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Made a Big Difference and Lasts

I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two...

I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two syringes in the nasolabial folds, more in the right side than left.  I am very happy with the results.  I noticed immediate improvement, with slightly more over the next three months.  I have not had any adverse reactions and the improved has been permanent so far - I've been told that "long lasting" is the phrase used now.  I beIieve the time frame they state is 3-5 years.  One thing I did do was go back for the second syringe even though the provider told me that "no one is perfect".  That's true, but I knew what I wanted and the first syringe wasn't enough to even out both sides of my face.  I was right.

I look in the mirror about 70% less than before I got the treatments, because I'm not worried about how my mouth looks.

I would recommend it to anyone, with the advice of using an experienced doctor with a long history of doing fillers, Artefill in particular.

I haven't been on realself in years, but your comment got my attention. I developed granulomas in all four areas of the Artefill injections. The largest ever reported. I have been getting steriod & 5fu shots for months and probably have another two-three sessions to go. It's very painful and causes brusies adn marks for weeks. It would have gone quicker by my provider wouldn't increase the dose until I found a doctor thru realself that I made hime call. I would recomend anyone considering artefill to think twice.
I love mine too!!! Had it several years ago in the N.B. folds and now three days ago in upper cheeks. No one could tell...NO BRUISING AT ALL!!! Everyone just thought I was well rested from my vacation time this month! As far as problems down the road; I am willing to take the risk. Plan on a facelift in 10-15 years, so know that anything can be corrected at that time. Artifill for me is just a better value than the juvederm which goes away in 5 months!! Once you have seen your face the way it makes you feel comfortable, it is difficult to have it deflate again.
If one is ok with breast implants (often causing problems down the road too); than why are so many P.S. against artefill? I suspect it is because they know it will eat into the repeat customers they get with the non-permanent fillers. But that's just my idea. They may truly believe it is harmful. There is risk with every procecedure!
Ginny, My Artefil was immediate and lasting. In fact, I'm going on three years and still have all the improvement, and have not had any adverse side effects. I hope this helps.
New Genesis

This provider was fine, but I am now a believer in only using a trained plastic surgeon for any cosmetic procedure, no matter how routine.

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