Over 1 year later post explant in MA-no lift

I too, have been stalking this website for many...

I too, have been stalking this website for many months now. My story begins in TX where 15 years ago I had saline implants below the muscle placed. At that time, I had felt self-conscious and "inadequate" due to my smaller breasts. I felt like I was incomplete and in my mid 20s, found a surgeon and had the BA. I had always been very sensitive about the topic, so only a few friends and my parents even knew about it. I went from a 34 A to smaller 34 C.
Fast forward 9 years later and I am married and looking forward to the birth of my daughter. I struggled to breast feed her and then figured out with the 2nd daughter that the one breast with mild capsular contracture had a decreased let down response. I finally figured out a technique with my lactation consultant, but it was a ton of extra work-not the easy "bonding" experience with my then baby I had hoped for.
I'm now 40 years old, parts of my body are getting older, but I have the breasts of a 25 y.o.! They don't fit with my body, my personality or my life's values and I am now even more self conscious about being "found out" and avoid bathing suit opportunities (back to where I started!). I also am now the mother of 2 young girls and I want to be a better role model for my girls. They are a good motivation! :)
I'm in the medical field and contacted my PCP who CC'd me on an email to the head breast PS at my hospital. He gave me the name of another PS at a practice outside my hospital system and the consult went pretty well (was expecting the worst). Looking at removing both implants, no capsulectomy (scar tissue is fairly thin to the left CC) and no lift-I feel like I've tortured my breasts enough already and a little 40 y.o. sag is not the end of the world! I also had my first mammogram post BA. For those of you considering removal, a mammogram with implants is VERY uncomfortable-I was so sure they would pop during the procedure with all the extra views they had to do. And now I will have to do this every year (recommended after 40)?!
Do I regret having them done originally-no, but they are not what I want now in my life and I wish I had been more informed of the long-term issues/conflicts with BA. I'm waiting for the final quote and then will schedule surgery date and post pics. This website has given me the reassurance and the confidence to move forward with things...thanks!

One of my big anxieties is my husband-he met me...

One of my big anxieties is my husband-he met me post implants & his previous girlfriends were aways busty. He is going along with it, but isn't exactly excited-not sure if it is because of smaller breasts or the expense. Time will tell...
I'm beginning to get really nervous about the clothes-will I still be able to wear things that flatter my "real" figure? I'm amazed & saddened at how many women on this website were teased about their small chest growing up-you rarely hear of boys or men being teased for their small penis (or dare make fun of themselves). I hope my girls will be tougher & smarter...
Sad to say my 20 year old daughter STILL wants a boob job even after all I have been through! She is beautiful and I am not just saying that because she is my daughter. No matter how much I tell her nothing is going to change but her bra size and that is if everything goes well! She may hate them like lots of women here do, she could be one of the ones who gets deformed, heaven forbid! Why do we do these crazy things to ourselves?????? I am not that worried that she is going to run out next week to get one she does not have money saved. So I just shake my head. I have shown her the pictures on here of implants gone bad and on youtube what the surgery is like. When she was little she used to always scrunch her nose and ask why I had to have big boobs. Now she is wanting them herself argh. If I could turn back the clock. Boobs were not my hubbys thing but let my legs fall off and I'd be in trouble! I get your anxiety over what your husband likes and thought he was getting for the long term. Hopefully there is much, much more that he has found in you that he could not possibly care that much to make you feel bad, we do that enough ourselves. Hugs to you, we are more than boobs and bra sizes!!!
Question to the group...how many of you have "shared" this website with your spouse/partner? My husband knows I have been checking out the website regularly since joining in preparation for explant. He was expressing some curiosity. Has anyone else shared the pics/stories on the website? I haven't yet as I feel a little protective of it-this website has been a source of real inspiration and camaraderie.
I didn't specifically say come and sit down with me and lets look at what might be my results. I was on it hours and hours and I would make a comment here or there. He didn't really say much other than to say "get the dam things out" and let me do all the looking and research I felt I needed to do. I would tell him all of my options, like getting a lift or not, or getting new implants put in. I think he was glad I found a place that could give me the answers and encouragement I needed. He was shocked at first when I told him I posted pics on here until I said it didn't have my face in them and it was for a great cause not some freaky thing.

I had a follow-up/pre-surgery consult with my PS...

I had a follow-up/pre-surgery consult with my PS today. I have to say, I like him even better now that at the first visit. He came highly recommended and seems to know the procedure well (thanks for all your education, ladies!). Reassuring, because as a nurse, I had my own set of questions :)
Shared some of the visit details with my husband this PM and was a little disappointed that he didn't show more interest. I am getting really nervous about the amount of breast tissue that will be left and will I be able to pull this off without completely changing my wardrobe or having to come clean to with co-workers (where I spend most of my time outside of family). It will be what it will be...
Thank you to all the women who have so bravely shared their stories, their triumphs and their sorrows. I will be closely checking in to the website as the time draws closer.
I am 34 and have had my implans for 8 yrs now. I have been thinking of gettin them out for a while now. I'm tired of being the girl w the big chest. I never should've gotten them in the first place but now that I'm a mom, I just don't want these things anymore. I have 550cc and I'm a DD. which doesn't look crazy on me bc I'm 5'7" and 140 lbs but its funny how priorities change over the years. I've been debating explant vs smaller implant but I almost just want to be done with these things. Do y'all feel the same way?
I know what you mean about keeping things secretive. I had my BA when my sons were very young...they are grown men with families of their own now and my oldest son was told this past weeken. He said he knew I had them cuz remembered hearing a conversation years ago. I was surprised And relieved since it wasn't a total shock. I still need to talk to my younger son who is out of town this week. Neither of them lives where I do. I originally went to the PS 28 years ago for a lift and he talked me into BA. I have had regrets for so long about it. I will be having explant April 12th. I can't wait to have this behind me. I think for those of us that want them out nothing can stand in the way. We all think of how we will look after..we just have to have faith that things will work out. In the past several months on this site I can honestly say the natural breast looks so much better even if they are smaller. This forum has been a great support and has eased my mind in so many ways. Sounds like you have a great PS and I' m sure your outcome will be great. I will be thinking of you...keep us posted.

It's done! What a mix of emotions over the last...

It's done! What a mix of emotions over the last few days-less anxious about the implants & more about the removal. came across some other Websites about breast implant complications which was pretty scary. It should have reassured me that I was doing the right thing, but it also made me more worried about the surgery.
I had propofol for induction & then gas to keep me under. Felt some burning for a bit, but then took a Percocet & seems more dull now. I'm disappointed about the lack of breast tissue, but will need to keep thinking positive.
Just relaxing & taking it easy until my kids come home w/ hubby. I made it!

I finally know what was used for implants (didn't...

I finally know what was used for implants (didn't give me a card 15 years ago). McGhan, 230 ml overfilled to probably ~260+. I'm a nurse, so I'm kind of curious & will drain out my little "souvenir."

Thank you SO much for sharing. You're going to perk up and fluff out as you heal. I'm always amazed at the changes I see in the lady's pics after a few weeks. Please keep keeping us updated, and your husband better be taking good care of you! :)

Looking fantastic straight out of the gate! Emotions are probably all over the place at the moment, but you are going to have an excellent result when all is healed! So pleased for you- you did it (yay)! Can't wait to see your new pics!
Thanks so much BH-I need to be patient with myself which is tough to do. I am so grateful for people posting their pics so we can also watch the slow transformation of breast tissue. I will be at the 24 hour mark this afternoon so will finally take a shower and get another peek. Patience....and acceptance :)

Help! I am having some "buyer remorse." I am...

Help! I am having some "buyer remorse." I am definitely on a roller coaster of emotions. I was SOOO excited about getting the explant done and getting rid of these foreign objects, then terrified right before and now disappointed with the lack of breast tissue. I am so afraid of this not being a subtle change and having to explain to co-workers, etc. what I have done.
I know in my head I have done the right thing, but I think my heart is taking a little longer. I see my husband and kids having to juggle things around me which doesn't help with the guilt factor. I pray that the fluff fairy does visit me and that I slowly find more acceptance with my decision.
Hi! I felt the same way. I was up and down for the first 3 weeks. I looked almost exactly like you after explant. They have fluffed up quite a bit. Just give it some time. It was so hard not to pick my almost 2 year old up and interacting with him was difficult I felt so guilty of all the money and time I'd taken up. In the end, it was all worth it. I feel so much better! I hope you do too!
i think that its too fresh still, give it some time to heal wear a good compression bra. It takes time for everything to get back in place. You did something good for your health.
Congrats that it is over. The first results can be a little dissapointing but as you know from all the wonderful stories here that things change daily with your breasts as they recover from the explant. It does get better and better and keep reminding yourself of all the reasons you wanted them out in the first place. My implants were huge compared to yours and my breasts have bounced back from that first few days of "what have I done!" look. Many hugs to you and keep us posted on how you are doing, there will be some down moments but the ups will quickly win over :)

72 hours post explant-very little soreness...

72 hours post explant-very little soreness (primarily in the AM), so just taking Tylenol as needed & Percocet before bed (might as well use them up!). Going out to run some easy errands & back to work in 2 days.
Hubby checked in w/me last night-had a little cry. I had to explain to him that I have gone from a C to an A cup-very little weight gain since pre-implants. I have a sis in law w/cancer, so I'm trying to keep everything in perspective. This was for my health & the self-esteem of my daughters. Used the time off to get taxes done. Yippee!!
You look beautiful!
I can't believe you last picture is just 72 hours! Wow, you look great - happy for you =)
I think u look awesome and seriously, thank u for posting these bc it helps so much to see pics and know this is doable!! I also don't want to get a lift when I explant. I'd rather wait and give it time and see what happens naturally. And my implants are 550cc (yikes). But I started as a C so hopefully I still have some decent tissue around since my weight has remained relatively stable throughout and I have one child but didn't even attempt breastfeeding and they look just as they did before pregnancy. But again, thanks for sharing and I'm digging all the positive vibes here! :)

Thank you to all the wonderful feedback-I'm...

Thank you to all the wonderful feedback-I'm grateful I am not the only one going through this :). I'm on Day 5, no pain issues & really recovering quite well. I wish what I saw in the mirror was the same as what I see in the picture.
I went back to work today in my tight jogging bra & ace wrap. I haven't really noticed any swelling (I've been pretty faithful w/the regimen) & trying to limit upper extremity movement. It looks like the skin has retracted some, so a little less droopy, but I have completely lost the upper breast volume. I'm going to go for an official measurement in a few weeks & plan on spending some decent $ on good bras. The emotional recovery is definitely a bit slower...
I hope your first day back at work went well! I had my first day of classes yesterday and I was exhausted but got through it. I wore the big Star Wars muscle shirt you can see in my pics and nobody noticed :D ok you need to share more pics explant sister, we are just a day apart, I am still not seeing much change on myself but trying to be patient it's only day 5. Ok, happy continued healing :)
All right...more pics! Followed your example with the cami & tried on a bunch of tops-very different experience. Looks like I will be looking at smaller shirts in the future :)
Yay!!! Your boobies are simply lovely! Yes, time for some tight tops to show off your figure!

One week update-I'll keep this short as my kids...

One week update-I'll keep this short as my kids are home. I'm faithfully wearing my jog bra (with some padding) & Ace bandage. Feeling really good w/no pain & slightly sore in AM (often felt that way w/implants) but resolves without intervention. I'm having quite a bit of difficult w/the transient wardrobe (completely flattened out w/bandage), but trying to keep focused on one day at a time. I even tried on one of my old bras to imagine what I would need with my "new size." A little disappointed, but not as much as previously.
Amazing all the great resources out there nowadays! I saw links from this website for http://www.shop.ittybittybra.com/
With lots of great options. I will try to post useful info as I come across it.
PS-I tried the bounce test earlier-I really jiggle now when I jump-they look REAL!!
Wow they look fabulous and they really perked up after just a few days!! Congrats :)
Thanks s much- love your log in arm! :)
Oops-"log in name" :)

Hi everyone, I am waiting to update my my "worth...

Hi everyone, I am waiting to update my my "worth it" status after I am out of compression & a little further along. It is tough going back to small breasted, but it will be easier to adjust when I can wear a real bra & have hubby's feedback (post explant & period now :)
One thing I am noticing is increased sensation or awareness-I almost feel like a frequent, mild let-down reflex from breast feeding. Anyone else relate? I am day 11-I feel like I could go out for a jog, but this is a good reminder that there is till some healing to take place & still laying low (except for work & a few errands). I see PS next week for 2-wk check-up. Interesting...
You look great! Nice and perky! :). I have quite a scarf collection (ann taylor has nice gauzy ones as the weather's getting warmer) and have been wearing them to help mask my transition while I'm at work... My mom says that as the weather gets even warmer that people will just think I've lost weight... LOL :). Padded bras will likely help too. The emotional/mental recovery truly has been the toughest, but I believe we'll all get past it. Hang in there! :)
I'll check out Ann Taylor-I like their clothes. Thanks!
Perfect description on the sensation!!

I am SOOOO excited! I went for a shopping trip &...

I am SOOOO excited! I went for a shopping trip & it went REALLY well! I went in armed w/new shopping advice-as someone had quoted from "What Not to Wear"-more important to "find clothes that flatter your body vs. your body flattering the clothes." So I did it :)
I went in looking for tops that had ruffles or volume at the bust (including pockets). I began to notice my slender long neck & narrow waist-not surgically enhanced! I like clothes, but not shopping, so I tend to do a lot of on-line shopping & realized that trying them on (in bulk) makes a huge difference. I usually wear a medium, but the smalls fit better-as well as across the shoulders, etc. I probably will be wearing things that actually FIT better. I'm sure this is the same as my large-busted explant friends who spent years "hiding" their chest.
I tried them on minus the bra to make sure they looked OK-I figured they could only look better. I did buy 1 push-up 34 A bra that helped when I put my tight fitting sweater back on. My handfuls jogging bras arrived & they look great! All very reassuring now that I am a smaller size-options are good!!
I highly recommend a wardrobe "reassessment" post explant. I went to Kohls as I intended to buy in bulk-had no idea you can spend >$300 there! Investment in my explant confidence :)
You look wonderful...isnt it amazing to see how resiliant the body and skin can be!
I'm jealous of your "cleavage" line-I'm going to start working on my pecs (now that I can again) and see if I can create maybe a little divot :)
How r u doing, Bronwen?

What a journey! What an eventful 6 weeks-surgery,...

What a journey! What an eventful 6 weeks-surgery, death in the family, family trip...I need to catch my breath.

CONs to Explant:
1) Adjusting to changing body image. I wasn't prepared for how little tissue I would have and the concavity of my upper breasts (found out after it was d/t fat atrophy from the saline implants-ugh!!).
2) Guilt and anger that if I had left my breasts alone, they actually might have been bigger on their own
3) Getting over disappointment and moving forward

PROs to Explant:
1) I'm free! No more worrying about people realizing I have implants and worrying about it every time someone hugs me, hug my kids, touch my chest, etc.
2) No more worries about them accidentally deflating at an inopportune time
3) No more worries about the trauma of mammograms
4) I now know what MY breasts feel like-wasn't always sure with the implants
5) After feeling a bit self-conscious, sex is great! Skin on skin minus the chest bags feels AWESOME!

Since I obviously didn't come to terms with body image before implants, I've started repeating a mantra every time I start to have negative thoughts..."I'm healthy, I'm feminine, I'm beautiful..." etc. I'm getting there, and I don't have to worry now what kind of role model I will be someday when my girls are older.
In the beginning, I needed this website every day, but I'm doing better now. It is reassuring to know that I am not alone.
Good luck to my explant sisters-it is worth the ride :)
Great Review!! I just explanted today and it helps to read someone's complete journey! you look great!
Perfect words...I'm healthy, I'm feminine, I'm beautiful. Keep up the positive thinking! The great thing about being in our 40's is confidence and wisdom. Big boobs don't make us sexy. The way you carry yourself and that happy look in your eye are what's attractive.
God bless you!! Thanks for that so true!

Over 1 year later in MA

Over 1 year later in MA-with pics...

What a year it has been! I just wanted to say thank you to all my "sisters" in this explant journey. There are so many more of you now than there was even a year ago. I had my implants removed March 27, 2013 almost 15 years to the day that I had them put in. It was such a long time ago when I had mine-in my 20s, single before kids and breastfeeding. As I got older (and hopefully wiser), I wanted to feel natural again and be rid of the saline bags that made me feel phony. Plus, I want to project a positive image to my 2 young girls.
The last year has been filled with ups and downs. I've gone through periods where I have been happy and content with my natural self and then will go through periods where I get stuck and get fixated on the breast thing again. I can do so much more with the implants out-I'm in a regular exercise routine and training for a 7 mile race this summer. I enjoy the natural bounce and the "divet" between my cleavage that I never recognized was there. The smaller size and feeling less feminine has waxed and waned.
I noticed I began to have more of the negative self-talk shortly before the 1-yr anniversary-did I do the right thing? Funny enough, I had a dream where I had implants put in and I remembered feeling SOOO disappointed in the dream that I had caved in to my vanity. Getting back on the website has been helpful periodically and I'm feeling back on track now. My marriage is stronger and my husband seems to have adjusted fine (based on our sex life) to the much smaller natural breasts. I no longer need to worry about hugging people, mammograms (such a breeze this time around!), feeling fake, and causing further injury to my body.
Has it been emotionally challenging-yes...it is worth it-YES!
Good luck to all of you :)
thank you. you just made me cry... I'm to the point I look on this site everyday, I want this removal to happen tomorrow. BUT then I don't want to look bad or have to recover. lately I can't even sleep at night. I love reading everyone's story and I love that everyone is saying it IS worth it.
Richard Montilla, MD

I went into this experience assuming I would have to convince the plastic surgeon into taking out my breast implants. My first consult visit with Dr Montilla was fine-he listened to my concerns and questions and didn't pass judgement as to why this was so important to me. Anina, his M.A. was also great. The 2nd time I saw him he seemed even more personable and I was really impressed. He seemed to know the procedure well and spent a long time with me discussing the world of BA. One of his office staff who handled the billing/paperwork portion was a bit difficult to contact, follow-through, etc. or I would have given the entire office/surgical experience 5 stars. A difficult and emotional journey to take...

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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