Vertical C-section - aka FRONT BUTT - 17 yrs later - gone 9/13/2011 - Madison, WI

I gave birth to my first child 20 yrs ago - all...

I gave birth to my first child 20 yrs ago - all natural child birth. I had my second child almost 3 yrs later - emergency vertical c-section. I have had an ugly scar (from my belly button down)for almost 17 yrs now. It is beyond gross and I have been embarrassed by it all these years. Extra skin and fat make it look like a butt - thus "front butt".

I am 45 yrs old, 5'5" and have weighed 175 lbs for many, many years now. This February (2011) I finally started eating better and I lost 30 lbs. I am 145 lbs right now and am scheduled for my TT on Sept 13th. I am scared to death and not looking forward to the pain - fear of the unknown. I have a hospital bed rented and will be off of work for almost 3 weeks. Will post more after my surgery. Wish me luck - keep me in mind in your prayers. Thanks!

ADVICE NEEDED: Just looking for helpful tips that...

ADVICE NEEDED: Just looking for helpful tips that can get me through pre and post surgery.
A HUGE thank you to Kimmers25 for all her help and upbeat/positive enthusiasm. I almost cancelled - she talked me out of it. Like I said earlier - I'm scared. I know that it will be all worth it! Thanks!!!
Hi Finallyat45! I am 3 days post op today. I totally understand all the worrying. It is a really big deal! I was so scared too and so thankful when I got home to have made it through ok. I worry about everything so now I am worried about blood clots, infections, etc.. I wish I could just relax! anyways, the pain really hasn't been too bad. Are you having any liposuction with the tummy tuck? Most of my pain is from the bruising from the lipo. And if you have had a natural childbirth and c section it seems you have a high pain tolerance level, so you should be fine. Good luck with everything!!
Hi! I am also a worrier - turned into my mom afterall-LOL. I am now even worried why I am "not" getting lipo also. My doctor never even mentioned it as an option - I see that many TT's also have lipo.
I really wanted to be more like 140 lbs before surgery, but it just didn't come off. Oh well, my doc says that I am ready.
Wishing you a very speedy recovery with NO set backs!! Thanks for your response - it's comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey! Blessings.

TWO questions for you..... 1.) how is it going...

TWO questions for you.....
1.) how is it going back to work after 3 weeks - desk job - full time?
2.) how realistic is it to travel to Disney World exactly 8 weeks after surgery??
Details please. Thanks again!
OMG - less then 24 hours. Sitting in bed right now and just can't believe it!! So nervous that I'm not hungry - going to make myself eat something!! Thanks for all of your support. Will definately tell my story - thank you REAL SELF!

I have been thinking about you and anxious to have an update:)  I hope you are resting comfortably.


Good luck girl! I know you are excited and have every right to be that way. Take your time and get get the needed rest. In my thoughts and prayers!

Here I am - four days post op. Finally feeling...

Here I am - four days post op. Finally feeling well enough to write my story. I want all people interested in TT surgery to know what is involved.

Arrived two hours early. Brought back to a room where I was greeted by my first nurse. Vitals were taken regularly to make sure blood pressure and pulse were stable. She put in my IV and got the juices flowing. Anesthesiologist came to meet me and ask questions - made me put my head back and open my mouth wide - stick tongue out. Then my wonderful doctor came in and made his markings on my belly. Relaxer was added to my IV and off I went to surgery. The scary part was when I knew that as soon as I went to sleep - is the same time I would be waking up. I woke up in recovery feeling really sleepy but comfortable. I slept for a little while and then was taken back to my out pt room. My family got to see me and I went in and out of falling asleep. After about three hours, I made myself stay up and get prepared to go home. The nurse gave us all of my post op info and off we went. The ride home was fine. I just set my car seat back and I rested comfortably.

I rented a hospital bed - GREAT IDEA - it helped me move up/down. My husband made a med chart and we made sure that all meds were taken on time. I decided to take my pain pill every 3 hours because I was scared. I was up most of the night because I just couldnt sleep. My doctor also told me that he gave me a lot of numbing meds so that would be wearing off after 12 yrs. I got up about 3 times to go pee that night - pain not bad, just tight.

Oh my... those pain pills made me really nauseated. I hate to feel like I am going to throw up more than anything!! I decided after half the day went by, to stop the pain pills. I was so sick to my stomach that I couldnt eat anything. I made myself choke down a cracker or jello just so my stomach would stop feeling like a volcano ready to explode!! I was nauseated for a full 24 hrs and I had a stuffed head - really not a good first day. Have I mentioned pain?? I really wasnt in too much pain. Just had to learn how to move my body when I needed to get in/out of bed to go to the bathroom, etc. Tummy is numb and very tight.

Very gross but I could never be a nurse. My husband drained them when needed - easy, but gross!

Still trying to get my strength back so I can start eating. Still feel so weak and sick to my stomach. My husband got me rice and chicken from a local restaurant. I could only eat about 10 bites. I know that I needed to eat but nothing and I mean nothing sounded good. I stayed in bed most of the day. When I did go to the bathroom, I would take a walk around the kitchen and living room - bought a walker at Goodwill for $1.99 - really helps. I know that I must MOVE around. I started taking stool softeners yesterday and with not taking my pain pills, I did have a BM on this day. Yay!! I did get some sleep this night. maybe 3 or 4 hours at a time.

DAY 3...
Finally feeling better. I have a little appetite finally. I really made myself eat more and more often. My head doesnt hurt anymore and I am getting up more often. Still havent looked at my stomach, but tomorrow is shower day! Scared! My back is really hurting from being on my back. Love to sleep on my side!

DAY 4....
Wow - I slept most of the night. Felt great! Took a shower and that was wonderful. My husband actually gave me a shower - I just stood there. Afterwards I just sat down and air dryed for about 20 min's. We put a new pad and binder on - feel like a new woman. Back to eating like normal and moving around more. Feel a little tugging now and then, but I trust that my wonderful doctor sewed my up really good. Plus my nurse told me that they used super hospital glue also, so not to worry too much. Body getting more achy now - feeling the tightness more.

Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just get throught the first 2-3 days and you will feel pretty good. I am going to take it very easy but still move around periodically to get my body healthy. Am I glad I did it? H E L L yes!! Pictures coming soon!!!
I am soooo happy for you!! I'm 45 too and am thrilled to hear how well you're recovering. Appreciate such a detailed update too - thank you!

Yahoo!!   Thank you so much for the update:)   I have been thinking about you all week.   It sounds like you are doing wonderful and I am so happy.  See I knew you could do this.  Proud of you:)  But of course with Dr. King everything always goes so smooth.

Pictures YES Please!!   Can't wait to see your beautiful new tummy by "King".   

We will have to get together and have a little "Body By King" Reunion:)


BIG TYPO - info from the FIRST NIGHT... says that...

BIG TYPO - info from the FIRST NIGHT... says that numbing med would be wearing off after 12 yrs = should be 12 HOURS!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others
Wow! Ur tummy looks amazing! You must b so happy!
Continue to heal smoothly.

Love the new beautiful tummy!!!  You look wonderful.

Woo hoo you sound like your on the mend that is awesome! Take it easy and let yourself heal!

DAY 6 - slept really well last night! Done taking...

DAY 6 - slept really well last night! Done taking all of my pills - feel really really good!! Just still hard trying to get up from a chair and especially bed. Had my first post op today. One drain tube removed - YAY!! I was kinda scared - didnt hurt one bit!! See my wonderful doctor in four more days - get my belly button stitches out and hopefully my other drain tube! Going to take a short walk outside tomorrow - get some fresh air and a little exercise. AND... getting Applebees tonight ... haha ... appetite back!
Hell yea apple bees all the way! I am glad you are feeling better all those meds you must take with food !
I am glad you got one drain out what a relief!
love the pics you look great how are you feeling!

DAY 8... Feeling pretty good. I am trying to do...

DAY 8...
Feeling pretty good. I am trying to do more things around the house but find myself getting wiped out kinda fast. I do a lttle something and then go sit/lay down. Getting a little stir crazy of being inside. Took a nice walk around the yard - 10 min's. I took my first shower (by myself) today. Pinned my one drain tub to a nylon that I tied around my neck very loosely. I went pretty slow, but did find myself getting a little dizzy once in a while. I started rubbing Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion to my scar/belly today - doctors orders. Belly area still very much numb feeling. What a great time to get a TT - lots of great shows on the old boob tube! :- )


Mercy you look good.  OMG you have a teenage tummy now.  See I told ya you would be happy:)


ALMOST 3 WEEKS... Going back to work tomorrow. ...

Going back to work tomorrow. So glad that I took 3 weeks off of work. Although I felt pretty good on week 2, I still get tired really fast, even after the smallest tasks. I am sleeping really well now - both sides w/ pillow between my legs. Still wearing binder - real stick of it! Cant wait to wear my clothes without it!! Going to follow my doc's orders - two more weeks he said.
You look great!!! Dr. King is absolutely the best!
Someone told me how to stop a sneeze--- I have tried it and it worked for me.. If you have to sneeze say Who Is She --- Worth a Try : )
Middleton Plastic Surgeon

Dr King is one of the nicest doctors that I have even met. After my first meeting with him, I could tell that he was very caring and took all my concerns very seriously. I didnt feel rushed and he answered all of my questions - very professional - a true gentleman! He is an excellent surgeon. My surgery scar is actually beautiful - see below. Thank you Dr. King for making me look and feel sexy again! My husband thanks you too! ;- )

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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