Breast Reduction 3/29/12, 7 weeks Post op NEW pics added. Macon, G.A

Hello, I am a 28 year old Mother of 3 children...

Hello, I am a 28 year old Mother of 3 children ages 10,7 and 11 months. I have always had large breasts but since having my last child and breastfeeding for 8 months I started to experience some issues with My Neck, Shoulder and Back. My current bra size is 38DD or 36DDD and I am 5'3 154 lbs.

I decided after several months of pain and discomfort to take my issues to my PCP. Once my new medical coverage started for 2012 I scheduled an appointment and advised him of my Pain due to heavy Breast load. My Doctor checked me and stated that he thought I would be a Great candidate for the surgery and Immediately scheduled me to start Physical Therapy. I faithfully went to Therapy twice a week for 4 weeks which was unsuccessful in relieving my pain. Since Physical Therapy was unsuccessful I went back to my PCP to advise and immediately gave me a refferal to a Plastic surgeon of my choice. At this time I am scheduled to meet with 2 different Plastic surgeons before making a decision on who I would like to go with. I am keeping my fingers crossed that once I make my choice I am able to get this covered by Insurance.... I will keep u guys updated.

I am so Scared that the insurance will decline...

I am so Scared that the insurance will decline coverage for this procedure. My PCP recommended the surgery but did not give me a letter to help my cause. When I asked him about giving me a letter he said that Thats all handled by the Plastic Surgeon. Is that True? Other than the refferal shouldn't he have supplied me with a Letter stating he found it medically necessary? When I completed my Physical Therapy All I was given was a copy of what was done and that it was unsuccessful in relieving my Pain. She did note that I have Kyphosis (I think thats how its spelled) but no where did it mention that she thaught a breast reduction appeared to be medically necessary :-(. Did anyone else go through this and was able to get approved?Let me know what u think PLEASE.

I added some before pics

I added some before pics

Hello Ladies, I'm checking in to let you know what...

Hello Ladies, I'm checking in to let you know what happened during My consult today.. I got to my appointment 15 minutes before my scheduled time to turn in my paper work, and to my surprise I was there waiting in an empty Lobby for Over 1 Hour. When I was finally taken to the back, the nurse asked me some questions, Played a DVD for me to see about the procedure and asked me to undress myself from the waist up. When The Doc came in and took my meausurments he advised me that He "Does not think Insurance will approve because to get me to the minimum requirement for insurance to pay he would have to remove a whole lot more tissue than I would desire. He did say that If I want he can submit info with amount of Grams I desire to see what happens, but I immediately asked him not to (I have another consult scheduled and was not really impressed by him because he had no before and after pics available for me to see). When I left there I felt heart broken, Disappointed and I Honestly wanted to hold my head and CRY. I spoke to my husband about it and he said that once I find a PS I am comfortable with have him/her submit the info to insurance and then we can see what happens (when I called UHC they advised me that with Our plan there are no minimum grams requried for approval, only had to be medically necessary).It seems like everyday the pain is becoming more and more unbearable. Keep me in your prayers Please!

Hello Ladies, I am back to update u on todays...

Hello Ladies, I am back to update u on todays consult with Ps #2. When I say the experience was completely different compared to Doc #1 I mean it. I felt so comfortable with this Doc and he allowed me to ask as many questions as I had and he also had alot of pics available for me to see. He Explained to me about most insurance requirements for coverage and what he believes would work best. He stated that he thinks what I will need is more of a lift with a minor Reduction. Although this is not what I wanted to hear I was pleased with Todays consult. The Doc took my pictures and advisedme that he will request to have 300 grams removed from both breast to leave me at a C cup. Now All I have to do is wait to see if insurance will approve me for the BR. The PS said that I should hear something within the next 2 weeks. Keep me in your prayers :-)

I called My PS office to verify that info has been...

I called My PS office to verify that info has been sent over to the insurance company for approval and they advised me that it has. I checked my insurance website and it appears that nothing has processed yet. I was wondering when should I start to call the insurance company about my Pre-Approval status?

Hello Everyone, I first would like to thank all of...

Hello Everyone, I first would like to thank all of you wonderful ladies for your Prayers and Support during this insurance process. I have called them everyday since they've received my paper work on March 2nd and the results are finally in and Wait For it, Wait For it... I have been APPROVED!!!!! I am so excited!! GOD IS GOOD... I will call my Plastic Surgeons office in a few days to schedule my date for BR... I am also going to get an estimate for Tummy tuck.. I wil keep u guys posted with everything!!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Hello Ladies, I just wanted to update you all that...

Hello Ladies, I just wanted to update you all that I have a date scheduled for my procedure.... I will be having Surgery in 9 days (March 29)... I am so excited, yet nervous.. I have never had General Anesthesia and is afraid of being put to sleep. My Mom and Siblings have been put under and the only bad reaction was Vomiting. I am praying that all goes well and I am leaving everything in the hands of the Lord. I asked My PS about the healing time and he said it varies but can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a Month. I have a trip scheduled 5 weeks Post op and hope that I am able to enjoy myself. I will call my PS office about my Pre-Op instructions.. O.k Wish me Luck ladies and I will keep u posted :-)

Hello Ladies, as the day of surgery approaches I...

Hello Ladies, as the day of surgery approaches I am begining to get more and more Nervous. I have been waiting for this day for about a year and now that it is almost here I feel a HOT MESS!! I baught some hoodies and Sweat Pants to wear during my recovery period, but I feel as if I so unprepared. I MUST say that I am a Very dissappointed with the staff at my doctors office, They seem so unprofessional because I called them a few days ago about pre-op and the lady had the nerves to get snappy at me talking about , "YOUR pre-Op has not been schedule THE HOSPITAL WILL CALL ME WITH PRE OP DAY AND TIME".I Felt like saying B*$@H Calm the F*&%K Down, because I am the client, Its My money that keeps your ass Employed... They didn't give me any info to help prep me for surgery and No one even mentioned to me to Stop Taking my prescription Medications that I was taking for Back Ache 2 weeks prior to surgery because it is a blood thinner (Thank GOD for the internet that I was able to Educate myself) ...Its funny how their demeanor changes once they have your money in their hand... On another note, I am so ready to get this over and done with. BTW My Friend came today so that may be why I am Venting so much. Any suggestions on things to get prior to surgery? Leave me a comment!!

Hello Ladies, I had my pre-op appointment today,...

Hello Ladies, I had my pre-op appointment today, and all went well. I was advised to be at the hospital at 6 a.m. I will see my doc and the anesthesiologist prior to surgery. I am not sure how many hours my procedure is scheduled to last, but my tummy tuck portion was listed for 3 hours. I made my payment that was due to the hospital in full which allowed me to get a small discount on the breast reduction portion..Anyways ladies make sure and keep me in prayer, also I wanted to share a small prayer with you all.... Our Father who is in Heaven, I ask you to be in total control of everything that happens in the Operating room tomorrow morning, I ask you to guide the surgeons hands during my procedure that his work will be done to perfection lord and that all the aches and pain in my body will be gone as well, Watch over my loved ones so that their minds will be at peace as I am operated on, Please forgive me for any sins that I may have commited, I ask you that If I shall die before I awake I pray the Lord my soul to take...In Jesus name I pray, Amen!!....I'll be staying overnight at the hospital,k but I will have my Laptop and will update you ladies as soon as I can.

Hi ladies.nnim alive. I'll update later.I stayed...

Hi ladies.nnim alive. I'll update later.I stayed overnight at hospital

Hello op day 1 and 2 was the absolute...

Hello op day 1 and 2 was the absolute worst for me. I was in so much pain especially in the stomach area. My doc actually made me stay 2nights in the hospital. One of the difficult part of it all was actually being able to breath after surgery. I was under anesthesia a little under 7 hours and I remember waking up to alot of pain in my arms.. i will upload a pic as soon as I am able to stand straight and get to my laptop. My boonies seem to be very perky

Hello Ladies, I am currently 4 days post tummy...

Hello Ladies, I am currently 4 days post tummy tuck and breast reduction and I must say that today has been a turning point. I am feeling alot better (although I'm still in pain) I am able to move around more and my body is not acheing as bad as it was before. I am so lucky to have a great support team at home. I do feel bad because I can see that my 10 year old is very scared for me with all the pain that I have been experiencing, he gave me a HUGE KISS and said "Mommy I am so happy that u are back home".... Well I was advised to be at the hospital for 6 am but once I got there I sent to a room and was advised that I am actually the 2nd surgery for my surgeon today and that it would not be until around 11 a.m... I was a bit disappointed that I had to be there so early but in a way it worked out well because I was able to catch up on some sleep as I was unable to sleep the night before. I saw my surgeon around 11 is he did all the markings on me and then I was sent down to meet with the Anesthesiologist. I then signed some paper work and was rolled into the operating room. I remember hearing them say I will need to switch over to another table and I was Out.. When I woke up in recovery I was in ALOT OF PAIN. MY arms felt stiff and I was unable to really move, All I remember doing was Crying about how much pain I was in. They gave me some more meds and I was knocked out after a while...My surgery lasted approximately 7 hours total. My Doc said that I am going to love my results (I Think thats what they all say). He said my stomach is as flat as a board and my breasts are standing up tall. He removed 380 grams from the left and 300 from the right. He said he had some issues with getting the 300 from the right, but was able to do so at the end of the day.He also touched both my nipples and I did have sensation in both (I am happy about that) and he said that my belly button survived and it is a nice diamand shape). The most of my pain is in my Abdominal area, and my Pu$$y feels real swollen. I had a catheter in me for the first 24 hours after surgery so that may be the reason as to why I am irritated down below. I was able to wash up a little yesterday and today with a wash rag.. I think my breasts looks kind of small but I am hoping that it fits my body frame..

Ladies when I tell you, that I think I made the...

Ladies when I tell you, that I think I made the best decision on my surgeon I am so serious, He is the BEST!! I just paged him a few minutes ago and in less than 2 minutes he returned my call. I Told him that my Vaginal area feels really strange its very swollen and irritated. He ask if I just noticed this and I told him no but it feels strange and this morning the swelling went down some but it is still a bit swollen and feels extremely dry. He said it may be due to the way the compression garment is sitting on my vagina. He said that if I am still in Pain tomorrow to call him so he can take a look at it because he will be in the Operating room all day today. I will go back to see him on Friday where I will take a look at my scars. I will also add some pics :-)

I added post op day 6 pics.. I think they are too...

I added post op day 6 pics.. I think they are too small :-(...hopefully once I can stand straight ill feel different about them

POST OP DAY 8, Today was a pretty good day, I went...

POST OP DAY 8, Today was a pretty good day, I went to the Plastic Surgeon today and was able to have my drain tubes removed from both breast (I didn't feel a thing), and he also said that I can start using neosporin around my nipple area. I go back to him on Tuesday to have my stomach drains removed. I was also able to drive a small distance to Walmart to pick up some cotton bras..... I added a new pic ladies, let me know what u think!!

Hi ladies I am a day short of 2 weeks post op...

Hi ladies I am a day short of 2 weeks post op breast reduction and tummy tuck and I must say that i am almost 100% back to my regular routine. I went to my ps yesterday and got my stomach drains removed and I was able to take my first real shower since my operation today. That has been my highlight of the morning. Check out my new pics and let me know what u think.

Hello ladies, I am 1 day short of 3 weeks post...

Hello ladies, I am 1 day short of 3 weeks post breast reduction and tummy tuck. So far everything has been coming along well. I started back with house work and cooking at the 2 week mark and this week I started walking upright at 90%..I also started back lifting my 1 year old periodically throughout the day. I noticed that my breast has dropped a little and the soreness is going away. .The only thing I can complain about is I noticed two of the stitches poking out from the sides of my right nipple. My p.s days that I can clip it with a sterilized nail clipper or he will do it for me on Tuesday at my 4 week visit. The tightness on my stomach is starting to loosen up some, but I think that I may develope a dog ear on the right side that may need revision. Anyways ladies I'll check back next week at my 1 month mark. Let me know if u notice any difference between week 1 and now.

Oh Ladies I forgot to mention that I am currently...

oh Ladies I forgot to mention that I am currently weighing in at 142 lbs...I am so happy with the new me. I saw some friend the other day and none of them mentioned noticing a difference in my breast size (Which is a Good Thing, because they don't know about my surgery), but one friend did mention that I looked really thin and I have a very small waist (which made me feel good on the inside, because that means my hard earned money was well spent)...Anyways I just wanted to share that info! HAPPY HEALING LADIES.

Hello ladies I'm currently 7 weeks post op....

Hello ladies I'm currently 7 weeks post op. Everything has been going pretty smooth. At 5 wee k mark I had puss coming from an small open wound by my right nipple. When I told my p.s about it he advised me to squeeze the area while on the shower to allow the puss to come out and apply neosporin around the area once dry. After doing that for a couple days the wound was able to close up. I also started using the silicone sheets on my lower breasts and stomach area 2 days ago...oh btw it appears that the payment I made did not include labs and pathology so I am still getting bills in the mail... I added some pics
Oladiran Afolabi-Brown

At this point I am very Pleased with how informative my PS has been, He is unlike most PS, He gives his clients his Pager number and returns the calls in a timely manner. He tries his best to make sure that you are at ease. I will recommend him to anyone in my area considering Cosmetic Surgery!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You looked great how long did it take for you to heal and for the scaring to go away for your Dr. Oladiran Afolabi-Brown whats the price for the breast reduction???? You posted good info please e-mail me the info.
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Wow, you look amazing!!!! I got my BA and BL April 3rd. Thinking of a TT down the road. Looking at your results makes me want to do it tomorrow!!  
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You look amazing! Does your PS have a website? I googled him but couldn't find much.
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yes, it appears that his website was hacked but its He is located in Macon, G.A. You can google him for his office number.
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What a difference! You look like a teenager! I'm very impressed by the shape he gave your breasts. So perky and cute! And Your tummy tuck looks incredible, too. Totally natural. Enjoy the summer, girl!
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Thank You..I am getting used to the new look. It has definately raised my confidence level when I am out and about.
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you look great Dark and Lovely! and I love the swim suit!
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Thank You
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So glad you are doing well, Dark and Lovely! Thanks for updating us!
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wow what size where you at first they did a really good job on you girl had did it feel mines is coming up i go get a surgery date on june 4th
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My size varied bas on the bra, but I mainly used a 38 DD, and I am now a 34 B
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queendom32 happy your surgery went well...
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Hello laddies my surgry was today. it went really everone looks really nice but my boobs hurt lol but they feel so lite n good i took a pead they are swelling rite but the PS said it will hill very fast i was very nasusea and threw up some of the liquids i was drnkn i go to my new appt on tuesday. Yaaaaa ill c if i cn post b4 and aftes. Going to rst now thanks for the prayers
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Glad everything went well for you today, Queendom! To post pictures you need to start a review of your own and then upload the pictures. I don't know if you can do that from your phone though. From what I have heard you can't use a tablet either but you need to use a laptop or desk top instead. Get your rest and hope you have a speedy recovery!
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You look really great! Congrats on a wonderful outcome!
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Darkandlovely you look great!!!! Girl I wish I could find a way to have insurance pay for my damn tummy tuck and I would be doing that like yesterday... But I have to wait so in the mean time I'm on a diet trying to loose some weight and then go from there...
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Hello ladies for those of you I chat with you'll know that my surgery is may 18th which is friday im excited. I am going from a 42DD to a very small C. I will like to post before and after pics but I don't know how to do it from my phone. Otherwise i would show my before and afters. But keep me in your prayers. Thank you. I will do the same.
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Your ps did a wonderful job. Your BR looks natural. I am considering a bl with a tt but I just can't get with the baby sized areola. Thanks for the review!
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Hey Sexy! My PS gave me a choice about areola size. Check with your doc and maybe that is an option for you as well.
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Ok I think. My pic post to my page
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Ok thanks i just looked at it. It looks real nice there not that big at all they fit youe bosy shape nice job. Thank you.
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Hello ladies ... and double d's and darkandlovely I had my pre-op appointment on may 2. I have a week and 4days before my surgery on may 18th. Yaa im so excited. My plastic surgeon and my nurse are really nice. So You know i am a 42dd, well i found out they are taking abot 648 grams of fat from both of my breast i think a lite more from my left though. How much did you all get taking out? Is that too much?
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Queendom32, I was a 42dd and I had mines on April 24th and my PS took 800cc from each breast. I went to Macy's yesterday and got sized and I'm between a
40D - 42D so I wouldn't say its a lot... It's still a big difference because of the lift and the amount of fat gone...
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Wow really. Well at my pre op we agreed on a small c b/c I went from d to dd and i started having pain in my d cup size. So is it impossible to be a small c with the amount of grams he taking out? If he does not take out the amout i want i will cancel my app for may 18th to find someone else. What do you think do you have any pictures?
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Well I went from a g to a large c small d and I love it people say I am too small. I was told that he could take out as much as possible he removed a total of 7lbs
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