35 Yrs Old, Three Cesarians, Can't Budge Tummy Bulge - Macon, GA

I had this procedure done 6 days ago and felt like...

I had this procedure done 6 days ago and felt like I had done a lot of research before getting it done. I failed to research the "after" effects. The swelling, nerve pain and numbness are nothing to take lightly. I am very uncomfortable but am hopeful that as the days pass this will subside.

I did two treatments on my lower abdomen in a criss cross "v" pattern. I think I am almost back to my normal size from the swelling going down but the next few weeks will let me know if it was worth it or not. I have a second treatment scheduled 4 weeks after the first. Just hopeful to rid my tummy of the mommy apron. Obviously if I have good results it will be worth it, but the residual tummy ache is not fun. Apparently this is the hardest part of recovery, so maybe in a few days my opinion will be more positive.

6 days post called dr and was prescribed neurotin

So thankful as the medicine is very helpful. Apparently I had a condition that only happens to 10% of people....it was very painful but now....bearable. I am 9 days post cs and I have already lost an inch in my tummy. I cannot believe I am already seeing results! Highly recommend this procedure!


Procedure through day 6

Day 11... Getting much better

So still on the neurotin but everyday is getting much better. I have lost one inch from the first day so that is good. I guess now I just wait. I do feel that I can see a difference although very subtle. I have to keep in mind that I am not supposed to see a difference yet.

Three weeks post first procedure

Not a huge change, hoping it will start going down soon :)

Two weeks post second procedure

Started neurotic on day of treatment this time and it made a huge difference. No major change yet from first or second procedure but not supposed to see it until 2-3 months after first procedure... Waiting game.
Macon Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and helpful during the procedure.

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Why is it that absolutely NOONE has posted final result pix?
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Any updates?
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How long b4 they said u would c the final results?
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I think that u can see the difference. How long til next treatment? How long til u see end results?
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I am considering this. Please keep us informed
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I am on day 11 post cs and day 5 on neurotin and I still keep ice on my belly if I am at home. It just feels best to have it cold. When the ice is not there, the shooting tinges start. I guess as long as I feel those I will continue to ice it. Hot baths definitely irritate it so I am avoiding those. Dr prescribed 30 neurotin and I guess I just keep taking three a day until they are gone...hopefully by then the symptoms will subside. It has definitely gotten better but days 4-7 were the worst for me.
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Ok. U do not appear to be a large person, average size or less, is that correct? You had two areas done? Was that just two times the appliances was applied? Once to each side? How long was it applied to each spot? Did they hand massage or was there another appliance used for a after massage? Sorry 4 being so nosey.
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No, I am 5 1", 113 lbs, but a bulge from having three babies...petite build. It just stays around my belly and butt area. I have two areas, a "v" shaped area with two small applicators on the same day. Each lasting one hour. I will be heading back for a second treatment on the Same areas mid may. Yes, hand massage approximately 5 minutes long on each side after applicator was removed. The one thing I didn't see was the butter bar, as they call it, after the applicator was removed. My tummy just fell back into place. Hope that doesn't mean it will not work for me. According to the nurse I was the perfect candidate. Ideal size, workout often and eat right but have an area of stubborn fat that I cannot budge. Hope this helps :)
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I hope that it worked for you. I have seen both pro and cons on on colorfully. Keep us informed.
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Added another picture today. I am still on the neurotin and honestly ice still feels wonderful and hot baths still suck...but I bet that will get better too :)).
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