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I have gone through hundreds of needles on both...

I have gone through hundreds of needles on both legs to remove clusters of spider veins at the vein clinics of America in Baltimore , only to have many many new spider veins come out. I finished my treatments and to follow up in 3 months I pay out of pocket $300.00 each visit for 20 mins on each leg. I am afraid this is going to become a never ending story and I am running out of money. any ideas out there?
I had about 20 or treatments in a span of 4 months and the pain was almost unbearable and they billed my ins. co over $100,000.00 My out of pocket is over $2,000.00 and my legs are a terrible mess and I am in constant pain.
You're welcome. I hope the moderators enourage deatils and not sympathinzing in the comments...."Just the facts mam".
@Stevie Girl: Thanks for posting so much detailed information!
Vein clinics of America

The doctor seem to do a good job, I am just concerned why veins are treated and new apear.

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