I'm a 31 year old mother of 3 boys (13, 11, &...

I'm a 31 year old mother of 3 boys (13, 11, & 8) I have thought and wanted this for the last 8 years if not longer. I have also opt to have Breast implants at the same time get it all done in one shot. I knew we were done having children and wanted to be able to wear a bathing suit w/o sucking my belly in so I didn't look like I was 4 months pregnant. The stretch marks didn't really bother me, it was all the extra skin that made me very insecure. In clothes you cant tell b/c over the years you learn how to hide it very well.

I have been a major ball of emotions since scheduling my surgery date which is now 17 days away. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I wish I could just fast forward to the 26th. My husband has been such a great support system to me and I think he is just as excited to see the New Confident Me.

I have had 2 c-sections and I'm planning the pain to be about the same maybe a little more with the muscle repair. I don't do well on pain meds so I'm praying I will not have to take them that long. I feel like I have a high tolerance for pain but this is be a test for me.

I'm hoping to get some tip on what I should do for a fast recovery and make life easier for the few weeks after surgery.


Who is your dr?
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Dr Basner

Happy Friday - 2 weeks till I'm on the road of...

Happy Friday - 2 weeks till I'm on the road of flat tummy recover. I went Wednesday for my physical, I think that was went reality finally started setting in that I'm really going through with this. I feel like that is all I can think about. Doing the what if's in my head all day long, completely stressing myself out that I will forget things that I will need for after surgery/recovery.

I dropped off my meds to the pharmacy and went to 2 different ones that didn't have all of my pain meds. Can any one help me out if they used 2 different pain meds and if so which ones? I may just have to call my Dr. to see if they can get me something different.

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OMG...I'm totally freaking out 10 days till the...

OMG...I'm totally freaking out 10 days till the BIG DAY, and I get a call from my Primary Dr saying my blood work is back and my red cell count is very low and that I need to get on iron and Vit C asap. He has cleared me for surgery since it was the first day of my period but it's up to my PS now.

I'm really hoping they don't push it back I have everything lined up Hubby has taken off work to be home with me for the first 5 days.

Has anyone else had this happen and what was the outcome??

Plan on posting some before pics tomorrow.


Good luck!!!!
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Start taking the iron and vitamin C and you will be fine.  These build up in your system very quickly.  Hang on and all will work out well.

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Thank you fingers crossed and started them yesterday afternoon. Now my allergies are out of control calling today to see if I can take Zyrtec.

Ok so pics didn't happen yet....I know total...

Ok so pics didn't happen yet....I know total slacker...smh.

I was wondering if anyone else's PS gave them 2 different types of pain meds and if you used both of them. I'm having trouble getting one of them filled seems that they don't have it in stock or don't carry it.

Wondering if it's worth getting it filled? Thoughts anyone???


Thank you!!

Oh lord...

I DID IT!!!! I'm so Happy, I'm Working On Day...

I DID IT!!!!

I'm so Happy, I'm Working On Day 4 Post OP And The Swelling StaRted Yesterday Its Mainly In My Hips And Incision Area Started Taking Advil And That Seemed To Help. Hoping I Can Stand A Little Straighter Today.

Will Get My Before Pics From my Hubby to Post Later


You look great! I will be going to Dr. BASNER in Sept. What size implants did you get? Did you get a lift? How was it going home the same day? How long was the procedure?
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You look great!!!
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Thank You.

Day 11 - Boy Oh Boy has the swelling kicked in. I...

Day 11 - Boy Oh Boy has the swelling kicked in. I feel like a stuffed sausage in my compression garment...UGH. Advil isn't helping, walking around isn't helping nothing is helping. I hope I don't PoP!!!

Other than the swelling feeling pretty good drove for the first time yesterday not as bad as I thought. Today is my first day back to work which could relate to the swelling will prob head home soon. Very uncomfortable right now.

Happy Monday TT Friends


Are you using a binder that they gave you? When I am hurting from swelling, that relieves me so much. I love your last pic, sitting down and your stomach is flat. Our body type seems to be the same (which I find to be the sexiest, swear I am straight, lol) tiny contoured waist with some curve in the hips. I can't wait to see more pics and follow your journey.
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I have a compression garment on 24/7 unless I'm taking a shower. I'm sure it helps but just very uncomfortable once the swelling starts which is only in my hips and belly area. I head back to the Dr on Thursday wonder if my suit is to big and that is why the swelling is not going down.
He is an awesome Dr and his staff is great all the way around!!! Felt very comfortable with him and he understood my ideal goal. He explained everything as if I would be going into the OR and doing the surgery myself which I really liked. Implant size is 405cc silicone gel and did not need a lift. Going home was fine it was the ride that took longer b/c we hit traffic on 695. I had 2 drains and a catheter. Procedure was about 3 hours long. What are you looking at getting done?

So I have made it 2 weeks. I'm loving my results...

So I have made it 2 weeks. I'm loving my results the pics are just moments ago and I'm a little swollen but you can barely tell. Happy that I don't have to wear my monkey suit aka compression garment anymore. I can start using the silicone scar sheets once the tape starts to come off next week. I'm walking straighter looking more normal. Even could finally sleep a little on my side last night and to be able to cuddle with my husband I sure have missed that.


You look really good.
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Thank you
You look great! Did you find you feel "lost" without the CG? I wonder why some have to wear for 6wks+ and others their PS say it's not necessary that long. Your scar is really nice - at least what's visible through the tape :)
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3 weeks nothing different in a week

Morning TT Friends - I've made it 3 weeks. Not much has changed in a week. I'm using my silicone scar sheets. Belly button scab is almost gone and took the paper tape off of my incision last night. It looks great super thin. Will have to post a pic tonight forgot to take one last night. I still have some swelling in the areas where lipo was done. So I went out and bought a spandex garment to wear during the day while at work.

I have had major trouble sleeping at night toss and turn cant get comfy I just want to get a good nights sleep When will that happen??. I'm a side sleeper and I cant seem to get comfy or relax. I feel really stiff when walking up. I sure do miss my sleep.

Anyone else had this problem? If so please give me some of your wisdom!!!


Your results are great! What size were you n how many Ccs did u get?
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You look amazing! I'm hoping for results like yours. Tummy and breasts look fabulous!
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Thank you very much. I would do this all over in a heartbeat. I'm sure you will look fabulous as well!!

3 week post OP pics


At 3 weeks I stayed in the recliner still. Im sleeping in the bed now with a pillow on eqch side of me . I lay on my side . Im a sstomach sleeper
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You look awesome!!!
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1 Month post op

I cant believe it's been a month already.

I'm feeling good and pretty much back to myself besides the areas where lipo was done. I have been sleeping much better since I can finally sleep on my side after a few mins of getting comfy. My sex life has returned with some gentle care from my hubby. Scar is looking really good starting to flatten out and lighten up. I think the silicone sheets have been help a great deal. I will post some pics tonight.

Happy Healing TT Friends!!!


You look great!!! You've got really amazing results!!! Congrats and happy healing!!
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Hey fireman wife... You can purchase the silicone sheets at Target or online at makemeheal.com
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Where can I get those silicone sheets at?
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bathing suit comparison

The Before Pic Isn't The Best But It Gives You An Idea


You look AWESOME in your bikini photo! I'm looking forward to that next summer! Just had my first consultation today and he recommended I go with 465 cc's and I'm a little freaked out I will end up looking like breasts on a toothpick! LOL.
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LoL, I totally understand what you mean. I felt the same way and still do in some of my shirts before the "GIRLS". I picked 405cc's and I'm still thinking they are on the bigger side but I guess bigger is better than too small..Right??
That's what I hear. At least it makes the hubby happy, right? My PS recommended Sientra, which there isn't a lot of info available on those, but the forward projection on the Silicone HP 465 is the same as the Allergan Naturelle Style 20 (HP) 400. So maybe I shouldn't be freaking out about the number. He said he recommends this style for Mommies because it fills in the upper pole without looking too big. I didn't think that was possible at 465, but I guess we'll have to wait 6 months to see!

6 Weeks Post OP

Made it 6 weeks clears to start working out again. Scar is looking great but my BB kinda looks like a Butt it's so tiny...LoL PS said to put a marble in there to help loosen the scar tissue and open it up. I looked at him like he was crazy and he laughed at me and said that he was serious and that it really works. I'm loving the results and feeling more back to my self everyday. Get to wear my bikini for the first time tomorrow we have a Birthday Pool Party for an old Friend. Cant wait to show off my new body..LoL.

Happy Healing TT Friends.


You have had really wonderful results.. look great
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You look amazing! Luv your results. What size breast were you before and what size r u now?
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Thank you very much. My breast size before was a 36 C as for now I'm not sure havent went bra shopping yet. Have been wear sports bra lately

8 Weeks Post op

Hi TT Friends - Well I made it 8 weeks and nothing major has changed since my last post. I have notices some minor swelling in my waist and hips these past 2 weeks. As well as a burning sensation, warm to touch issue going on. Guess the nerve endings are starting to walk up again. The marble trick hasn't been working for me as it seems I cant find anything small enough to fit in my belly button.

Any Suggestions please??


I got the email that you updated your review, but I can't see the update. :( Anyone else?
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You look so amazing, I'm thrilled for you!! Will you please remind me what volume cc's you got? Your waist is so small, I still have you as my wish list for final results. AMAZING! Sorry I do not have any advice for the BB, since I haven't done it yet I have no clue. :(
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Nevermind, I just reread your post on my review. Sorry, wasn't thinking clearly.

3 Months and Loving the results more everyday

Hello TT Friends - Wow I cant believe it's been a month since my last update. Where has the time gone and my summer. Just back from vacation in the OBX. Had a blast with my family and loved finally feeling good in my bikini. This is the first time is many many years that I felt sexy in a bikini.

I went to my FINAL Post op appointment on the 15th and was released. I was told to go back to my life as I knew it before surgery and to act like I never had this done. My scar is still pretty red most days but have been using mederma twice a day and while I was out on the beach I made sure I applied sunscreen of 50 on my scar. I still have a little bit of numbness on my sides and hips along with some hardness where some lipo was done but was told that should be gone by 6 months. Swelling has not been much of an issue if there is any I have barely notice which is great.

Happy Heal TT Friends


Humm. Do you have any before pics? my concerns are not only the implant showing but also rippling of the saline implant. One doctor said I would look deformed if I go behind the muscle
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oh, saline is an entirely different animal. Yes, if you are planning to use saline you would go above the muscle. But try to find before and afters that are SALINE cause the two look different. Good luck!

Before breast pics


Whoo-Hoo ! Hoot and holler!- you look great! Your scar is practically invisible....when did you start scar treatment? I saw the silicon scar sheet on your BB. Did your BB need any special attention, or did you have it overhead so just so it doesn't get "rub" by pants material and stuff.... The MARBLE didn't open up the BB it looks like...but all seems ok there ? Really cute little TWO PIECE!
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*covered BB (darn auto correct!)
Thank you a bunch. I'm in love with my body again..Ha Ha. I started the silicon sheets at 3 weeks po. My PS requested I use for BB as well. I could never keep the marble in the BB opening so I figured not going to let it get me down b/c it looks 10x better than before so why complain.

WoW....I cant believe it's been 4 months already.

Hi TT Friends

I didnt even realize it's been 4 months already. Time has flown by and I'm enjoying every moment of the New Me on the flat side. I havent even thought about having the surgery nor do I notice any swelling or pulling sensation. My scar is heeling really nice and it's still pink but for the most part it's very thin and hardly noticed these days.

It feels good to be in love with my body again. It just amazes me how unhappy I was when looking in the mirror everyday before I decided it was time for a change and to be happy in my own skin again always complaining how my clothes fit or looked. Now my only Complaint it they are all too big in the waist or are falling down b/c I dont have a belt on.

If you are still on the fence with your decision...Take the jump and Do it!!! You will not regret it. My thought was why did I wait so long to do this. My close friends who know i had this done can tell how much better I feel about myself and it shows all over my face these days will the smile and the confidence I have back.

Happy Healing TT Buddies.


So happy to hear that you are healing well!! Dr. Basner will be reshaping me in 3 weeks. I , too, will be a Basner Babe! Lol.(corny right)......but, you get the picture. I may even be able to wear a bikini:)
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I love Dr Basner he is so down to earth and a Great Surgeon !!! Plus he is very easy on the eyes....Ha Ha. I cant wait to follow your journey. I will send you a PM with my email so we can stay in touch.
Hi I was wondering what brand of silicone strips did you use...did you like one brand over the other? Also, how was the pain vs the csection?
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4 month Post Op Pics

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4 Month post Op Pics

These were taken 8/28/13.

17 1/2 weeks / 4 months post op


I am loving ur boobs they put 420cc in mine but I feel like they sint put nothing can I ssk u to look at my profile s nd see if urs syarted out like mine. I'm praying for boobs like urs I love them
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I think you look great! Your results are very different from mine. I seen that you did a lift with your implants where I just did implants. Every woman is different in what they want. I was very detailed with my PS, I explained that i wanted very natural not too big tatas. With having 3 boys and 2 of them teens I didn't want to look fake. Some woman like that but that wasn't for me. Did you take pics to your PS?
Looking great!!!
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Almost 11 months post op

Wow!! Where has the time gone??

I'm loving my results. One of the best things i could of done for me. I smile more, I'm happier in my own skin again. I have friends tell me is nice to see the natural smile instead of the forced one. If you are reading this and wondering if it with the money the pain. I say hell yes. I would do it all over again.

Will post recent pics soon

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updated photos


I have been so scared to actually do this and after looking at your results I think I'm being silly to be so scared. You look great! How are your scars? All healed up and faded? Still have any numbness or hard spots?
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Scars are great. Still a little pink. I have done numbness in my upper thighs but it's slowly coming back. Hard spots are gone. But I had my hubby massaging them for me. That really helped
You look fantastic!!!
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