BBL Surgery Schedule 11 Sept 2012 - Lutherville, MD

Hello ladies, so happy to be starting this journey...

Hello ladies, so happy to be starting this journey with you guys. I am a 48 year old retired Army Veteran who wants a better defined butt that compliants my body and age.

Over the last year, I lost 50 lb. I work out 3 days a week eat right but all the workout in the world is not defeating GRAVITY. I am scheduled to have my BBL surgery on 11 Sept 2012 with Dr. Rodriguez located in Lutherville, MD. Although most of you ladies seem to have your surgery performed in Florida by Dr. S, I decided to stay local because I have a 12 year old son who will just be starting the 7th grade.

Anyway, today I had my physical and blood work performed by Doctor's Express and all lab work came back good. I will upload some photos I took last week for my before shoots as soon as I figure out how to get them of my cell phone. Cheers

Hello my BBL ladies, today is my pre op...

Hello my BBL ladies, today is my pre op appointment with Dr Rodriques in Lutherville, MD. Am a little nervous have a few questions for him as I see that most of the Florida BBL patients get drainage tubes after their surgery and messages and Dr. R does not require this. His BBL procedures also take 8 hours. It is my understanding after speaking with his assistant that the 8 hours is because he uses such a small cannula when extracting the fat which leaves the fat cells intact vice using the larger cannula which destroys the fat cells. Anyway, I will get the answers from the Dr R. himself at 1100.

Peace and Blessings to everyone

Just left my pre op appointment with Dr Rodriquez...

Just left my pre op appointment with Dr Rodriquez All systems are a go for Sept 11, 2012. I did get some clarification from Dr. R regarding the questions I posted earlier today.

1. Drainage tubes: According to Dr. R tubes are not needed for his technique. It is my understanding that the tubes are used to drain excessive fluid that is created by using the larger cannula. The larger cannula creates large holes in your tissue.

2. Massages: According to Dr. R, massages are not needed for his techinque. It is my understanding that massages are only used if you have lumps or uneven skin variations after the BBL. Dr R. techinque does not cause lumps because of the delicate way he handles the fat cells. He gave me this analogy: If you have a beer can, and you put a small hole in the bottom of the can to drain the liquid out it will take a long time while maintaing a steady flow. HIs BBL procedure takes 8 hours with a small cannula and he only does 1 per day. This small steady flow is what helps keep the fat cells intact which means NO REDO.

Same beer analogy: If you have that same beer can and took a can opener and opened it across the top, you will get a large flow of liquid pouring out the can shorter time with larger cannula.

WARNING: This is my own personnal thoughts so please contact your PS for your understanding of your own procedure.


Last Comment: I did ask Dr. Rodriguez about the...

Last Comment: I did ask Dr. Rodriguez about the volume questions meaning how many CCs will he be using. He informed me that he will be use between 600-700 or 700-800 I forget which one, Anyway, He says anything in the 1200 range is not advisable because most of that is not viable fat being reinjected. (JUNK is what he called it), Which would count for some of the size reduction and redos.

Warning: This is only my opinion, my journey, please consult with your PS for your own procedure.

8 Days before BBL Surgery with Dr.Rodriquez...

8 Days before BBL Surgery with Dr.Rodriquez

Hey my BBL Ladies, today I took and posted some before Pics of my back side.



Hey my BBL Ladies.....tomorrow is the big day......

Hey my BBL Ladies.....tomorrow is the big are my before pics...


Hey ladies, this update will be short as I'm...

Hey ladies, this update will be short as I'm laying in bed on my stomach.(the worst) I never lay on tummy so I'm trying to get use to it.

Arrive at at 0645 am. They were happly waiting for me. To off clothes vital signs etc then had a chat with the sleep Dr anyway he laid into the OR got on the table arms streched out. Before I went to sleep they were playing the boom as music...haha anyway I called one of the nurses over and told her to remin dr R. That I donot want a Nicki Manja Botty..haha.

The surgery started at 0730 and my ride home told m they called her at 2:00pm. About 7 or 8 hours. I was able according to the nurse to sit on my butt for the short ride home.

At home I was so dizzy trying to stand up. I attempted to go upstairs to my room at least 7 times but it was a NO GO. I stayed on the coach the entire time. Only to pain meds twice. My butt does not hurt at all just my lower back plus lying on my stomach makes it worst.

Here are a couple of post op pics can't see much because the garmet is black. Oh, Dr. R uses no drains, no messages, no boards. Going back to sleep now.



Still to early to judge results. The discomfort is...

Still to early to judge results. The discomfort is nothing like Tumy tuck pain..

Hey Laddies, finally up and moving around. was...

Hey Laddies, finally up and moving around. was able to brush teeth, comb hair and a few other things and headed downstairs to the land of the living. The most difficult part of this recovery is sleeping on my stomach. My neck hurst so dang gone bad. Anyway was really dizzy day of surgery. Didnt get the memo that I should have been drinking gartorade the whole time to increase my electorlytes.

I'm still very swollen and unable to see my waist but my butt look My step daughter came over yesterday and I asked her if my butt looked big and she said

Post Op appointment is set for Monday 17 Sep and that is when I get this garment and padding taken off and can take a shower.
I posted these pics don't know if you can notice any difference with the black sweat pants and the black garment.

No Pain at all. took 2 Percs day o surgery and nothing since except the antibotics and amic.


Sept 23, Post Op Day 12, Hello ladies checking in...

Sept 23, Post Op Day 12, Hello ladies
checking in with a quick update. Today I wore my garment out under the most tightest dress I could find and went to the commissary on the military base. I turned so many heads with my new shape I literally say jaws dropping from men and

My recovery is going wonderful, still some tenderness and swelling but for the most part I'm doing greatbeing that it is only Day 12. My girlfriend came by today and said she could not stop looking at my She said it was perfectly shaped along with my enlongated waist. I love love love my results. Did I say I love my results? Dr. R. gave me exactly what I wanted, well defined waist and hips and butt to match (age appropriate of course).

I took 6 weeks off work and not due back until 16 Oct. I'm taking this time to recoup at home and hang out with my son. To be honest, I like not having to go to work...haha

Cheers ladies
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Hi Bmore. Dr R did my bbl 4 weeks ago. I love my figure now & I weigh exactly the same as before sx. I get tired around 5 PM and need to rest, but I'm getting better every day. Your figure looks great in your posted pics. I pi ked the Dr. because I am not do it this agsin!
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How are your results?
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Its been almost 2 years and my booty still looks great.
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Thats GREAT. After seeing the VMA (awards) last READY! Ive started my vitamins and purchasing compression garments. My round 1 was a breeze, NOTHING compared to the reviews. Im a little nervous due to my age. But im prepping 2-3 moths in ADVANCE.
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Unfortunately, I was never satisfied. Not that I didnt trust my surgeon. Him and his staff are PROFESSIONAL and SWEET. I was just expecting MORE. My Sisters had the SAME procedure and they still look PHENOMENAL! A few of my coworkers also had the produre last year and their results are AMAZING.
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Hello :). Checked out your profile and was curious if you're atill satisfied with your reaults?
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Yes, it been almost 2 years now and my booty still looks and feels great.
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Just uploaded some updated pics I'm at 3 months post BBL but the pics I justed uplated was last month just before Thanksgivng. Everything is going great been hitting the gym now in full force. Thought I was able to jump right back into it but my body said "girl have several sits. The only issue I was havinging is anything tight around my belly or sides. The ish is so sore still. I unbutton my pants at work but it seems that the slightlist bit on preassure around my waist is a bit uncomfortable...
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You look just wonderful, Bmore! Congrats! Dr. R did a great job. LOL! I know the feeling. I am still not 100%. I am normally very active, and Dr. M was very strict about what I can and cannot do in terms of fitness activities that I enjoy. I am back at the gym doing full upper and limited lower body work, but that leaves out a lot of my normal routine. It's good to get back to the gym though, isn't it? My hips are still a little tender, but otherwise healing has progressed well. I'm sure that these minor sensitivities will subside with time.
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Hi BMore BBl, How is your recovery going? Are you still happy with your results?
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Oh my, I'm sorry for not responding. I took some pics last month and forgot to upload to Realself. My recovery is going fine, still have some residual pains from the lipo'd area's back, tummy and sides but overall, I love my new shape and get so many compliants. Now, I'm trying to keep my eating under control during the holidays. I will post pics when I get home today..
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I know you look great! I had my surgery with Dr. M. I'm almost at the three month mark and will post (clothed ) pics soon. I too am thrilled but I cannot stand the idea of naked pics or even underwear pics of me floating around in cyberspace forever! I have a few aches and pains in my flanks. Dr. Markmann was very aggressive in lipping that area. My hips are still a tiny bit tender, but I haven't lost any volume since week three. I'm glad that you're happy with your results. I think that we had two of the best surgeons out there!
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Good morning ladies, Post Op Day 38 Well yesterday was my first day back to work,,,UGHHHH. Been having some issues with tingling sensations in my back and waist area. Dr's office staff says it' my nerve endings coming back to life. It sucks but will go away soon I hope. I will post some pics soon. Cheers
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Just saw your updated pics. Look at those CURVES!! You must be over the moon. Your waist will just get tinier and tinier as the swelling goes down. Congrats!
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@belleisis, thank you doll
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Hi BMore,

I'm curious, did you have a regular BBL with Dr R, or did you have his modified B'More Butt Lift?
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@belleisis i had the regular BBL with lipo
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CONGRADS. Looks like u r sleeping comfty...grear idea with the pillow.
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Glad your feeling pretty good and move around some. That pillow (or pillows) looks comfy!
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Thank u so much, I'm moving these damn pillows every thirity
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Someone here on the forum said to place one pillow horizontally under your hips, and another on top of it vertically so that the top edge of the pillow lones up with your collarbone. Then roll up a couple of squishy fleece blankets and use them as a pillow. I tried it to practice and it was surprisingly very comfortable.
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That sounds like a good idea!
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Thank you so much for replying. Your recovery sounds like a dream compared to.some other photos ive seen (bloody drains, painful massages, lumps etc). I like that he is a Latino doctor and understands culturally what i maybe looking for. Im a professional and not looking for a Nicki Minaj butt. Im 30 yrs old and a vice principal. I dont want to look unprofessional but i do want natural proportions. I want my butt to match my body. Im solid, in good.shape, and work out often. I have thick legs and want a butt to match. Did you bring a wish pic to.Dr. R? Do you feel that he captured what you wanted. To be honest, i wasnt overly impressed with the pics on his site but i believe he will give me a great figure with permament results which is major for me. I refuse to go through it a second time. Ive seen his ranges go from 13 to 15k. Does he charge more u think based on the more areas being lipoed or he gives one set price. Wait i just saw u said his prices will the fall. Oh man. Thank you so much Bmorebbl. Your review is making me feel better about moving forward. So many docs are cheaper but i want quality.
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I think the pricing in seasonal. You will have to confirm that with his office staff. I won't be able to give an full opinion until my garment is changed next week and tis padding comes off. I did not take a wish pic because he was able to determine what would look right for my body and shape. His web site is outdated and too busy. He said that they were working to revamp the site. But I believe in office consult is the best way to go. I relied on his web sitepics then I would not have considered him but the stem cell and fat tranfer research he is involved in is why I chose to visit his office.
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Thanks for your insightful post, BmoreBBL. I'm happy that your experience with him was positive. I had a consultation with Dr. R. About a month ago. I liked him very much, but based on his photos, I ulltimately decided to go with Dr. Markmann. I hope that eventually Dr. R adds back view photos. Everything is from the side or 3/4 angle. For those of us who really want hips it's important to see the silouhette from the back and ideally also from the front. It's great to have a chance to see that in your photos. I know you're gonna look great!
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