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This was not something I had put much, if any,...

This was not something I had put much, if any, thought into until this past January. I was born with good genes and have always been comfortable and confident person with my own body. I have a logical view that there are all different body types out there. I can appreciate that we as woman, come in a verity of shapes and sizes. Just as I admire women with qualities that may differ from my own I also realize others may admire mine. I have been grateful and pleased with being a thin petite woman with curvy hips, a nice butt, small waist and not much on the top. So, I actually surprised myself when I came to the conclusion that I really wanted to have my boobs enlarged.

In late January, I was googling plastic surgeons in the Madison area because I have a friend that had some laser treatments on her face to even out her skin tone from hyper-pigmentation. I was interested in doing the same, I loved how beautiful her skin looked. I had text her for the name of the doctor she recommended and as I waited for her to respond I decided to try to figure who she went to by myself. That is when I came a crossed breast augmentation before and after photos. I only know of two women where I live to have their boobs done. Both of them have big hard fake looking boobs. So, I was surprised to see some pictures of women with just a bit bigger fuller but natural looking breasts! The more research I did the more convinced I became, this is now something a really want.

After too many hours of research and a touch of obsession. I booked an appointment with my very well reviewed doctor of choice. I went in believing he was the right surgeon for me and the look I was going for, plus I loved that he only does the arm pit incision! Meeting him didn't disappoint, I felt comfortable and instantly liked him. I was able to take the time to look through a plethora of binders filled with his work. He really has a gift. After going home talking with my husband and just waiting a few weeks (I have been known to be impulsive) I scheduled my pre-op and surgery dates.

For my pre-op appointment March 18, 2014 they had me fill out a ton of paper work and I paid for the surgery. I went to the room and was asked to put on a robe. First the doctor measured me and then took a few before pictures. We sat down and he showed me photos of women that had similar amount of breast tissue, height and weight as me and what sizes they choose for implants. My dream boob wishes were to be just a size bigger and fuller then mine were pre-breast feeding four babies. I liked the results of 250cc. Simply going from an A cup to a B cup. I know many women spend a ton of time researching size, shapes, and profiles of the different implants out there. I decided not to focus time on that knowing that my doctor is much much more educated then I could ever try to be. All of the before and after pictures of his work showed me beautiful natural looking breasts, even of the women that choose a lot lager sizes then I wanted.

Two weeks before the surgery I was to start taking a daily multivitamin containing zinc, iron and vitamin C to help enhance wound healing. Then I was to stop taking any medications containing aspirin or ibuprofen and no herbal remedies. They recommend to fill prescriptions for Vicodin and the antibiotic. Have Tylenol and ice packs available for bruising and swelling. I had to take one antibiotic the evening before surgery. The morning of I was supposed to wear casual loose clothing, button down or zipper front shirt preferred and no bra. No makeup, contact lenses, nail polish, deodorant or jewelry.

The day of the surgery I got there, they had me take off all my clothes except my underwear and soaks and put put on a gown. The sweetest nurse came in first to start my IV. Then the nurse anesthetist came in to ask me questions and answer any of mine. She says she prefers to mix up a cocktail of medicine so I would not have nausea. What ever she did it worked, I felt just fine. Dr. Bartell came in and drew on me. They were all extremely kind and thoughtful. I woke up in the recovery room with my husband an the lovely nurse we all chatted for a little while then she helped me get dressed. How much fun it was to see boobs, not a bra, fill out my shirt!

The day of the surgery they have you pretty doped up and encourage you to start taking more pain pills right away. I was sore but it wasn't horrible. I kept up with my meds an iced off and on throughout the day. I woke up at 3:30 am knowing it was time for more pain pills and ice. So today, my first day post op, it is a lot more painful. My chest feels tight and sore. I don't have any bruising but I feel swollen and have a weird sensitivity on my breasts. I feel as though I my have over done it yesterday moving around, since the pain wasn't bad. I have been trying my very best to sit and do nothing today. The incisions under my arms don't hurt and I was able to take the gauze off today. There is still a piece of tape over the incisions so I don't get to check it out yet. My post op directions are to sleep in a semi-sitting position or a recliner, sponge bath only, don't wear an underwire bra, keep the chest strap on for three weeks and keep my arms down at my sides for three weeks. I go back in on Monday the 14th to get my stitches removed then I can do a full shower. I will check back in if there is anything more to add.


Yikes bruising! It looks worse then it feels.
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I really like the 250cc's on you. Very natural with some added fullness. Just what you were seeking. Congratulations and be sure to update us as you're healing!
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Beautifully natural look so far! Congrats
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