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I have loved coming to this site for a year now I...

I have loved coming to this site for a year now I thought perhaps it was time for me to share my own story.Here goes...

I am 27 years old, and have no children. I where is 34 a bra, but that is really not necessary. I should wear smaller, but refuse to do so. I've wanted a BA forever, but thought they were only for celebrities, the rich, and people that live in Hollywood. Then after visiting doctor Bartells website, I realized I could finance the procedure. I was soooo excited! So in October of 2011, I decided that in 1 year, I would get that ba that I've always wanted. now it's time! My pre op appointment is in5 days. my actual surgery is in 20 days! I can't believe I get to say 20 days! finally starting to get very excited! looks like I'll be staying with my
parents for at least 2 days. I'm hoping thats as long as I have to stay really not sure what to expect during my pre op. i think he is going to write on me, but not too sure. i would like to end up being a nice solid c. i will have to get his opinion on that. some people tell me they think that will be too big on me. i am 5'4" and 115lbs. i dont feel like that will be overly huge. i just cannot wait to not look like a 13 year old prepubescent schoolgirl anymore:)


Congrats! i had mine done 10 months ago.. Dr Bartell was fantastic!!
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Congrats!! Im 1 week post op and the recovery wasnt bad at all!! Im 5-4 and 120pounds i was a deflated 34b i got 410cc and they look like a fullC or small D so far (im still swollen) my dr chose the size for me and im so far happy with the results tho i cant wait for them to fluff and look how they should :)
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So excited for you!!! Our schedules are scheduled for the same day so hopefully we can become "boobie buddies" and be there for each other thruout our transformations! Do you know if you're going with silicone or saline?
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Just doing some rainy sunday relaxing. i am...

Just doing some rainy sunday relaxing. i am thinking about my new boobs, as is the norm. I call this the upgrade:) 2 days till my pre op. 17 days till my surgery. im not nervous yet. i assume i will be after at least a week from now. not too sure what to expect. i cant believe in all the years ive wished for a nice pair, ive never known it was within reach. i thought the time would just creep along. not the case. time just flew. and now it is here and i couldnt be happier!! Yay boobs! Yay upgrade!


I can tell you how much i appreciate everyones support!! You girls rock:)
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Yay for you! I hope my recovery ends up as good as yours!!
I am getting saline. not sure how many cc's though!! Who is your doctor?

Had my pre-op today. went fine. very quick. he...

Had my pre-op today. went fine. very quick. he measured my boobs, then showed me pics of girls about my size n asked me where i wanted to be based on that. i told him my goal was to get onto a c, and he recommended 350-375cc. i dont understand cc's so well, so hopefully that translates to a c cup. then he went over the rule list with me, gave me my prescriptions, and sent me on my way. oh and i had to pay my balance in full today. So now i guess its just a waiting game. 15 more days. i hope these next 15 days fly by. im ready to get this put behind me and be on the road to recovery!! :)


Good for you!! I am 5'4" tpp and I weigh 115 also :) I was a 32A. I have mod profile 325cc. I love, love, love them. I am a 34D or a 36C depending on the bra. I love them and wish I had went a little bigger so in my opinion 350-375 will make you REALLY happy!! Good luck!!
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It feels weird not having anything else to do...

It feels weird not having anything else to do before surgery. Everything is ready to go! Now i just waIt 10 more days till i get the girls. ive heard a lot anout zip front brassiers. however i cant seem to find any. i did find some online, but they are hideous and look like something my grandmother would wear! Sorry, gram! So i think i'll just go get a couple standard sports bras n hope for the best. i am getting very antsy about all this. i cant wait. i just cant wait to look female! Next weekend i will clean my place top to bottom. i figure i wont want to aftr i get the upgrade. then i'll get all my stuff ready to go stay with my parents for a few days. So now i twiddle my thumbs for 10 more days. not exactly enjoyable....


Not too much longer to go. How is everything going...are you ready? We are about the same size except I'm shorter, I'm looking to get the same size cc's so I can't wait to see how yours will turn out.
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I am just a little over a week after you. I almost made my appointment for the 31st as well but I was worried about Halloween. In my neighborhood we give away over 25 bags of candy and I didn't think it would be a good idea to have to deal with that after surgery. I can't wait to see your results. Have you decided on a size for sure?
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I was also kinda nervous about the halloween thing too! But i finally realized its just another day! Well i told the doc i wanted a nice medium C, but everything was going so fast at the pre op that when he told me 350-375ccs, i just kinda went along with it. So now i am hoping that puts me right in that C range. but looking at other girls postings, it looks like that amount even puts them at a D!! Yikes! Hopefully that amount of ccs gets me where i want to be based on my body. Im just gonna mention again before surgery what i want! Im crossing my fingers. im just scared to end up either too big or too small.

I was asked by a girl at work the other day if i...

i was asked by a girl at work the other day if i wanted to do this because i want to look like a playboy bunny. what i want is to be comfortable with myself. what i want is to not conatantly have the impulse to cross my arms in front of my chest because i always feel so insecure. 4 more days till that happens for me! I guess i will update you all once its go-time!! Wish me luck:)


We have similar height/weight. I am 5'3, 112lbs. I got 265cc implants - was a 34A before surgery and am now a 34C. I wish you the best on your surgery tomorrow :-)
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Thinking about you right now! Hope your feeling well on the eve of your big day!
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Your stats are so damn similar to mine (you're only one inch shorter than me and one year older, but other than that...we could be twins). :) I went with 375cc's because I heard you lose 25-50 cc's if placed under the muscle. I'm about ten days post-op and I'm still very tender and sore. Hope all goes well with your surgery and I'm looking forward to your update!
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Heading to surgery!! I cant believe this. going on...

Heading to surgery!! I cant believe this. going on 3 hours of sleep. doesnt feel like it though. i have lots of butterflies right now. i cant wait to get that anestesia in me! I no longer want to to feel the apprehension im currently feeling. once im out everything will be ok. i guess this is it. i will update as soon as im able to do so...

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Helllloooo!!! I DID IT!!! I have my new lady...

Helllloooo!!! I DID IT!!! I have my new lady friends and they look pretty darn decent! I really hardly have any pain though have keeping up with my pain meds just in case. my pain level really hasnt been above a 3 id say. i also can move around pretty well.
so i got there at 730. they gave me a couple anti-nausea pills. then a nurse came in to but a needle in my hand. well, swing and a miss- she blew my vein. But she was super nice. then the anesthesiologist came in and got my other hand. the doc came in and drew on me. by 830 the had me on the operating table. apparrently it took me about an hour in there. then they wheeled me into recovery for about an hour. I came to pretty quick. so they wheeled me down and sent me off. every person there was so super nice to me. it made me very comfortable.
My ride home went pretty good also. no pain. i chatted wih my mom the whole way back to her place. ive been eating a little since ive gotten home. i can make it to the the the bathroom on my own which pleases me. ive been mostly just set up on the recliner most the time ive been here. i may get up shortly and just take a little tour of the house. feels good to move about. i forgot to ask him about what exact ccs he ended up giving me. i will try to remember when he calls tonight. i will update more as things go on. so far i couldnt be happier! The strap is slightly uncomfortable, but it will totally be worth it! Ok... talk soon! :)


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So excited for you! Glad everything is going well for you so far.
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Thanks for all your support!

Day 2. I woke up verrry sore this morning....

Day 2. I woke up verrry sore this morning. everything felt so tight and like it was pulling. but after i moved about a bit, things def got better. that seems to work pretty well for me. if i get up and walk around the house for a few minutes every couple hours, things really loosen up. pain today isnt quite as good as yesterday. though i wouldnt really classify what im having pain. more of a discomfort. Without my pain pills, i think things would be much worse. im surprised how smooth this recovery is going though. although... i still wish i could skip over the next day or two to where im feeling even better;) hopefully within a day or 2 i can add some after pictures. currently not up to doing a bunch of clothes changing!!;) ok, ladies... Write more another day!


Hi Al! Hang in there! The discomfort is probably the worst day 4 or 5, but after that things get much better! Hope all is well!
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Yeah im not up for pics either! Have you seen yours? I can just peek at mine but can't see the good stuff lol from what I see they look awesome! What did you end up getting? I got 450 ccs in my small breast and 300cc in my larger one after he removed 200ccs of my saggy breast tissue lol I wish my pain was like yours! Jealous!
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Day 5. Every day has gotten just a little better! ...

Day 5. Every day has gotten just a little better! Today im feeling pretty normal. i can move around pretty good. took my first shower today. it. was. amazing!!!! And i put on my first sports bra!! I really really like em! So i finally found out what i got: saline under the muscle 350 in one side and 400 in the other smooth round moderate profile. so now things get a little better every day!! It is soooo worth it! couldnt be happier:) pictures to come!


They look great. Not high or swollen. How are you feeling? These stories of other women really help prepare and know what to expect. :). Great pics
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Thanks!!! Yeah they were never up by my collar bone and dont feel swollen. they looked pretty natural from day one! I just have some mild bruising. but i feel great. my only restriction seems to be raising my arms. oh well. that is getting better slowly too! Yay! i love reading everyones stories too! Sooooo helpful!!!
I am leaning towards saline because of family history or breast cancer. I was wondering if you can tell me that brand implant size and then overfill you received. Thank for you help! You look great!!!
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So i am 13 days post up. everything is basically...

So i am 13 days post up. everything is basically back to normal. the only thing is reaching above my head. and i still get worn out fairly easily. i have to go back to work in 2 days and i am reallly not looking forward to it. i have to reach a lot for my job so im pretty nervous about it. but my new girls are looking very well! They turned out really great and i am so glad i finally did this. my recovery has really surprisingly been so smooth. i anticipated it being much worse than this. i have to wear my strap for 3 weeks so i just have one more week to go! Then i have to wear only a sports bra for 2 months. after that i can go bra shopping and do whatever i like!! Almost there!! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive! The kind words on this site really makes a girl feel good! :)

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22 days out! Things are basically back to normal....

22 days out! Things are basically back to normal. i can sleep on my side finally. however i am STILL sleeping on the couch. if i lay flat on my back in bed all night long, the girls get pretty sore. my right arm is mostly working normally, but my left arm still is hard to raise up. which makes shaving my pitts pretty tough. i CANT WAIT to get my armpits shaved nice n smooth! Its driving me nuts only being able to half shave em! Ha! Also as of yesterday im allowed to take off my strap. i havent yet done so! Im kinda scared! Righty is starting to soften up a bit. but lefty is still pretty hard. oh well. i can still tell that things are moving along slowly but surely! My clothes look soooo much better with my new additions. its lots of fun to try on old clothes and have them look so much nicer now! I am so happy i did this!


Thanks for sharing your story al. You look great! Congrats on the new, pretty ta ta's:-)
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Thanks girls! Still dont know what bra size i am, but cant wait to bra shop!
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looking good!
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I forgot to mention previously that the back of my...

I forgot to mention previously that the back of my right arm is numb. i hear that is pretty normal. i noticed it about 2 weeks out. not sure if it was there since day 1 or not. i couldnt move so well back then so im not sure. it is kind of uncomfortable. not sure how long that'll last. anyways... i went bra shopping yeaterday. i didnt buy anything since i cant wear a real bra for over a month yet. but i really really wanted an idea of what size i ended up being! Ha! I have no patience! It seems that currently im fitting pretty well into a 36c. not sure if that will change or not since the girls are still pretty hard yet. righty is starting to soften up, and lefty has yet to follow suit. thats ok though. its still pretty early in the game! Also, one armpit scar looks better than the other. but that is fine with me. like i said, its still early, and frankly i dont really care if i have a couple tiny pit scars! I will post some more pics in a day or two! Good luck to everyone on their road to recovery!!!


When was your first post op appt? I didn't calculate that into my husbands days off for when he takes care of me:(
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Your first post op is usually the very next day.
Since you had two different cc amounts in both your breasts have they evened out? Or is one tighter, harder and more uncomfortable than the other. I had 270 and 290 and my 290 is still slightly larger than my 270cc. When I saw the PS he said that if they don't even up he will go back in the incision site (with a local) and even them up. I am not sure I am up to that but we will see.
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Well i am officially 2 months out now. it actually...

Well i am officially 2 months out now. it actually feels like longer. feels like the girls have always been a part of my life!! I basically feel back to normal now. the numbness in the back of my right arm is mostly gone. My boobs dont hurt anymore. i can lift and reach without issue. my scars look much better. i will have to post photos soon. i tried on bras about two weeks ago. it didnt work out so well. i wanted a sweet push up bra for new years eve (im allowed to wear a real bra after 2 months) but the didnt fit very well. my boobs are still too hard to conform to a push up. But they are really starting to soften up. so hopefully soon i will bra shop! Woop woop! I also swimsuit shopped the other day!! It was so great!! I will post pics of that soon too! This surgery was SOOO WORTH IT!!! I could have maybe gone a little bigger though:-) i am sooo happy!!!


hope your healin is going well! would love to see more pics!!
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You look amazazing! For real BB! I can't wait to bra and swimsuit shop too! Started my summer body regimine yesterday :) can't wait to be smoking in the summer!
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You look amazing! Very natural looking. How are you doing?
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1 Year Later!!

I cant believe I've had the girls for a year now!! I couldn't be happier! I wish I'd have done it earlier! Years earlier! They are completely settled and dropped and look amazing! I finally look good in my clothes. No more self conscience-ness! I still wish I'd have gone a little bigger. I'm really borderline between a C and D. Closer toward a C though. They actually feel fairly real. Maybe a little harder and less jiggly than real ones. But darn good nonetheless. This site is so helpful though. All the kind words really help a girl through this! Thanks everybody for all the support and following my journey! Shout out to my Boobie Buddy! Woot Woot!!


Thanks for posting a year out!!!! They look just perfect!!!!! I wish you had a couple of breast shots at 3-5-7-9 months progression!!!!!! Anyway, congrats!
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Im think of going with Saline too. Any rippling?? Your outcome is pretty awesome!!
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No rippling! They feel awesome!! Any questions you have (or anyone has) I'd be happy to answer:-)


I just figured I would show you all my armpit incisions. They are basically not even noticeable anymore!! I never used any kind of scar cream or anything. The cuts were made in the natural creases in my pits so you really cant see em anyway!! :-)


One more question (sorry) tell me how do they feel? Do they jiggle, move around, bounce? Its just that I've read where other people with Saline say that they feel so hard and unatural. Like not part of them. Is this true with you? Thanks
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They feel fairly real. The move and jiggle, but not quite as much as real ones. But for me it feels pretty close. They totally feel like a part of me!
I have a question for you... I see where you got 350 on one side and 400 on the other. Were you asymmetrical? I'm just trying to figure out how much of a difference does 50cc make since I'm so worried about the size. Thanks
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