8 week PO Pics-LOVING LIFE!!! TT and Lipo of Flanks, 3/29, Macon, GA

Hi there! I am a 31 year old Mom to two boys--13...

Hi there! I am a 31 year old Mom to two boys--13 months and 3, both born natural. I have been overweight since I was a little girl. I am 5'0" and currently at 133 lbs. Up until 2005, I weight anywhere from 150- 180 lbs. I lost a ton of weight for my wedding and then gained about 50 lbs with each pregnancy. I am now back to that wedding weight and probably the lowest weight since I was about 10 or 11. I exercised regularly and eat much better than I ever have. However, I can't wear pants with having an intertube around my waist. I am literally all gut, no butt and my weight is carried above my belly button, not necessarily below. I am nervous all how a TT will get rid of all that, but I have confidence that it will. I have wanted this surgery for so so long and never realized that it was a possibility--I told my husband that I would rather have this than a new car so I started saving and was shocked to find out the price was less than I expected. So, it is now going to happen--nervous and excited about it at the same time!! I am looking forward to the 4 month mark after surgery :)

You look awesome! I want your skinny legs! Keep up the good work!
I love it, I said the same thing I will keep driving my car but I want a new me, LOL I told him he will be getting a $25,000 ride on me til it is over, LOL We are gettign close!! I so can relate I have not weighed under 200 since I was 13, I am tall 5'10, but man I didnt think I would have to resort ot hacking to get under it, but all the exercise my weight is not budging!!!
Congratulations! I am also scheduled for the 29th, but at times vacillate with no having the surgery. We'll see if I go through with it. At what time is your surgery? You will look phenomenal...you already have a great body.

Went to see my PS yesterday to discuss the...

Went to see my PS yesterday to discuss the possibility of lipo on my flanks...and he said that I could greatly benefit. I had lost 10 lbs and stopped breastfeeding since I had seen him last and my love handles hadn't changed. So...looks like I am going to be spending an additional $3K, but I feel that I would regret it if I don't. I don' t know where my natural waist is because the widest part of my body is around my belly button and love handles, so I want both gone. He also said that I could get lipo around my bra line (I am a 38), but it would put me over the $10K mark and I just don't really think it is necessary. The crazy thing is that I am a size 6 or 8 right now, but I have this intertube around my waist. I don't care to go down a pant size, I just want to be able to wear them without a fat roll hanging over! I also asked my PS about the use of a walker--I thought about renting one. He said that no, he didn't suggest it because he wouldn't want me to rely on it.
Good luck on your TT. I strongly suggest you get what you want and get it over with! From your photos, I look to be built somewhat like you--lean legs and thick middle. I'm 6' tall, and the tt took me from a size 12 to and 8 much because of the lipo. I will tell ya...the lipo really was more painful than the TT, but I am still glad I had it. I had my flanks and most of my upper back; I'm now in a 36 bra instead of a 38.
My upper body is still a "large" and size 12 because I have a large ribcage and broad shoulders, but my bottom half is an 8. I love it! My husband really, really loves it too! :-)
I don't think that you will regret getting the lipo. It does hurt worse than the tt but it wasn't so bad that you can't tolerate it. I am not sure what my measurements are at this point but I know my middle is a lot smaller. I hope that they measure me tomorrow at my post op appt. Good luck and keep us posted on your journey.
Good luck on your upcoming surgery. I am getting a full mommy makeover. I don't think that you will regret the lipo. It seems to do wonders on those tires from what I have seen.

Today was my pre-op appt. I was given my...

Today was my pre-op appt. I was given my prescriptions, given all post op instructions, and took pictures (the worst part) of me naked! I can't wait to see the afters because they before pics were bad. The things I found most interesting:

1. Can resume aerobic exercise after 14 days, providing all is well. The first 14 days are where the bleeding risk is the highest.

2. Can resume lifting weights after 3 weeks.

3. Suggested I get a shower curtain and line my recliner--the lipo sites will leak in the first 48 hours.

4. The surgical tape can stay on my scar for up to my one month post op. I told the nurse that I had purchased the silicone strip and she said that after a month, I should use it. It was the only thing that was clinically proven to treat scars (not sure about that...just adding it).

5. I asked her about the Bromelin--which I already bought. She said that they do give it to patients who have lipo around their face, but not necessary. However, taking it will help with the healing.

6. I asked her about the diet--she said that a whole foods diet is the absolute best thing you can do for the swelling. She suggested that I drink a ton of water this week and limit sodas...going to *try* to do that.

I weighed in at 135. They didn't do measurements, but am going to do all my measurements this week at home. After I saw all of the hideous naked pictures, I have been contemplating doing lipo on the bra line....it is about an additional $1500 that I wasn't expecting.
Yes, surgery can get expensive. That part of it stinks. I am actually taking both Bromelain and arnica montana and my swelling hasn't been too bad.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery.
Thanks for all the pre-op info!! Good stuff to know.... Especially the tip about the shower curtain!
I am the same height as you and I have to say, you look GREAT at 133! I was 136 until about 6 months ago (currently down to 110). Good luck with your TT lady. Mine is a few days before your's. :)

I just updated pictures with better before pics. ...

I just updated pictures with better before pics. I also took measurements...not scientific, but works for me. Smallest: 34 inches -- At Belly Button: 37.75 inches --At pubic line: 37. Only a few days left....I am so excited.
Yes your Bb looks like mine. I wish i had a tanning bathing suit instead of my grandma pants. I am praying and thinking g of u on Thurs. You are do fortunate you are only 31. Looking forward to being recovery buddies. Hugs and prayers.
I ordered a silicone strip today for my tummy tuck. I got the 22" inch strip, so I can cut off pieces if I have big incisions with my BA. I hope it works! From everything I've read, they are like a miracle!
Prayers and hugs

Got the call about my surgery time--I have to be...

Got the call about my surgery time--I have to be there at 11.45. In my head I was thinking I could be first, but oh well. Now I get to see my kids in the morning at least. I am scheduled to be in surgery 3.5 hours and recovery after that. Looks like it is real now!!
I hope u are doing OK.. it is kinda painful. I still can't believe it..
I hope you are doing well mom2boys. Thinking of you.
Good luck. Hope all goes well. :-)

Found out today that I have been wearing the...

Found out today that I have been wearing the compression garment in the wrong place. The nurse who discharged us told us on thing, the Dr on call said another. But, I know that it wasn't right.-so we called yet again and the nurse who just had the surgery in February talked to me and told us exactly where to position. I was wearing it above my scar, so all of the fuild was pushing down to my scar and giving me a pooch. I about had an anxiety attack because I am hoping it won't make a different in the way I heal.

Has anyone else been wearing their CG the wrong way?
Where and how r u supposed to wear it mine is above scar

Yesterday, 6 days PO was my turning point! I am...

Yesterday, 6 days PO was my turning point! I am alive! For a while I was doubting the decision I made, feeling like I was "that" statistic to have a botched surgery, not being able to look past the swelling, etc. Well, I went to the dr today to have the drains out....Praise the Lord!! And I was given a Stage 2 garment. I feel like a different person. Now I just need to take another shower, fix my hair, and put on makeup and it be so much better. I have a lot of swelling, but am so exteremely happy with me scar, as it is right about the pubic line. I'll post pics later.
I feel same way. Glad u feeling better
There are a lot of different opinions of to where to wear the garment. I was wearing it above the scar, but it was pushing a fluids to the top of my scar and causing more pain. My doctor and the nurse I saw today said that it was best if it covered the drains and the scar--my drains were placed on each end of the incision.

10 days PO: Swelling is not a joke! I thought...

10 days PO: Swelling is not a joke! I thought about posting pics,however because my swelling is so incredibly horrible, I decided to wait. I went to a baby shower today and several of my close friend commentted about how thin I looked....none of them knew about my surgery. So, that make me happy,but the swelling is off.the.chain!
How bad was it getting the drains out? I heard it was horrible. I've got one incision on my thighs from lipo that is still pouring out fluid 4 days later. It is soaking maxi pads that I put on it! Did u have any trouble with that?
Drains didn't bother me at all! I took a Zanax to prepare, but I didn't even need it. The instant relief of getting them out made the pain null. I was surprised about how far the drains were inside me though.

No...I don't remember my lipo incisions leaking at all. She had warned me about it, but I never had problems.

Been thinking about you...these few days are rough....over the weekend was when my "mental breakdown" occurred! Just keep medicated! I promise promise that in a few days, it will be so much better!

Just posted a picture of me 10 days PO. I am so...

Just posted a picture of me 10 days PO. I am so swollen that I can't see my BB opening...however, very very happy with placement of my incision.
Your incision placement is awesome. Seems like scar is healing nicely. You look great!
You look awesome at 10 days post op mom2boys...wow! How do you feel?
Tired! My drains were at the end of my incision and where they were is very sore, especially with my CG tight. I overdone it yesterday and was paying for it . Because my swelling is so bad my pants don't fit...my plan was to wear loose clothes for the first few weeks anyway since i'm not "out" about my surgery. I go back to work on Tues :(

12 Days PO--Back to work today. I have been...

12 Days PO--Back to work today. I have been wearing skirts/dresses because my incision is tender, so I wore a dress with a cardigan. Everyone asked how my vacation went...and somehow they didn't notice I was slow, slumped over, and in pain :) The first 7 days of this process was absolutely brutal....but it was so sorth it. I went to Kohl's yesterday and for the first time in a long time was excited about buying new clothes. I didn't try anything on, but it was just a good feeling!

12 Days PO--after work: Going back to work was...

12 Days PO--after work: Going back to work was easy!! I sit at a desk all day and was able put my legs up on my exercise ball, so I actually had an easy day! I work 3 days a week, so the days I am off are going to be rough--2 boys under 3, which means an on-the-go Mama. And, I wrote earlier that I went to Kohl's...but I forgot to say that I didn't buy anything. My swelling is still really bad and I have a horrible pooch where my lipo was done as well as above my incision. Though, I can't wait to shop!!
Wow! You look so good! Excellent transformation! Very happy for you!
You are awesome...you'll probably work more at home with your boys. I work 2 days a week and have two kids 3 and 4 year old...it is definitely harder staying at home with them. I tried on my pants yesterday and they don't button...it is definitely swollen because when I weighed myself this morning, I weigh less than before surgery. It just takes time. Thank goodness it is spring and we can just wear dresses that don't squeeze our midsection.
I tried on my work pants today, and they were so tight at day 7.... Hoping by day 12 I can wear them when I go back! I'm nervous about that!



I was really hesitant about doing this surgery--mainly because of the guilt of spending money. However, I have had self esteem issues my entire life and although those will never really go away, I have never ever felt better about myself. I posted my before and after at 8 weeks and I couldn't believe it. I measured and there wasn't only but about 3 inches in each spot that I measured--I still have a lot swelling. But then, I took pictures and couldn't believe it. I still wear my compression garment and have started the silicone strip for my scar-but honestly, i don't care if my scar looks horrible. The recovery was rough....and I mean rough...but it was worth it. I LOVE MY DECICISION!!
Hi Mom2. You look wonderful!! I'm 11 wks post and still have swelling and wearing compression garment. Ps wants CG until July. Don't know if that is comforting or discouraging to you. My swelling is low too around the incision, in my pelvic area and my thighs. Doc said up to 6 months for swelling to go down. I think what you are going through is normal. Hang in there and you do look great!
You look amazing!
Dr. Roy Powell, Macon, GA

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