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Too early! Answer this is my nose crooked? I am...

Too early! Answer this is my nose crooked? I am concerned that I won't get the results discussed. I had my procedure Oct 2013 I had a deviated septum rhinoplasty etc. the surgeon said see you in a year on my 90 day which was a few days ago Feb27,2014 my surgery was Oct2013. So I have to wait a year and 5 months. Why should I wait yes the swelling is off and on. Yes my breathing is some what heavy but I sleep better deviated septum was fix so. I don't know I just want the results promised.
Sorry but it does look like it's crooked to me. Maybe it's swelling. If you can't wait ho and consult another surgeon.
Oh don't be sorry, I asked a question thank you but please is it who or go maybe you can fix it the misspelled word I mean So you have a lot of history on real self!
I meant GO to another surgeon for a consult. Sorry for the confusion.

Is my nose crooked

Just photos today! I am trying to be patient but I also need medical advice, so I am scheduling to see someone but first I have talk to my surgeon I want to be sure that what I am seeing is not what he believes to be permanent.

Please I am so hurt, I feel like I was betrayed.

I posted some more pics, because this starting to mess with me emotionally. How can this be fixed, can it be treated or should I just wait like the doctor said. A year from now is Feb.2015 Is this realistic.
I got my nose done when I was 18. I do remember that the tip of it was swollen for a good year. It took a lot of time to calm down with swelling. I would sit and wait until your year mark. Once it hits that then see how you feel
Car coop Darling, I had that surgery when I was 22. I am now 33... Lol. Good timing of your post though because I am currently recovering from my second procedure to fix what Dr Freud did. My septum is no longer deviated, and even though I am only 8 days post op, I can breathe hell a lot crazy better then when Freund did the. I had such damage from falling surgery that my insurance paid for everything except 30. So 430, I got a perfect nose and can breathe better. 11 years of poor breathing finally gone. Dr Swamy at I know ridiculously awesome.
That's what I get for replying using the voice recognition feature. I now realize you were speaking to E. Miller, the originator of this thread, but like I said before, my nose had settled after 5 months. That was 11 years ago. One thing I love about Dr Swamy is he only saw one picture of the nose I wanted and he executed it with 110 precision. Dr Swamy is at INOVA Medical Center in Alexandra, VA..... 6355 Walker Lane is the address and he's worth the trip.
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Prompt, in and out but seemingly interested, asking questions only about breathing, not too concerned with results at this point. I ask him why my nose is crooked and He replied to me no ones nose is exactly the same, you won't believe this but your cheekbones are not the same on both sides and that it's too early. What can I do now, what if my nose is now crooked. My nose was not crooked.

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