Mentor Breast Implants in 1990

I would not do it if I had it to do again. Small...

I would not do it if I had it to do again. Small boobs are just fine. I had them put in when I was going through a divorce and everyone in my family already had them.

I had breast implants in 1990. They are Mentor breast implants and do not have my original paperwork (which means I do not have the serial numbers). Is there a way to find out what the serial numbers are and the size put in? I know the name of my doctor but he has since retired.


Lori, do what you can, but don't try to be superhuman about it. If you can get the info, great, and if not, your surgeon will have to work without. It certainly wouldn't hurt to get a couple more consults with other board certified plastic surgeons to get their take on the matter. Wild speculation, but would a mammogram help provide some useful details for your surgeon? Ordinarily I would think the surgeon, armed with skills and experience, will be able to take an approximate guesstimate at what you have, and work from there during surgery. This presumes that he uses sizers during surgery and has a reasonable variance of implant sizes he can select from, once he's determined the appropriate size. (Not to mention that he should be able to get a reasonably accurate measurement of your 'good' implant after it's been removed, through the miracle of science known as volumetric displacement.) Just be clear in your goals; if you're really done with the implant thing, fine, but it sounds a bit like you were reasonably content, and merely had the sort of bad experience which makes you want to take every precaution to avoid repeating. And who wouldn't? I know I wouldn't want to lay down a chunk of change every time someone poked my body and had an 'oops' moment. One way to mitigate a future rupture is to be crystal clear with whomever is examining you, doing biopsies, etc. You don't say whether you're considering cohesive gel implants, but they tend to be MUCH more forgiving in the event the shell does get ruptured. Something to consider...?

It is also easier said than done to just decide to remove our breast implants.I am one who did have my implants removed because of a near deadly infection from them. (most likely from the surgical drain that was placed in my breast for over 3 weeks)It seems that everytime I give my surgeon the benefit of the doubt, I come out of surgery with a problem.I have chosen to move on to another surgeon because I will never be satisfied until a caring, non judgemental surgeon can make things right for me.I am trying to express our need for understanding from our questions we post about our bad experiences.Most of us (want to keep our breast.)
The implants are extremely easy to remove with zero recovery. It can be done under local anesthesia also. You do not need to know the serial numbers at all either to do this.
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He has retired.

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