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After taking advice from the Realself community, I...

After taking advice from the Realself community, I finally went for a TCA 30% peel. It was applied at my doctor's office (he is a plastic surgeon) on Tuesday morning. It's Sunday and the last part of the dead skin peeled off my face this afternoon. I am very happy with the result since the general state of my skin has visibly improved, the fine lines around my eyes, my mouth and on my forehead are gone!
The process was pretty painful for 10 minutes, unpleasant for 5 days since your face turns brown and crunchy, but it is sincerely worth it. I have been applying in thick layers Cytolnat Centella skin cream over my face until now.

Here are some before/after pics.
Goodness what a great result. I'm planning a 30% peel in a few weeks as Obagi hasn't done anything for me. I can't understand why so many people do this themselves - TCA is dangerous in inexperienced hands. Just a question, did they apply it right up to the lash line under your eyes? Your peel seems to have dealt with deeper wrinkles than you would expect.
Wow you look great! I have just tried a home 20% tca. Might try 30% next time if I'm brave enough.
Thank you for sharing the photos! It looks like you got good results. How is your pore size after the peel? Im not sure the peels help with that or not.
Dr Jacquin

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