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Tummy Tuck Tomorrow Really Nervous -Madison Heights, MI

In 2011 I had gastric bypass I was 322 lbs I lost...

In 2011 I had gastric bypass I was 322 lbs I lost 140lbs became pregnant and my weight has finally been stable at 162 lbs I have lots of yucky skin left my clothes dont fit right. I am excited but nervous I have been reading on here the different experiences and it has helped the nervousness. The thing I am really scared about is pain and being away from my kiddo overnight

Day 2 post op

Everything went great my blood pressure has been really low so I maybe staying one more day. Not gonna lie it is painfull but my dr did excellent there is lots of swelling and they took 14 lbs of stuff!

Pain meds

For anyone who is having a Tt the pain meds cause constipation don't forget stool softner

day 4 post op

First night home was great my hubby took care of me swelling is stillbad but I know its gonna take time. I have been drinking lots of water and trying to stay away from carbonated drinks and salty stuff but I really dont have a appetite. My surgon is awesome he called to see how I was doing this morning I recommend him to anyone who is wants to go through the weight loss and tummy tuck procedures. I am gonna post pics please keep in mind I have lots of swelling I enjoy this site it is nice to have support from people who are going threw the same thing

more pics

Few more pics

took a shower

After a nap and bandage removal I took a short but awesome shower I feel a little human it is weird putting my sweats on withno flap lol

sore as hell and bruising

Well I no u are suppose to be sore but tonight I am bruised andl feel like my tummy muscles are against me lol . My vics wont even touch it tonight but this to shall pass


Heres bruising pic

trip to ER

Been dizzy have fever can barely move lots of fluid build up

day 2 in hospital

Struggling with my anemia bad. Cant keep my numbers up and have a bleeding internal hematoma . None of this has to do with my tt its related to my wls and anemia hopefully all will be well in the AM

finally home !

First I would like to say thank you for all the prayers and kind words!!! They have really helped. I was discharged yesterday afternoon I have to take it one day at a time lots of swelling on the upside I had my first bowel movement in 10 days it was awesome lol I will be posting pics later on thank you agai for all your ki d words and prayers

first BM

I had my first bm in 10 days it is no lie it is one of the best things after surgery. I know this is tmi but it was starting to hurt I used colace milk of mag and prune juice. Swelling is pretty bad tonight but all in good time

pain med question

I have a question for my post op friends what pain meds where you on and how long? The last couple morning s I have had to take a vic been real sore in the morning but during the day it is just tylenol. Is this normal to be really sore still I am 14 days post op


Swelled bad and not happy


I am feeling bummed I am so swelled and I dont like how things are looking. I just wanna cry today. Is this normal I am 18 days post op

definitely gonna need revision

My tt isnt healing right I have hematomas and a hernia I am so upset

day 4 in the hospital

I developed a abcess that became infected I am on iv antibioticsIit has been extremely painful. I do not wanna scare anyone who wants a tt but make sure yiu do your research on your surgeon also make sure your surgeon does all the proper testing and blood work before hand. This is where I made my mistake


The last three weeks have been a struggle. I was in thd hospital from august 30 until September 12 I am home on home health cRe with pic line antibiotics and a vaccum drain on my left side.While hospitalized I met a great team of plastic surgeons who are gonna do my revision I will post pics later aon today.
kerry kole

Very nice and supportive

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Hi how are you doing? Thank god pharmsales located you. I have wondered over and over again how you've been? Please let us know how you are. Prayers with you.
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Hi hun I was thinking about you? I had to go to my old emails and find you! everything going ok? please update xo
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I'm glad you are feeling better and sorry that you had to go through this. Very happy you found new doctors to help you
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Oh no. Hope you begin to feel better soon. Glad your hope and will have the opportunity for a revision. What does your PS have to say about all of this? Any support?
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Still praying for you and wishing you a quick recovery!
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I will keep you in my prayers and hope you will be fine soon. I also pray this is the last time you get sick so you can move forward. Hugs
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I am praying for you Hun. Soon this will be a distant memory and you will begin healing like the rest of us. Wishing you a speedy recovery xo
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Oh! I'm so sorry to hear this ...keepin you in my prayers
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Praying for you! Keep your head up and stay positive! This is just a bump in the road and you are going to have the body you've always wanted!
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Hey there ! Did the doctor say you need revision? Also did you have a hernia prior to the surgery? 3 years ago a doctor told me I had a hernia, he sent me to a surgeon who said I didnt. So i left it alone, moving to hawaii puts pressure on you to look good so i met a PS, told him the run down about a. Possible hernia...... He tells me that he cant fix it if there is one because hes only a PS. When most PS are general surgeons. Either way, i found a ps that said if there is a hernia he could fix it. Keep us posted!!! You are in my prayers!
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I am week 3.5. I was given a prescription for vics and percs, then given another for percs. I had breast done 3 weeks prior and still had some of each left from that and my dad gave me a bottle of Roxy's. I took almost all of them. I had a lot of paint for the first 2 weeks. I had a lot removed so maybe that has to do with the paint level. I am barely starting to function normal, after the 2nd drain was removed. My husband bought me one of the shower chairs and it has been amazing to use while I shower. I drink a really good tea that kept me from having bathroom issues. I hope you are feeling better soon
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Hey there. Well, Im no doctor, but it would seem to me that its pretty normal. Not only did you have major surgery, u then had a little setback with the internal bleeding issue, low blood pressure, etc. 14 days is really a drop in the bucket after all that your body has been thru! I havent had my sx yet, but in doing research, I saw that it sometimes take 6 months to get back to feeling "normal" and like "you". So hang in there girl! If HE couldn't take you THROUGH then HE would not have LED you to! He's a mighty and powerful God, and you are going to be ok! Now is the time for you to just lay back, relax, enjoy the rest and watch your magnificent healing take place before your eyes!!! Be Blessed!
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Sending you healing prayers.
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Oh no, I'm sorry. Did the surgeon say you have to have a revision or do you think that based on your results as of today? I'm sure it will get better when the hematomas are gone. Head up :-)
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Absolutely normal! 1) your hormones are out of whack with the surgery,2) you're swollen and that can be depressing. (We all wanted mediate results!). 3) you're still healing. It will pass. Hang in there. You look great and are on the right path!
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Thank you :) I am having a rough day. Woke up extremely sore and feel like a train ran me over
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You look great. Hang in there!!!
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Rest and time and you will get there...
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You look really good, give it some time!!
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Thank you :D
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You look amazing
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You look great.... what a difference! Patience :)
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I was on valim, and a muscle relaxer. I didnt really take it after the first week. Are moving around much, and drinking tons if water?
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I drink lots of water and I do walk my body is just out of wack big time today I am really unhappy with how I look really swelled and blah
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Oh girl imma swollen still at almost 6 weeks. Is your bruising going away?
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