My Dream Finally Came TRUE: Approved for a Breast Reduction for my Birthday - Macon, GA

I have been considering a Breast Reduction for the...

I have been considering a Breast Reduction for the last 3 years. I was never able to seek further info about it bc my insurance at the time considered it a cosmetic procedure which left me with nothing. I was told by a friend who had also had a BR that medicaid will pay for if they agreed that it was medically nesscary. So I made a appointment with a surgeon in Macon, GA October 10, 2012. I was told that it would take 4 weeks before I would find out if I would be approved for the surgery by the insurance company (Peach State). I received a phone call from my doctors office informing me that I was indeed
approved for the surgery and that they would be covering all cost associated
with the surgery. I must say that I'm very excited and happy. Being 5'5, 190lbs and wearing a size 42J is very uncomfortable and to much weight for my small frame. Surgery date is set for November 30, 2012 with my Pr-Op appointment November 26, 2012. Can't wait:-)

Welcome to RealSelf.   You will feel like a new woman when this is done.   Congratulations on receiving the approval from the insurance.

Keep us up to date on your process.


I recently recieved some paper work in the mail...

I recently recieved some paper work in the mail from surgen that I had to fill out, sign with a witness, and others just information. The forms I had to fill out were a consent form stating that I will do a pregnancy test and if I became pregnant that my surgery will be cancelled....thankful for my IUD....which my husband had to sign as well as a witness. The next one was asking for my permission to use my before and after pictures for other patients to view who were also considering having a BR and the last one was asking permission to release my medical info for the surgery to my school since I will have to miss a few days or weeks. The others forms that followed were a perscription for Iron Pills that I will have to begin taking 10 days before the surgery, a list of medication I could no longer take, like advil, 2 weeks before the surgery and a overview of what I will be doing at my Pre-Op appointment....reading that made me nervous. Not sure about watching the video, lol! My Pre-Op appointment with the MCCG is November 23rd and my Pre-Op appointment with my doctor is November 26th. In the mean time Im Patiently waiting for my new beginning!!!!:)
Congratulations on your surgery date. Hopefully my day will be around the same time.
Congrats on the approval. You are right around the corner!!

I recieved an email from doctors office to confirm...

I recieved an email from doctors office to confirm my Pre-Op appointment via online or to call the office. I think it hit me that my surgery is right around the corner. With my birthday being on the 21st of November followed by Thanksgiving and family fun, my Pre-Op appointment (26th) will be here before I know it. Im neverous and scared all at the same time but I am soooooooo ready for some relief, comfortableness, and much happiness that I have been lacking for....all my life, LOL! Needless to say, Im Ready:) Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!
congrads.....iI know that u ate so happy this is a birthday gift to remember. My date is the 28 and also a42J iI cant wait.
congrats to u to and yes this is the best birthday get by far. never thought i would ever say the words i dont want boobs anymore, there to diffcult and they get in the way. my husband laughs at me and reminds me how many days i have left till the surgery. i feel like they are worse and so is the pain.
Yay not longer !!!

I have a going from a J and was...

I have a going from a J and was advised by a classmate who has also had a BR that shebwas hoping for a C cup but when her breast set after the surgery she was a D!! I dont want noooooo Ds, lol. So with that being said is it possible to go from a J to a C? Like bring me down to a B so when i heal up and set I will be a C and C only.

I have another question....what determines if you...

i have another question....what determines if you will have drains or not? i see that some of you all have them after your surgery and some dont...jus wanting to know. my second question is while your at home recovering does wearing the hospital bra a must or will i be able to wear nothing and allow my breast to breathe? third question is how long are you confined to being at home before your released back to work or school?
Most surgeons can't guarantee bra size. U will be smaller and lighter which in the end is the most important. Let him know that u want as small as its safe to go. I wore my Compression bra 24/7. It took a bit of work to wear the sports bras as it bothered my incisions. About week four that got better but the girls still feel better being supported versus no bra. If u can get a few extra surgical bras so u have clean ones when u need them. Hopefully this helps u some. Keep us posted on ur progress hehehehe
congrats on getting the boob ball rolling! xx
iI dont know iI was told a full c small d . ask your ps how small you can go safely and match your body

I am nervous and scareder today than when I was...

I am nervous and scareder today than when I was last week. Im not sure if its due to me thinking and realizing that Im a week away till the Big Boobs be gone day or if its due to my husband constantly reminding me that its getting closer and closer or the combination of both. i think a nice get away is needed before next week, smh, I wish! I begin taking my Iron Pills for the surgery tomorrow and the no Blood Thinners medicine list I was give that states what meds I can and cannot take, has kicked in full affect as of today. I shall keep you posted on my progression and my sanity.
What you quoted - “My Dream Finally Came TRUE: Approved for a Breast Reduction for my Birthday." Good for you! This is EXACTLY how I feel. I was approved on the first shot, thanks to my wonderful primary care doc who took the time to write in excess for me and be my biggest advocate. My dream also came true and I can't tell you how happy I am. It's one of the best birthday gifts ever given. Birthday Dec. 4 - Surgery Dec. 11. I'm so happy for you! It's a nice feeling to know someone feels exactly how I do. Good luck and please let me know how everything goes.
its a big deal for this surgery. u know its life changing and thats why u are anxious. ur feelings are normal. believe us when we say the days before are more nervous than after. u will go in and get the good drugs to make u sleep then u will wake up and it will be over. then let urself heal and take care of urself :) things are going to be ok. u will feel better and ur confidence will go up :)
I am offically nervous and scared as hell! And the surgery isnt until Next Friday!!!!!! SMH, I am not sure why....

First let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to...

First let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I recieved my phone call from the Medical Center of Central Georgia Surgery Center yesterday to do my Pre-Op over the phone. They asked me a series of questions like if I ever had a problem with being put sleep, how many forgeries have I had before, my weight and height, if i smoke or drink or do drugs, you know the general questions health wise. I also was informed that I would register and have blood work done after my Pre-Op appointment with my surgeon on the 26th. They would also give me an anti-bacterial wash that I have to use night before the surgery and the morning of. I dont have my surgery time yet. The hospital said they will call Thursday afternoon with the specific time. I was also told to pack an over night bag since I have an autoimmune disease they may keep me over night to make sure everything is ok with me after the surgery. Ive been taking these Iron Pills and I hate it, lol. They make me go to the bathroom like Ive been eating bananas all the time and gasy. But other than that I am ready and excited I think! Its coming a lot quicker than I realise.

I feel like Im dreaming, is this really happening...

I feel like Im dreaming, is this really happening to me? Something I have wanted and prayed for, for years is really disbelief! I feel like Im bipolar, one minite Im excited as crazy and the next Im having a midlife crisis and scared senseless. I cant even picture myself with small boobs, lol! Well we all see in a few days wont we.....
Your almost there! soon baby soon! just start getting stuff ready...PJs and any heavy stuff done! so happy for you! I still feel like that I cant believe I did IT I say every time I look in the mirror and they r beautiful I love them you will to! and my results were amazing cause I did the same went to someone who had it done by the same dr!
It's getting closer and closer. Won't be much longer !!!
I knoooooooow!!!!!!! OMGGGGGG! I feel like Im dreaming. I cant believe my pre-op appointment is monday then booom the surgery. Mixed feelings, lol!

Today is the day of my Pre-Op appointment......I...

Today is the day of my Pre-Op appointment......I am speechless. My motionless and numb. A part of me feels like this is happening and that I have a few more weeks left. I didnt want to go to the appointment by myself so of course my mamma is going to be there with me for support and to make sure everything is going to be ok. You know how mammas are, lol! But I will keep you posted on how everything went.
i too went for my pre-op today where they gaved me papers on the procedure etc and then i got to signed them and send it back to them. they also gaved me a prescription for perkicest ahead of time so that i can get my medication in due time for my surgery. they gaved me dec14th for my surgery but before my surgery i gotta re-do my physical and blood work at my primary doctor. what was your appointment like?
i arrived at my dr office and watched a short video on breast reduction and i was also given consent forms to read and sign. after that i was taken to a room where my blood pressure and pulse was checked and afterwards my surgeron came in and did measurements and drew on me as well as showed me how small i will be. he took pics of the markings for records for friday and then he went over the consent forms with me. afterwards i had to go over to the hospital to register and have blood work done. they gave me antibacteria was that i have to use thursday night and friday morning. i recieved my paper work on what i can and cannot do prior to surgery like i cant eat after midnight. i was also told that i will get a phone call thursday afternoon with the exact time of my surgery. all in all i was neverous but my pre op went well. jus waiting for the big day.
cant wait to see how things go for u. just 4 more days!!!

On the count the down till my surgery!!!!! 3 more...

On the count the down till my surgery!!!!! 3 more days:)
good luck for the procedure. I just got mine done 10 days ago and I already feel better. going back to school tomorrow and I can't wait for people to see the new me. I wish you the best of luck and I am confident you will have a good one
My BR surgery is scheduled for the same day! I am nervous too but I am confident that everything will be okay! You will be okay! We will love the results :) Keep your hopes up, only three more sleeps. I'm here if you need a surgery day buddy
Marissa, don't be nervous, it will be fine. after you see the results you will be happy. I got mine done 10 days ago, I can't tell you how happy I am although the pain.

OMG,,,,today is Wednesday!!!! I cannot believe...

OMG,,,,today is Wednesday!!!! I cannot believe that Thursday is tomorrow and the day I find out what time I need to arrive at the hospital Friday morning....yes the day of my surgery is FRIDAY!!!!! In denial, lol! Wow this came to fast for my mind to even comprehend. Its funny how I have prayed for this relief so long, for years and then GOD gives me the desire of my heart and I cant believe that its really, like really finally happening. 2 more days till my Boobs be gone day!

So I have my surgery to for tomorrow. They asked...

So I have my surgery to for tomorrow. They asked for me to be there at 6 a.m. I wasnt thinking that it was going to be that early in the morning and the clock is ticking. Now I will be packing my clothes my husband clothes to stay the night at the hospital as well as my 2 kids clothes to stay the night with grandma and much for a relaxing evening, lol. Here we go!
nerves are totally normal, I wish we could meet others face to face who are having ops at the same time! I just.want you to know that you are not alone though, we are all in this together. Post as much as you want, writing your thoughts and feelings on here helps because we understand! just imagine you are in a hotel tmrw, don't hide your nerves, they are natural! xx
I will most probably be on here for the rest of today posting my feelings and thoughts to you all since you all know how Im feeling and my husband as no idea at all. For my sanity and nerves!
I feel like that, too, except my surgery is still 20 days away. Lol! You guys will be really sick of me by then!

I am headed to the hospital as I type. Couldn't...

I am headed to the hospital as I type. Couldn't sleep last night at all. Ended up in bed after packing and showering at 1 a.m. this morning. Will keep you posted on how I'm doing! Thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and advice. Its been so helpful to be able to talk to other women who understands my feelings and pain, that knows what I'm going through. Thanks again.

Today has been a long and eventful day to say the...

Today has been a long and eventful day to say the least. I went into surgery at 830 this morning. I was blessed with a wonderful staff who took great care of me. I was in surgery for 5 hours. My breast took an hour and a half each bc they were soooooo big. I woke up in recovery around 145pm where I stayed for 45 minutes for monitoring then transferred to my room. My husband and my mamma were in my room waiting to see me. I was on pain med Lortab so I was in and out of sleep. I was finally discharged and my dr is jus amazing bc he left me his personal cell number jus in case somethings goes wrong since I live 30 minutes away. So I'm at home recovering. My husband is taking great care of me. Sooooooo Sooooo glad I did this. I believe I'm a size B. No pain other than from the surgery. I even breatthe easier. This was well worth it.
thanks for the updates.
yay welcome to the recovery side! so glad ur surgery went good. plz keep us posted with ur progress. happy healing for ur new boobies!!!
good luck honey! looking forward to being on the postie side I bet! xx

I'm doing a little bit better today. Tolerating...

I'm doing a little bit better today. Tolerating the pain much easier but still hsve moments where its overbearing. My husband has been making me walk thru the day. Dr's orders said that it will help the healing process and prevent blood clots. I haven't seen my new breast yet. I'm scared to take my surgery bra off since I still have my drains in on both sides. I'm very glad I had the reduction, my back and shoulders feel so much better already. My husband said that my boobies are so perky that I won't have to wear a bra if I didn't want to, lol! They stand up on there own as he saids. At least I have that option. But hopefully ill have pictures soon to post for u all to see.
I'm glad you are doing well and have support.

I went into my dr's office today for my follow up...

I went into my dr's office today for my follow up appointment. They removed my drains and checked to make sure that my skin color was ok and that there were no signs of infections. My breast are still very swollen but I'm. Able to take showers with assistance with no direct contact to my breast area. I go back to my dr next Monday to get my stitches removed. All in all I'm recoverying very well. I still have pain that is controled by my pain meds. I am still on restricitions where I can't lift my arms no higher than my breast level or anything ten pounds or more. Taking it one day at a time. I will get to see my breast for the first time tonite when I get ready to shower. My back and shoulders and neck are free of pain. I feel so light up top. I love it. I feel so much better. I have
to get use to my new apperance. Never thought that I would be a B cup
Glad you are recovering well. Can't wait to see post op pics. Take it easy!

Feeling so much better. No longer have to take the...

Feeling so much better. No longer have to take the pain meds anymore. Moving around, walking, still get a little dizzy at times but im doing great. I go this coming monday to get my stitches taken out and see what the dr tells me about my recovery. Love my new twins girls and look forward to whats to come. I will keep u updated on my progress.
I can only imagine how happy you are to have finally had it done! I hope everything is going as smoothly as possible for you. My surgery is scheduled for the 13th and I cannot wait. I am so happy. I have not been nervous one bit.
so glad ur still healing well!! they look great. i luv the shape of ur nips! i bet when ur standing they look more proportioned and lifted!!

I went to the dr on Monday for my second check up...

I went to the dr on Monday for my second check up since the surgery. My stitches were remove and so was my surgery tape was taken off. So happy for that bc he holds an awful smell, lol. My dr said I was healing great and the swelling has started to go down. I'm still unable to reach, carry, hold, or lift anything 10lbs or more. No longer taking the pain meds so he ssaid I can drive and go about life in a safe manner. I haven't been anywhere where there are large crowds. Afraid I may be hit or bumped the wrong way but it feels good to be able to get out of the house. My next appointment is January 10th. I'm still confined to sleeping on my back or side but not my stomach. I am in love with my new set of twins. Still adjusting to the look and being able to do things that I was unable to do. Even sex with my husband is different bc I don't have my huge boobs all over the place, LOL! (Sorry if that was TMI, jus being honest). But none the less I'm happy I did it. The best decision medically ever! What a great way to end 2012 and start 2013. We are planning on going on a cruise in October for our anniversary and I am super excited:-) thanks to everyone for your encouarging words, advice, support, and love. It helped more than u will ever know. Will keep you posted on my recovery with pic's to follow!

I am 25 days post-op and I feel great. I'm still...

I am 25 days post-op and I feel great. I'm still sore around my side where I was cut and I still have numbness on both rest along the side. I'm healing great for incisions have started to turn to my natural skin color. I'm still adjusting to having small boobs. I think I look funny in my clothes due to knowing nothing but big boobs all my life. But it feels great not to carry around a grand total of 8lbs, 4lbs per breast. My dr happily removed 3lbs per breast, a total of 6lbs. I am still swollen but I believe I will be a C cup once the swelling goes away. I'm loving thw new me. Going into the new year with a new body and will starting my new job at our hospital here soon. So I'm looking forward to the blessings that awaits me in 2013. Hope you ladies had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your Happy New Year. Pictures coming soon:-)
Do a doctor have to refer u r can u just call and set up an appointment?
Ugh- just wrote a whole comment to you and forgot to sign in first, so it got deleted! Anyhow...I am in Macon also, got my BR on Dec 17 at the Med Center also. My PS was Dr. Syribey at Renaissance PS. How are you feeling? I woke up with the same surgical bra on when I was done with surgery! LOL
Hi there! I am in Macon also...just had my BR on Dec. 17. Recovering well. I went from a DDD to probably a C (not sure yet- as they are still hard as a rock and swollen a bit) I also had my surgery at the Med Center in Macon and woke up wearing that SAME surgical bra with the velcro drain holders that you have on in that picture! LOL. I went to Renaissance Plastic Surgery Center for mine...Dr. Syribey. He is awesome! Let me know how your doing! :)

Hi everyone! I know its been awhile but I have...

Hi everyone! I know its been awhile but I have been doing great. Recovery has been successful and wonderful. Still adjusting to my new look and clothes, etc but all in all I love it. Feels good to be without the pain and pressure that came with oversized breast. I can that having this surgery is one of my best decisions I've made:-)
Hello AshBug2010! I also have Peach State. I went in to have my consultation May 20th and I am awaiting approval. How long did you have to wait before you got an reply?
You can just call. You donnt have to have a referral.
Macon Plastic Surgeon

I found about about Dr Perrofsky through a friend who had a breast reduction at the time by a doctor who accepted medicaid. I have been wanting a reduction for the last 3 yrs but was scared for one and then I never had insurance to help pay for it till now.

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