I'm running on a major lack of sleep. I am really glad the first 5 days of recovery my kids will be taken care of by my folks and my in laws b/c i obviously cannot handle them while being sick......i broke down crying b/c i couldn't handle them with my headach today:( It made me think that I am going to be a big baby when the recovery begins. I can handle most sicknesses with the exception of debilitating headaches.....so i should be okay as long as that doesn't happen!!

Hope everyone is happily healing and/or patiently waiting!!

I cannot believe it's only a week away. I'm...

I cannot believe it's only a week away. I'm starting to question why I am doing this:( I just keep going on my profile and looking at the pictures of my sad deflated boobies and it helps. I still have lots to do.....clean the house (not looking forward to this), get a couple more sports bras, and buy some powerade and lunchables. Hopefully my hubby and I can get some time to finish shopping on saturday after I work while the in-laws are watching the kiddos.

Nerves are definatly setting in....glad i work everyday until "the" day to keep my mind off of it all!

Updated some more Pre-op pictures.

Updated some more Pre-op pictures.

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I have my recliner...

Well, tomorrow is the big day! I have my recliner all set up, everything I will need is out on a table next to the recliner....i hope!! I am not really nervous yet. I've never had surgery before so i have no idea what to expect. I just hope everything turns out well. See you all on the other side!!

I am on the other side! everything went well, got...

I am on the other side! everything went well, got there at 7:15ish, got checked in, nurse came in and did my Iv, anesthesiologist came in and asked some questions and went through what was going to happen, thent he doc came in and drew on me. Moments later another nurse came in and let me use the restroom and then i laid down on the table. They asked me some questions about my job and then i was out!!

Took me a while to wake up but was not sick at all! YAY, i was really worried about that. The got me dressed and sent me on my way. There is a lot of pressure, most of it from the strap. I also have some burning pain when i breath from stretching the muscles but nothing too major.

Hope everyone else is happily healing or patiently waiting!

Well, today is post op day 2. I am still getting...

Well, today is post op day 2. I am still getting used to the whole t-rex arm thing. I don't have any pain per say but there is still some tightening when i breath in. I hear the 3rd day is worst:( Not looking forward to that but oh well. I have been taking 1 pain pill every 5-6 hours, hoping after tomorrow i will be able to cut out the meds and start using tylenol.

Right now i feel like they are HUGE but i know there is still some swelling so with a little luck they will go down a bit. This darn strap is the most painful part i think. It's cutting into my armpits and i can't take it off until tuesday to shower and then it goes back on, but when it does i guess it doesn't haven't to go on so tight which is a relief.

Added 2 new pics!

Added 2 new pics!

Well, last night could have gone better:( i hate...

Well, last night could have gone better:( i hate my anti-bacterial pills b/c they keep getting stuck in my throat. I ended up throwing up my dinner b/c that darn pill wouldn't go down:( after a good nights sleep i feel like a million bucks this morning!! i probably could have taken tylenol this morning but took a pain pill instead. Once this one has warn off i will go with the tylenol.

I have some tightness under my breasts and at the top where my strap is but that's about it.

I hope my mood changes and i begin to love the new...

i hope my mood changes and i begin to love the new boobs but right now i just want them out. I have been an emotional wreck the last 2 days and i am so uncomfortable. This strap is killing me and i can feel a double bubble happening under both breasts:( my PS is on vacation and i won't get to see him until march 11th and it sucks:(

if he says i have to have another surgery to correct the double bubble i am telling him to take them out. i cannot do this again.....i feel so helpless and i miss my kids soooo much. i feel like this was such a waste of vacation time and a crapload of money.

Please tell me it gets better:)

Well it's day 5 post op and i still don't like...

well it's day 5 post op and i still don't like them. i know that what i have isn't my final result but i don't want them in me either way. i cannot stop crying, thinking i made a huge mistake. i cry when i think about having to go to work b/c i know i will start crying at work and no one knows that i did this.

i feel like such an idiot and now i have to wait atleast a week until i can see my PS for the post op and then i'm sure it will be another couple of weeks before i can get them out of me. i wish he wasn't on vacation b/c i feel like i am losing control. i keep having panic attacks:(

thanks for listening to me vent, it's hard to vent to my hubby b/c he thinks i am over reacting....

I don't know why but my mood switched yesturday...

I don't know why but my mood switched yesturday like a light switch was turned on. I was able to get myself dressed without my hubby's help and haven't looked at the girls since then and i feel much better. No more crying fits. I am still uncomfortable but far less.

Tonight i get to take my first shower since the surgery and i can't wait!! My hubby is back to work today and i'm alone with the kids. My oldest has been a big help with lifting and moving things for me! I was also able to sleep comfortably in bed all night last night!! Getting good sleep helps a bunch! I did wake up with crazy morning boob though:( Not liking that very much....how long till that goes away? I also notice that I get cold really easily and when i do my muscles tighten and they feel like they won't release:( I don't like that feeling either...

i want to thank all the ladies who have gave me words of encouragement since my surgery. I think i would still be a weepy, crying mess if it weren't for all you!

Tomorrow will be 1 week post op. I feel better...

Tomorrow will be 1 week post op. I feel better and better about the girls as each day passes. I looked at them for the first time in a couple days last night when i took my first shower. I like them i guess. I do not like the double bubble so i'm hoping that is mostly swelling and gets better with time.

i cannot believe how much my love/hate for them has changed in just a few days.....it's mind blowing. I will be giving them a full 3 months before i decide to do anything.

Today marks one week post op!! This has been a...

Today marks one week post op!! This has been a very long week for me and i kinda can't wait to get back to work. The swelling has gone down a lot but they are still very hard:( I will be posting more recent pics later today. I like the results so far but lefty needs to drop some. Righty, which was bigger to begin with, still hangs quite a bit lower than lefty. Hoping this is just b/c lefty hasn't dropped yet. Time will tell!

Added new pics!

Added new pics!

Had my first driving experience today when i went...

Had my first driving experience today when i went to pick up the kids from school.....that was weird to say the least:( Also had to pick my daughter up and put her in the car and i do not like the feeling that my muscles make over the implant.....very weird and uncomfortable. I hope that goes away soon!

When can someone who has their incision in the armpit start to use deoderant again? I swear I have never smelled so bad:(!!! I actually put deoderant on my chest to help hide the stench....TMI i know...sorry:(

Today marks 10 days post op and I am feeling...

Today marks 10 days post op and I am feeling pretty good! I have my first post op appt tomorrow morning and i am very anxious to see what my PS says. Hopefully i will be able to take this darn strap off in 4 days.....really NOT loving it:(

Hope everyone else is happily healing and/or patiently waiting!

Well, today is my first post op appt.......let's...

Well, today is my first post op appt.......let's see how this goes. The double bubble i was feeling under my breasts is now super soft so i am almost certain it is the implant. The implants have been getting softer the last 2 days. And i still feel like lefty is going into my armpit:( Other than that I love them.......

I kinds hate that i am beginning to love them b/c i am fairly certian i will need a revision but i will not be getting one.....they will just be coming out. I don't have the time or patience to go through all of this again.

In 2 1/2 hours i will hear the fate of my boobies....wish me luck!

Adding new pics!

My first post op went well. Quick, but well! He...

My first post op went well. Quick, but well! He said that what i thought was a double bubble forming is actually the old crease and that it usually fixes itself with time. So I will not be freaking out about it until the 3 month mark and hopefully it will be okay by then! I still have to wear the darn strap until next monday though:( I'm getting used to it but it limits my wardrobe for work:(

I got my implant card yesturday too. He did 450...

I got my implant card yesturday too. He did 450 in the left (the smaller one) and 425 on the right. Smooth Round Moderate implants.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. My oh my how...

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. My oh my how time flies when I'm back at work and not cooped up in the house!! I have started to sleep on my side which feels amazing on my back. I was not a back sleeper before this and missed sleeping on my side soooo much. I had to do a light jog yesturday at work:( I was holding my girls the whole time but i couldn't avoid it....i hope i didn't damage anything. I will say that i love the way they look in a sports bra and tight t-shirt!!

Hope everyone else is happily healing and/or patiently waiting!

Adding new pics!

Adding new pics!

Had my 2nd post op today. I get to burn the...

Had my 2nd post op today. I get to burn the strap!! All my arm restrictions have been lifted as well, I am one happy momma!! They still have some dropping to do in order to get rid of the old crease. I was shown how to massage the girls today so hopefully that will help soften them up a bit. My left incision is still a bit tight so I have to stretch it out but everything else is looking good. I just realized that i can wear normal tops to work now!!! Just in time for me to train a newbie and not have to break the dress code policy! Needless to say, I am a happy camper!

To top it all off i don't have to see my PS again until June 3rd!! Which is awesome b/c i did not love driving in the snow all alone (hubby had his own dr's appt. and took the kids with him) to see him today:(

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op.......time is...

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op.......time is finally flying by! Not much as changed. The old crease is slowly disappearing so that's some good news. I started the massages and I am not loving it. It is uncomfortable and kinda hurts. I noticed my left breast pocket is tighter than the right so i don't feel like i am doing the massages correclty on the left:( I will try to take some pictures tonight or tomorrow night.

Added some photos!

Added some photos!

I am 2 days shy of 4 weeks! Can't believe how...

I am 2 days shy of 4 weeks! Can't believe how quick the last 4 weeks have gone. The girls are doing okay. Still have some issues with the creases. I notice today that they are harder than usual:( I have been doing my massages daily and they are still uncomfortable. I can feel the implant rippling when I do it and it just feels weird:( Hoping that my old creases fade some more....

I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and not much has changed....

I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and not much has changed. I am loving them more and more but the bottoms are not looking any better:( They feel really weird when I bend over to pick something up, which is the only time I can tell that I have them in there. I am massaging like crazy hoping that will help the left one drop a bit more and fix the crease issue on both breasts. I know I said that I would never get a revision, that I would rather get them taken out before that but......I like them now and I don't want to go back to my old size so if need be I will be seeing this through and getting a revision....I hope that I don't need one but only time will tell! They look amazing under a tight shirt with no bra or a light sports bra! Can't wait to buy a new swimsuit and see how they look then!

I am 5 weeks and 1 day post op. Not much has...

I am 5 weeks and 1 day post op. Not much has changed from my last pictures since it's only been a few days so I won't post more for another week. I feel as though I have always had them, other than the constant massaging!! I did a sprint at work today and didn't have any pain or anything. I didn't even have a sports bra on, just a tank with the bra inside it so I hope that once it gets nicer out I can run without any issues! The only times I remember that they are there is when I am massaging and when I bend over to pick something up....I can feel them slosh around a bit but even that is getting better! I just wish the double bubble would get better faster and then I would be completely in love with them! Just have to take it day by day! Thanks again to all the ladies who helped me when I was struggling! At that time I never would have thought that I could feel the way I feel about them now!!

It's been 7 weeks since my BA and if it weren't...

It's been 7 weeks since my BA and if it weren't for the double bubble I would be completely in love! The right breasts double bubble is getting better each day but the left doesn't seem to be budging:( I am not too concerned at this point b/c when I am able to wear underwire you won't even tell. I went to VS and got measured at a 34 D/DD but I was falling out of it so they gave me a 36DD and it fit perfectly on both breasts....which was impossible before the BA b/c of the asymmetry!!

Tried on swimsuit tops today but was not happy...

Tried on swimsuit tops today but was not happy with how my girls looked:( I was able to find one that was okay, but I am very unhappy with the double bubble. They look good in a bra but the whole reason why I got a BA was b/c I didn't like the way my breast looked naked....and I still don't:(

I am 9 weeks post op and doing good. Still have...

I am 9 weeks post op and doing good. Still have the double bubble....some days it seems like the are going away, then others I can feel and see them more:( Only time will tell. The only time I feel them is when I bend over to pick something up....Still happy with them just wish the double bubble would go away!!

3 months post-op!

I am just over 3 months post-op and I have had some changes for the good! My right double bubble is almost un-noticeable!! My left unfortunately is still visible but getting less each week. The left breast also looks like it could be bottoming out, it doesn't look like it is centered behind the nipple anymore. I have my next appt. on Monday and am worried what the Dr. will say.

I have a feeling I will need a revision around the 1 yr mark and will probably need to go with smaller implants as well. I will not do anything until the 1 yr mark for sure unless the Dr. thinks we should do it sooner.

I love the size, they are perfect! Can't wait to buy real bra's! Again, the only time I feel them is when I bend over to pick something up....otherwise I have no problems at all!!

Hope everyone else is Happily Healing or Patiently Waiting!!

I will try and post new pics tonight or tomorrow!

New pics finally!

So I took the pics right after I completed my last review but saw that my breasts look worst in the pictures than they actually are and I was embarrassed to put them up:( But I know this may help someone else going through the double bubble issue so here goes. I honestly think they look better in person but I guess that's just my opinion!

almost 4 months post op

I will be 4 months post op in 3 days. I made an appt with my PS for July 8th to see if the skin pulling away from my sternum is going to be a problem. I will also be speaking with him about a revision. I want to know what he can do with the double bubble.....every doctor that has answered my questions on here says that it will not correct itself. I want to know my options and I will probably be seeing a few more doctors to get their opinions. I'm concerned that his approach through the armpit will not yield the best results.....so I will being seeing how much another surgeon will cost to perform it.

Over 6 months post op!

Hi everyone! It's now been over 6 months since my BA and I have had my struggles but I am beginning to see the softening my Dr. kept telling me about....FINALLY!! The creases have softened so much that I feel that I could wear a bikini without any issues!! YAY!! So I am taking it one day at a time! Hope everyone else is doing lovely!
Dr. Bartell

I found him online and researched from there. He only does saline and under the armpit and that is exaclty what i wanted. He was very truthful from the start. His staff was nice and took care of me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a BA.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I cant even believe the journey you went through! I also loved the armpit incision. I think over time your BA has really started to look great!! I'd love to see how you look now!!! I'm sure its amazing:-)
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Your story & journey have helped me so much. I am going to contact Dr Bartell for my first consult next week. Your pre breasts are the closest I've found to mine on this site and like you I am in the Madison area and do NOT want a lift. Are you still considering a revision? Thank you for the openness and sharing and I think your results are Beautiful, you look amazing.
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Sorry to hear your complications. That sucks you have to do revisions and spend more $$. Take care
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I guess that's the risk I took! I kinda figured it would happen to me, I have bad luck with stuff like this. I should have gone with my gut and went smaller but I didn't and now I have to pay for it:(
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Has your crease disappeared?
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No it sadly has not. The right breast is much better than the left which is still very noticeable:(
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I'm glad you are feeling better about them! It will tAke time for the creases to fade so be patient and keep massaging them with bio oil!
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Patience isn't my virtue but I am doing my best!!! What is bio oil? I have seen it a lot in other posts but my PS didn't say anything about it.....I'm not rubbing anything on them, should I be??!!
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You can get bio oil at walgreens. I massaged it on my old creases and it seemed to help. I'm almost a year out and it's almost gone. Can't hurt!!
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I have heard that Mederma works really good as well.
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Just reading all your posts makes me rate so much to your experience so far! Hopeful I will start liking mine soon too cuz I definitely have had regrets an wish I wouldn't of done it because of the pain. Thank you for sharing your story! It gives me hope :)
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I'm sorry to hear you are in pain:( It has definatly been a roller coaster of emotions for me and you are not alone! I still kind of regret doing it, I wish I would have loved me for me but I can't change what I did and I am hoping that once I fully heal I will like them even more than I do right now! There is hope I promise! Each day get's better for me and soon for you too I am sure!
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Are you going to go officially 'Worth It' ??
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So happy that are happy with them!!
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You look great! I'm glad everything was well today and you are feeling better!. Big hug!
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Thank you! I hope your recovery is still going well!
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Thanks for your story! I also freaked when I got home and wished I had never done it. I am 1 week post op tomorrow. Gosh I hope my feelings towards my decision improve once I get out of this dang house. I feel like a creature being kept in the basement, ha! I did finally get the courage to try on some summer tops which helped me a bit. But I don't like to look at them by myself unless my husband is here...so wierd! Thanks again for sharing as we don't hear the sad stories sometimes. Even though it will all work out and we will be so glad we have our new ta tas! Just sucks in the early days that is for sure.
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I had no clue that it would be such an emotional roller coaster! Give it more time, I will be two weeks post op tomorrow and didn't feel normal until i left the house and went to work on day 8. Of course, physically i was not feeling normal b/c of the t-rex arms still but emotionally soooo much better. I hope you feel the same way after getting out too! I didn't look at them until my hubby got home each night either, that helped b/c everytime i looked at them when i was alone is when i would FREAK out:( Hang in there! Each day gets better and better!
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Glad you are feeling better about them, I'm starting to really freak out now since my surgery had to be postpone and now I'm not so sure if I should get them even though they are already paid for : /
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You will be fine!! Sorry that yours has had to be postponed....that doesn't help with the nerves I'm sure. I think you will have good results since you do not have much to begin with. Those that i have seen that don't have much breast tissue to begin with have better results than those that still have some breast tissue. I think it is easier for the PS's to work with a clean slate! Hang in there and just remember why you're doing this!! The pain and uncomfortableness is only temporary!! Good luck to you!
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I'm so glad you are feeling much better! Try to be patient, meanwhile I'm here about to have a nerves break down lol I'm schedule for tomorrow and I'm starting to freak out. I wish it was a month from now and it was over lol Pray for me tomorrow! Big hug and you look wonderful!!!!!!
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Good luck tomorrow! I will pray for you and be waiting to see some updates! You will do just great!! Just remember that the first week will be rough but each day gets better and better!
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Thank u sooo much! I'm back home, pain is ok not too bad but A LOT of pressure. I got 300ccs HP the Dr decided that was the size for my small frame. I have to learn to be patient now! XO
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Glad to hear! Patience is the key!! Relax and try to enjoy the down time!
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