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I have rolling acne scars on my cheeks and I am...

I have rolling acne scars on my cheeks and I am currently doing Laser Fraxel treatments.
I am about to go for my 5th treatment. It works great for fine wrinkles (I am 30+), less breath taking for acne scars.
Nevertheless I see an improvement. For next winter I was thiking to resume those treatments but I am still not sure.
Should I invest in a Dermabrasion for next winter or will 5 more fraxel treatments provide me the same result?
I would rather prefer fraxel as it is very easy and has no downtime.

PS: I noticed that using dermatix as a gel after fraxel kind of really improves the texture of the skin (but the redness stay longer, hurray for mac foundation!)


David have you thought of doing a round of Accutaine? That was the only medication that stopped acne cycle I was on and they never came back. Miracle cure as far as I am concerned!
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there is a danger of volume loss with Fraxel (due to localised heating and tissue death) which you may not notice when you are younger. Please bare this in mind
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never heard about this. thank you for the tip

Dual Fraxel

This next time I will ask for a Dual Fraxel on my left side. I have some brown spots and a melasma there. Lets test the difference.


I did Accutaine when I had active acne. I don't have that anymore. Actually Accutaine is partially responsible for aggravating acne scarring because of its radical effect. To young guys with acne I totally advise to have the sebum controlled by topical creams instead of antibiotics when possible. "Menemoy" for instance on oily skin types. I don't have acne problem anymore but now the problem is the worst one known from on the beauty world: scars.

5th treatment

My 5th treatment was easier than all the others. the readness went a way in 3 days only. Again the skin improved slightly its texture.
I am having a hard time to take photos as when I take a photo you cannot see my scars. the light of the flash makes then disapear and a weak like does not spot them. They are still there.
I will still post a photo before and then within 3 months from now. I don't have high hopes on this. I am starting to think that tecnology still needs to evolve alot in the area. My guess is that the idea of micro graffing and stem skin cells should be the way. I will give it more years and start investing on things that are fully developed already. So basically: "not sure", you might as well invest on a dermaroller and have the same effect.

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Photos Fraxel Restore



Thanks for posting your pictures, I look forward to hearing from you with your final results. 
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I will post more: 1 in one month, and another one in 3 months (the least one is after having a refill of radiesse on my cheekbones)
Perfect :)

Restore Fraxel for Rolling Acne Scars (Oily skin)

No major change, better texture, less visible scars, don't understand what all the fuss is about, same as dermaroller I would say

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Fraxel Restore for Rolling acne scars (Oily Skin)

Fraxel Restore for Rolling acne scars (Oily Skin)

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Fraxel Restore for Rolling Acne scars (Oily Skin)

Skin improvement but nothing spectacular. Don't waste your money. It might work for very light scars. It gives skin improvement and works for fine lines. Don't understand what all the fuss is about.

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It is not worth it

Trying for the last time to update my review to "not worth it" - Fraxel restore on acne roling scars


Hi Davide, thank you for sharing. I have been reading comments related to Fraxel treatment and hoping to find some case similar to mine. I am in China. I paid for 5-time dermaroller (original $1419. after discount is $1135). will start taking it from September. Because I am afraid there will be much redness for days or even allergy after treatment in a hot summer.After reading your posts, I have taken off CO2 fraxel, exopeel, dermabrasion off my lists. I am looking forward to my treatment in Sep. At the mean time, I am also looking forward to seeing your results. Please keep us posted.
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The Fraxel that I tried was restore. I will try Fraxel repair in the winter time this year.
Fraxel restore is not aimed at Acne scars. You gotta do Fraxel repair and at the following setting: 70mj 60%. However, ask your doctor first if this setting is right for you considering your skin tone and location of the scars. Honestly, i would never do Fraxel repair on any other area than my nose. Everything else seems too risky at those settings. If you're in Europe, go to the UK. They have something called "Avita Recell" that they can combine with Fraxel Repair. IT WORKS WONDERS!!! Basically here is what will work the best for you: Go to the United Kingdom get treated with fraxel repair at 70mj 60% ( if the doctor thinks it's safe) in conjunction with Avita Recell and that will bring the most improvement. Good luck dude!
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Serguei Volodine

One of the fine doctors (using laser) here in Europe. He has worked in LA before.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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