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Back Lift W/ Liposculpture (Upper Thighs, Hips, Upper Flanks) - Lynnwood, WA

I had got a TT done last May (2011) and decided to...

I had got a TT done last May (2011) and decided to go back to get the other half of my lower body done. Had my surgery on the 26th of March (2013). All went well. I am 3 days PO and still hurting but getting around okay. It is bruised quite a bit so I am just not really sure yet what it will look like but I am 100% positive it will look way better than what it did look like. I went back to the docs the next day to get it cleaned and some pics taken but I have not seen it since. I was told to wait until Saturday and I could change the dressings and everything. That is tomorrow so I will have some more pics.

Although it is hard for me to see past the bruising and the pain, my husband assures me I look amazing!!! The doc did take a pic of it while I was on the operating table before the bruising and boy did it look good. Can't wait until I am back to that point. haha! I will post more pics for you all tomorrow when I get some!

Just read that I put May of 2011. I meant May 2012 :P

Just read that I put May of 2011. I meant May 2012 :P
HA! No, The pain has not been all that bad. I am down to 1 painkiller every 6-8 hours. I only took 1 last night and slept through the whole night. I am up and walking around. It was beautiful out all weekend so I did get to go for a little walk to the end of my street and back. It took me a while and it's only about 4 houses, but I made it and was fine! :D We also went out for a drive and just looked around a few stores. Sure beats staying in the house all day. I am a very active person so this downtime is very hard for me!!! I noticed that the tummy tuck was harder on my body. This hurts, don't get me wrong, but the tummy tuck hurt SOOOO much worse. Plus it killed my back because I couldn't stand up straight for 3 weeks and then finally going on the 4th week I could get myself up. I can't sit up at a 90 degree now even in my car I have to recline the seat. The docs said that they did 4.5 inches of lift on my butt. I don't know if that is a lot, but it sure sounds like a good amount of lift. haha. 4 inches higher than it was before! lol. I wouldn't worry too much about the pain. I don't feel too much pain, it's more uncomfortable rather than painful. I am still having a bit of a hard time getting up from laying down or laying on the couch. I also cannot bend over at all and that is the HARDEST part. My husband has to go back to work next Monday and then on the 14th he is leaving for a 5 month deployment. I sure hope I can bend over by that time because I have 2 small children I have to take care of!! That is my only concern. He wasn't suppose to leave until the 21st, but the military likes to randomly change his deployment schedules....and it's always longer deployment time, never shorter. lol. I should be getting more pics today. My appointment is at 3 pm. I will try to get some posted for you to see! Thanks for taking in interest in my journey on here.

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Wow, even with your 1-day post-op pics, you can still see such a difference from the before photos! If you don't mind me asking, why did you get the Body Lift and TT? Had you lost a large amount of weight?

Hello Kirsty, I have posted a long story on the TT side that I just didn't feel like writing it all again. haha! Here is the story I posted about a year ago about me. http://www.realself.com/review/mount-vernon-wa-120-lbs-weight-loss-tummy-tuck-time But to answer your question I lost 120 lbs. :)

I will post pictures soon. It it isn't letting me...

I will post pictures soon. It it isn't letting me post anything. Blarg!

Okay, so I finally was able to upload some more...

Okay, so I finally was able to upload some more pics up!!! while I am here I guess I will post about how things are! So I was allergic to the adhesive they put on me at the dr's office to keep the heart leads on during surgery. I had an allergic reaction but it didn't spread until yesterday. My shoulders, right arm, and now heading down my chest is all red, itchy and bumpy all over. UCK! I went to the docs yesterday and they gave me some benadryl, prednisone, told me keep putting the hydrocortisone cream on it. It's not getting better so I have to go back to my regular doc and see what is up with it tomorrow. It kinda really sucks!!!
Got a question. After 8 days can you sit up right in a chair or car yet? If so, how does your skin feel on your back? Is it pulling or still numb? Thanks for the info.
You look fantastic! I hope my surgery turns out as good as yours! Thanks for posting the pictures and sorry about the reaction to the adhesive, hope that clears up soon for you. I got two weeks until my turn, can't wait! Tess
I am happy for you! Please share your journey and pics with us so we can shower you with compliments on how great you look! :) Are you getting any liposculture with your back lift? I didn't get any with my tummy tuck but the doc said he always does it with the back lift to make sure they get the most skin cut off as they possible can!

Today I am 6 weeks 5 days PO and I am doing great....

Today I am 6 weeks 5 days PO and I am doing great. My lower back is still swelled but I figured that is normal. I am having some problems with some of the staples poking through my skin on my left side. Besides all of that, I look and feel amazing. I was able to start working out 5 days ago. Very slowly. It's going to take me a little bit to get back into the swing of things. My husband is currently deployed and when he gets home in August, I am going to look so different! I look forward to seeing his face when he looks at me. All my hard work I put into my body for years....he will finally see. It really makes me so happy to know I finally will look beautiful on the outsides as I feel on the inside. Even though my husband always told me I was beautiful, I am finally able to feel that way too.

It's funny, my mother said that she just doesn't understand why I could not feel beautiful before? Why did it take 13 grand and 2 painful surgeries to make me feel beautiful? The fact is, I have never felt beautiful.

Growing up, I was called fatty, moo cow, moo beast, hippo, lardo among other things and this was all by my own family members. We used to tease each other and I was always the "strong" one. I would never show emotions at all around other people. I didn't even like to show that I was happy. Every single Christmas picture I look at from when I was younger, I was the only one not smiling. I was afraid to be happy. Weird huh?

All throughout my entire lift, I was a big girl. I was 3 years old and 50bls. In the 3rd grade I was 145 and then in 6th grade I was 170lbs....all through HS I was well over 200. Between 220-240. I went off to college and got to be 280lbs. I weigh more in my adult life than I did when I was a kid. How sad is that? I ask you, could you be happy knowing you were the biggest girl in your school? Thinking all throughout HS that you would never have a family and no one would ever love you because you were so fat and gross? That is how I felt. I never told anyone how I felt because I didn't want them to look at my as being weak. I literally did not know how to lose weight. It was so hard. My parents rewarded us with food. My mom grew up starving so she never wanted her kids to be hungry so she let us eat whatever and whenever we wanted. I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was bored, I ate when I was sad. I ate all the time. I loved food. No one else helped me lose weight. I was all alone. It's hard for a little girl to lose weight when she doesn't know how to. When no one notices how sad she is inside because she knows there is this amazing person on the inside but doesn't know how to let her out. It was torture. So after losing 120lbs, the blood and sweat I put into it, I thought it was time to do something that was going to make me happier! :D

So yes, I am happy. 13,000 was cheap to finally feel this way. I would gladly spend it again. I would go though the pain all over. Because I will not live forever so the little bit of time I am here, why not be happy? Why not make it the best I can??? So I stopped caring what other people thought and how they think less of me because I had this procedure done. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE WHAT YOU THINK. I care what I think and I think all you judgmental people should take more time worrying about yourself and your life and stop worrying about what I am doing with mine!
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe Dr. Wortham, Dr. Peterson and the entire staff at Cosmetic Surgical Arts. I had gone to several different doctors before my husband and I decided to chose Dr. Wortham to give me a back lift to complete my lower body lift. He is very experienced and professional. Answered every single question I had and never made me feel as if I was stupid for asking them. He is very straightforward and trustworthy. Not to mention how clean the office and surgical areas were and how cautious the staff and surgeons were to maintain that cleanliness for our safety. I am only 1 week PO and thus far the results are breathtaking. I look like I have a brand new body. I will never go to any other plastic surgeon. PHENOMENAL!

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