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I am a small person 5'-1" and had...

I am a small person 5'-1" and had extremely large breasts. I was completely top heavy at a size 40 DDD. My neck, back, shoulders, and head hurt all the time. I felt old and just plain ugly. I had wanted this procedure done for years and finally just had to go for it. Best decision I have ever made...well that and the Tummy Tuck. I am now a perfect size 34 full B and love it.

If you are considering this procedure don't drag your feet for 19 years like I did. Just do your research and go for it.

I wish I had done this years ago. I am so completely happy with my results. Would do it all over again if necessary.

I have had so many people ask for pictures so I have decided to post these. 


Updated July 24, 2011

Hello all of my beautiful ladies!

As you all know RealSelf and helping people is a passion of mine.  I want to spread the word to as many as possible about our wonderful breast reduction community.  This is an amazing support group and I know we will continue to support and educate many others.  So in order to do that I am asking for your help.

If you have found value on RealSelf and want to make it easier for others to find this information here are some ways you can help spread the word:

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I thank you all and really appreciate your help:)


Hi Ladies,

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Updated December 6, 2011

Bikinis, fun and sun in the Dominican Republic! 

The hubby and I are heading out on a 12 day adventure vacation tomorrow morning.  I freaked him out at told him it was an “All Nude” resort!!!   Just kidding, no place to hide the tummy tuck scar there….LOL

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be 47 and wearing a bikini in public again.   Thank goodness for tummy tucks, breast lifts and lipo.  So is it wrong for 40 something’s to wear a bikini??

While I am gone there are some wonderful ladies who will take great care of you.   I will be back on December 19th.    So don’t panic when you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks. 

Happy Holidays to everyone:)


Still loving my new boobs...but they are growing!

It's been a while since I last updated but until now I have not had much to add.

A few weeks ago my doctor took me off my Premarin, I have been on it for the past 16 years and done really well. Since I am quickly turning 50 she thought I should get off the meds for safety and health reasons.

The first two weeks were hell. Hot flashes, mood swings, loss of sleep and just plain grumpy..Ugh! My body is adjusting but now my boobs are growing, what the heck.

I was a nice perky "B" cup and now I am up to a full "C" cup. I had to break down and buy new bras this week. Good God what next, a D cup. Oh lordy I better not go back up to that again. If I have to do another reduction I certainly will. I am not afraid of the surgery and would do this all over again for the perky B cups.

Stay tuned and I will let you know how much more they grow. I feel like I have the curse of the big boobies LOL, As long as they stay off my waist I am sure I will be fine. With my luck I will end up like my great auntie. Hers seriously sat in her lap well into her 80's.

Middleton Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome! He is kind and compassionate and absolutely the best surgeon ever. His surgical skill is the best of the best and he takes pride in his work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi there! I'm getting a breast reduction on Monday! I came accross your checklist but now I can't find the link. Can you please post the link again? Also thanks for sharing your experience!
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Kimmers, do you know how many grams they removed per breast?
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Sure do! He removed 390 off one and 375 off the other. Big difference. But remember much of that number had to do with the density of your breasts.
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Kimmers, about 5 years ago I had liposuction to reduce my breasts as at the time I didn't think I wanted surgery, I am about a 36 D to DD depending, as you know I had a tummy tuck last year that you helped me thru along with some liposuction(but not on breasts).  When I had my first liposuction on my breast they were down to a small D which I could handle but they have gotten larger again like I said and excess on the sides as well.  I don't want to be a plastic surgery freak but I really would like to get rid of this upper bulk once and for all and would love to have the slimmer look I now have on my belly and not have my boobs stick out so much etc.  Since I have had lipo several times and the tummy tuck tell me about what a breast reduction/lift would be like compared to tummy tuck as far as recovery, I know everyone is different but wanted your input, you can answer here or send me private message, thanks always for all your support, Kathy
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Hey kathy girl:)

The breast reduction recovery was nothing compared to the tummy tuck!   I was back in the gym 4 weeks to the day with my breast reduction.  I had more tightness, discomfort and bruising with the BR than anything.  

I personally think you would be really happy with a BR.  It really shapes and removes the bulk.  Especially if you are a D or DD and want to be a B or C. There is no way that the lipo alone would have done the job on my DDD's in the beginning.  I really needed to have the full BR and lift.  

Hope this helps:)

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Agreed-good advice! I had both done at the same time, as well as lipo on my "flanks" (read: and the tummy tuck recovery is WAY more difficult than the BR/BL...I am having a hard time with the tt recovery, but the breast recovery is fine-I have the itchiness but never had more than the tiniest of scabs. I am not happy with the current size, but after chatting with Kimmers25 a bit, I learned that I must wait a while longer before getting to what is my stable size (be patient,
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Kimmers: Just to clarify - did you say that your breasts got larger after the surgery? I pray mine will stay the same, but I am past menopause so hopefully they won't change. It's one of the reasons that I keep my weight steady - Hormones & Weight can affect breast size. Hope you are ok.
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Yes, they have maintained for the past four years and now that I am off my estrogen they started growing again!   I maintained a B cup for a long time and now they are a full C.  My weight stays within the same 5 pounds so that is not an issue.  I think its called turning 50 and menopause..LOL

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Kim - you could have f/u lipo. You should get it for FREE for all the wonderful help & support you've given us. As to Kathy's message - I had almost no paid with BR...was 36DD. Long story, but now I'm 36B and happy. BUT with the BR, I was fine - just followed everything the PS said to do.
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LOL..I may have to look into the lipo!  That may be a good option for me.  

I am going to hold off for a few weeks and see what they girls do..LOL

I have been off the Premarin now for 6 weeks and want to see what happens with more time.  I am hoping my body adjusts and slows down..Ugh!

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Hi, Kimmers!! Congrats on losing the weight along with the BR!! I'm also 5'1". I wear a 38DDD. and the cup is still not big enough. Lol. You are looking great! Hopefully, the breast growing back will only be a cup size and nothing more! I would hate to go through the recovery process again. Lol
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I could live with the cup size but no more than that!!!  Ugh

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Oh thank you for telling youre story.. I was so afraid to lose 75 lbs after my BR. You just gave me hope that I wont look bad! ;))
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Dropping the weight after my surgery was the best thing ever.  Even after the weight loss they were still a nice perky B cup.

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I am really sorry for you to hear they are growing back. They look so beautiful and small on the pictures from november 2010.
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Thank goodness for a great surgeon:)

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I was the same, they grew and grew all through my forties. I have just had them reduced as you know. Menopause can make them grow again. I have told my surgeon to remember the patterns he used, because I might have to do them again. He thinks that they won't grow more than a cup or two, as I am now mostly through it. If they do I Will do it again. You might have to too. Start saving!
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It's really kinda crazy to me!   Gotta love the menopause right.   I will be saving because I know the insurance won't pay this time around.  I had a nightmare that I woke up and they were a DDD again.  Good lord..LOL

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Congrats and no definitely fantastic that you can wear a bikini - enjoy!
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Hi Kimmers25, I had a breast reducation and breast lift and I do not like my results. For one, I got a bad infection in both breast and now my nipples are inverted. I want to do reconstructed surgery after my tt but am afraid. I will upload the photos of my breast. Your surgery was a great success. Good luck
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I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with the BR:(  Are you all healed up now as far as the infection goes??

I would definitely go in for some consults on the nipple correction.  You will have to take a look over in our Nipple Surgery Community.   We have some great information and Q&A's from the doctors.  I think it would make you feel better reading up on what they are able to do for correction.  

I totally understand you being afraid but this is something that can be fixed.  Hang in there and please keep me up to date on what you decide.


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Thank you Kimmers25. Yes, the infection has cleared and thank you. I will go to that community.
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Sounds wonderful:)

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