6 month update with new pics yay boobies!! :) - Madison, WI

10/21(2.5 months til surgery!) im 23 i have 2...

10/21(2.5 months til surgery!) im 23 i have 2 children (ages 2yrs and 4months) and a loving husband of 4yrs :) im a small frame but im 5'7 and about 125lbs.. i was a small B before kids now im a deflated A lol.. i have always wanted them but i really want them now bc i dnt look like a woman at all.. i want to feel sexy again :)

My surgery is scheduled for Jan 5, 2012! i have saved money for a few years to pay for this! Now im just trying to decide on a size.. im thinking somewhere between a full c and small d :) i will keep my experience updated!Updated on 20 Dec 2011:Had my pre op appt today! only a little over 2 weeks til my surgery! he said to get the size i want (full c small d) would take about 425-450cc.. that seems big..?? idk im worried about going too big but i def dnt wanna go too small.. i trust him completely but im nervous..

added some before pics

Only 1 more week!! im soo excited!

only 1 more week!! im soo excited!

Today is the big day! yay only 2 hrs away :)

today is the big day! yay only 2 hrs away :)

I am feeling pretty great im about 11 hrs out and...

i am feeling pretty great im about 11 hrs out and my pain is prolly a 3.. he ended up putting in 475cc saline unders with an armpit incision.. i gave him pics of women i liked that looked a lot like my before pics and how they ended up and their sizes ranged from 425-480cc but they all looked the same size.. i know every woman needs a diff size implant to get the same outcome.. i got a good peak rt when i woke up and i think i will end up being a full 34C/small 32 D ..

Right now i am really swollen and they look kinda funny.. i will post some pictures in a few days..

as far as Dr Bartell.. he is seriously the most caring doc.. he is a great listener and really down to earth.. he even just called me himself to check on how i was doing/feeling. his staff is also equally as wonderful and caring.. i am a horribly nervous person and they made me feel so at ease which i usually very difficult to do :) I would highly recommend him :)

Day 2..sucks.. omg i was soo sick this morning.....

day 2..sucks.. omg i was soo sick this morning.. threw up a few times.. in horrible pain all day.. i cant wait til i can get myself outta bed or off the couch.. but i just keep telling myself it was all worth it :)

Adding pics im feeling a lot better but im...

adding pics

im feeling a lot better but im pretty sore still.. especially when i wake up in the morning..i really like the way they are turning out and love the size.. my stomach is pretty swollen but he said that was normal and my left as dropped more than my right side

i also had my post op appt today and got my stiches out and i will have to return in 2 weeks.. i have to wear a strap above my breasts and will have to continue to wear it for 2 more weeks..

So far extremely HAPPY :)

10 days post op. i have been feeling pretty good...

10 days post op. i have been feeling pretty good.. im only sore for a little bit when i wake up but then im fine.. im not allowed to put my arms up but im pretty sure i could without pain.. i also still have to wear the strap for another week.. cant wait to get it off

i do have a big rash under my each armpit (my incisions are there).. it started 2 days ago and i thought the itching was the incisions healing and i couldnt help but itch and it spread to a rash..apparently i was allergic to the tape.. so i called the doc and he said to put hydrocortizone cream on it.. i was seriously going crazy this morning with how bad it itched!!

my next appt is tues the 24th.. i will try to update after that and take some new pics :)

Added pics i will be 3 weeks po tomorrow.. i am...

added pics

i will be 3 weeks po tomorrow.. i am feeling very great..back to all my normal activities.. i still have a little rash under my armpits but it doesnt bother me anymore. they are getting softer but still have a ways to go.. but i have soo happy with them :) worth every penny!

Its been 7.5weeks since my surgery and they are...

its been 7.5weeks since my surgery and they are perfect! they have fully dropped and are really soft. im wearing a 34d or 32dd at victorias secret (they do not look that big in clothes tho) i think they are a perfect size for me. im posting some new pics in my new bra. it is a light push up VERY minimal padding :) i will try to get some full lenth shots soon so you can see proportions.. i stopped having "morning boob" around 4 weeks and could sleep on my back flat and side around the same time.. around 5 weeks i could sleep on my stomach again. i am having sooo much fun shopping for bras and clothes :) but most of my clothes from before still fit me i just actually fill them out now :) lol

Its been about 3 months and 1 week and they feel...

Its been about 3 months and 1 week and they feel great.. they are all the way healed and i LOVE them! i had my last post op appt last week, and then i went shopping for a new bikini :) i cant wait to actually wear it and get a tan :) Everything with my boobs are great but i do have to have abdominal surgery in about a month :( i have severe diastasis recti and a few ventral hernias.. so i will be having surgery to fix the hernias.. i already have a couple of little scars on my hips from an appendectomy and i have some stretch marks .. now i get to add approx 5 more little scars on the upper part of my abdomen but atlest this will fix the pain im having and i will be able to get my ab muscles back :)

I posted a some pics in my new bikini :) sorry they are not the best its hard to take pics of yourself lol

Wow its been 6 months since i got my boobies :) i...

Wow its been 6 months since i got my boobies :) i absolutely love them! They are very soft and natural feeling and natural looking (despite me going from a less than A cup to a full D cup :) I could not be happier! best money ever spent :)
Madison Plastic Surgeon

HE is beyond AMAZING!! .. i have absolutly NOTHING even somewhat negative to say about him and his staff.. truley they are soo kind and caring and great listeners :) They all put me at ease .. i dnt think i could ask for a better doc or staff :D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I have to tell you in your first paragraphed you summed up exactly how I feel!!! I'm so thankful for you posting your story! You give me much more seriousness to getting implants :) Did you have your put in under the muscle?
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Yes I did put them under the muscle. It has been a year and a half now since I got them and I am sooo beyond happy that I did.
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I have a one year old and a three year old but will only have my husband home to help with them for two weeks after surgery. The Dr. I'm seeing tells me I can't lift them for 6 weeks. I really want the surgery but now I'm debating waiting until my youngest is 2, which is a whole year away. Did you have any issues lifting your kids after 2 weeks?
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i am a stay at home mom and i took care of my kids all by myself after 2 weeks.. it wasnt too difficult i just took it as easy as possible and made my hubby do all the cleaning :)
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Hiya E7~ WOW....you look great!!!! It's obvious you picked a wonderful PS, he did an outstanding job. I hope your abdominal surgery went well. Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Your results are amazing. I am 10 days post op and got 425 unders saline, breast crease incision. I cant wait. WOw what a boob job! it looks extremely natural, have you not told me...wouldnt have known. CONGRATS!
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Thank you for the information and ... thank you for sharing your experience with us, helping us to make good informed decisions and empowering us with knowledge. I think I'll try saving a bunch over summer and schedule a consult with Dr Bartell this fall. I will update you when I go start the process. I really appreciate your story...Blessings to you.
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it cost $5450 but a girl i am talking to who just had her pre op with him said hers is 5750.. i dont know if his price went up or if its bc its summer
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I LOVE your results, you look great! Dr Bartell was recommended by my mammo tech, she had her implants done by him. Can you share the approximate cost with us? I have no idea how much the procedur may be and dont want to consult with Dr. Bartell, find out the cost and be dissappointed. Thanks.
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I don't have a set date or anything yet I'm just debating whether or not I should have a BA! I have seen a lot of pictures and my mom had her surgery At least five years ago and she is so unhappy with her "new body" but Looking at yours and your story has renewed my faith in PS's haha Sorry if this is weird but you look AMAZING and how you look is EXACTLY what i would want to go for! I'm tempted to go to WI to get the surgery just to go to Dr. Bartell!!:) Thank you for sharing!
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You look great! Especially after two births
I was wondering how get along with small children after the surgery?
I have two twin boys five months old after the operation they will be 8 months months and I want to know when I can pick them up and feed them and play with them without being afraid that I hurt myself

after how long u take care of your kids On your own??
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i couldnt take care of them on my own til 2 weeks after surgery.. but then i was fine on my own all day
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looks great! I need something like that
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Yours look amazinng!!!! our stories sound the same. My surgery is on may 4th !! Yay for boobies :)
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I Absolutely love the size of your boobs? Do you have Silicone or Saline? How many cc's? I have my surgery on May 11th getting nervous:)
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Thanks i absolutely love them :) i have saline moderate profile 475cc
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Your results are exactly what I want, and I was thinking of going with moderate 475s as well. Do you know your BWD? And did you have 425s filled to 475? Thank you so much! (My surgery is July 10th!) :)
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your boobs r so perfect now. we hav about the same body size n shape. im just a bit shorter. i hop emy boobs come out just lik urs
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You look great. Im having my op begining of june and so excited. You made me even more. Im a cup A and doing a C and im a size 6/8. Hope i will look good a have a good experience.
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Did you lift your arms just half way up the first 2 weeks? Does he mean just not totally over your head?
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he told me my elbows had to stay at my sides
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Thank you for your story and updates! You look so great! I am so excited to have my consultation with Dr. Bartell! - just waiting to have the money first. It is so exciting to read the reviews of you and AEM who also used Dr. Bartell!! You both look fantastic. I am wondering ... is it 3 weeks to be able to raise your arms? What about lifting restrictions. Other recovery times seem so much shorter with other incision placements and types of procedures . I still want to go armpit though. Just wondering how I can get off work long enough!!! AND how long before life can resume to normal??
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he will say 2 weeks for restrictions.. no lifting your arms up at all an no lifting.. after that you can do whatever.. i was able to lift and take care of my kids after 2 weeks and my son was about 20lbs.. but i wouldnt do too much for the 1st month you get pretty sore quick..
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You look so great!!
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Good to know. I think its aweful.
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