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Botox Brow Lift - Madison, WI

I turned 50 this year and have felt like my brows...

I turned 50 this year and have felt like my brows have really fallen which has made my upper eye lids sit very low, right on my eye lashes. This is true especially of my right brow and eye lid and I would draw the brow higher with pencil to make it look like it was at the same level as my left. I have thought about having an actual brow lift but I hate the thought of surgery so decided to try botox.

I went to a nurse (who works under a PS) who has been doing botox injections for 10 years. I was very worried about eye lid droop so made sure to ask her if she had ever had that happen to a patient and she said no and that you have to know where you're injecting or that can happen.

She was very conservative, only put in 20units, a little more on the right side. She said she didn't know how strong my muscles were and said we could review and add more at two weeks. I have been very pleased overall. Its subtle but I look more awake and my eyes look rounder.

At two weeks she put 2.5 units into one spot on that right eye brow to get it to lift a little more and I feel they are quite even now. As a first time botox user I felt some heaviness in my brows the first day and then again around 2 weeks for a day or two. I also got a weird twitch under my left brow for a couple days but it went away. She said sometimes with the first injections that will happen but probably not again. I am posting pictures. My husband can't really tell the difference much in the photos but he says in person there is quite a difference. I felt it took quite awhile to see results, maybe because of my age...

Just thought I should mention I have had Juvederm...

Just thought I should mention I have had Juvederm put under my eyes in the tear tough area. It has been 15 months since it was done and they are still pretty well filled out.

The little "1's" I had are totally gone now as...

The little "1's" I had are totally gone now as those were injected along with the brows. My son was always asking me why I was glaring at him and I wasn't at all, those "1's" tend to make you look harsh or angry or something.
Overall it hasn't been a huge difference but enough I would be happy if it would stay this way. The important thing also about having a little less injected (according to the nurse) is that you still have muscle control, there is no freezing. I can't really make the 1's anymore but I have total up down muscle control of my forehead and eyebrows.
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Botox + Tanning = Perfect
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I had botox injected in my forehead and now the area between my brows and eyelids has severely dropped. Is this fixable? Or do I have to wait for the botox to wear off.

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i had a brow lift 2 days ago and cant see any difference at all yet .... in fact i think it looks worse .... is this normal ? been told it can take 2 weeks to work but surly it should improve gradually so how come i cant see anything ....i,m getting very worried about having drooping eyelids ... any advice would be welcome

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You are still very early after your injections, so there will probably still be change coming in the next several days. Here is a Q&A that talks about how long it takes for Botox to take effect:

How Long Before Botox Results Can Be Seen?

At this point, worrying about the results won't change things, so try to relax while things are fully setting in. If you don't like the results after it has fully set I would encourage you to go back to your injector (or the office of a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist depending on where you went originally). Sometimes a touch up is needed to get the optimal results, so it would be worth getting checked out if you weren't happy with the results.

I'd love it if you would start a review so we can follow up with you and hear how things go with your Botox.

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Do you know specifically what areas and hot many units of Botox they used to achieve the chemical brow lift? I did it and loved it but moved and need to find a new injector! Help!
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I thought I replied to this already....but I must have submitted it wrong.
I think they used 20 units. I can't tell you exactly the areas because they need to watch your muscles work before doing it. I can tell you it was 3 around each brow though, one inside corner, one middle and one outside corner to pull the whole brown line up.
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i had botox today for the second time on my forehead...first time i had an eyebrow lift and everything looked good but a few fine lines remained oever the left brow..today same doctor doing the same thing.i left felt a bit of a headach and some pain above my nose looked in the mirroe and have brusing but what is bothering me alot is there is a hard lump there any really noticable.i am worried and tonight I think my left eyelid is dropped.Should i seel medical attention that i don;t really want to do...Cannot contact that doctor on the weekend.............advise please!!!
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forgive my spelling mistakes because of how i was feeling with my eyes and headache.today i woke up with water constantly pouring out of my eyes...looked into the mirror and see my lines as deep as they can appear at times and right eye looks smaller.hours later the water stopped coming out of my eyes...........i still have the lump between my brows and the bruseing doesn't bother me but the lump does...someone told me to wait a couple of days but the last time I had this there were no problems...I was still squitting i think when he injected the serum and i think it settled there.....i can't see the eyebrow lift and i know before when I had this done i noticed everything the first night.............what am I suppose to do.i put ice on the lump and over my eyes as i feel pressure also
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can i ask who you went to in Madison? Thats where I live and I need my lips done and I want to go to someone who knows what they are doing. could u email me? no.1madisongirl@gmail.com
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OMG. I just read your article again and see the Dr. you went to. What I meant to ask is what PA you saw. Sorry.
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Sure, I will let you know. I'm pretty sure the fillers are lasting longer now because I've had them done consistently every year. I read they leave a little structure and if you do it again before its totally gone you will get longer lasting results. Juvederm is one of the longer lasting ones to begin with which is why I like it,
Good luck if you do it :)
I am far less leery of fillers then botox as they can be "undone" if needed.
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You are absolutely right about the fact that fillers can be undone & Botox can't, yet I'm still freaked out by it for some odd reason. No problem getting Botox though - just one of those weird little things I guess! :)

I bet I'll try in within the next 6 months...getting up my nerves!

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It sounds like your injector gave you the ideal amount of treatment if it softened the lines but you still have the movement you would want. That is awesome to hear!

18 months for Juvederm would be AMAZING!! 16 months is still pretty dang good though. Honestly for me, I would be thrilled if mine lasted a year. I guess I will have to actually do it to find out though. ;)

Please keep us posted, as I mentioned before I'm really curious if your botox lasts a bit longer for you since your fillers seem to.

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Yes, we'll see though she said I should have it done again at 4 months and then after that will probably be able to go 6 months.
I've had juvederm done in my lips for lip lines and a little more fullness once a year for about the last 4 years. Now its been a year but I can definitely go another few months and she agreed as we can both still feel it there. Maybe its true then as you use it longer you produce more of your own collagen in those areas and the effect lasts longer. Would love to see it last 18 months! but this time I will at least make it until 16 months. I see a small lip line starting to show again but thats about it.
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I'm glad to hear you are pleased with the results. I know the tightness you are talking about. I didn't really notice it until my first round of Botox wore off & the area felt more free. Then when I had my second round I felt the tightness again. I kind of like the way it feels though, which is weird, but ya know. ;)

Its good you did your research and found a good injector. It looks like that really paid off for you!

Since your filler has lasted so long I'm really curious to hear how long your Botox lasts!!

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