Lumpy Skin After Liposuction

I had liposuction of the calves to improve the...

I had liposuction of the calves to improve the overall look of my legs.

While the overall look of my legs are flattering, the skin where the liposuction was done is bumpy. I had this done about six years ago and I don't remember the type of liposuction done.

It almost seems like the skin is too close to the muscle. On my left leg, there is a pea-sized bump that occurs when I'm flexing. I was wondering if this was due to damage of the underlying vasculature. Is there a procedure that will correct these issues so the skin doesn't look so bumpy?

Hey - I just had calves lipo'd 3 weeks ago. The hardness and swelling is still there... Did you have the bumps right away or did it come later? Did you ever experience numb/tingling sensation post-op? Overall, my lower calves and ankles feel really hard. I've gotten a lymphatic massage, but they are still hard.
It will all go away. You just need to give it some time and gently do stretches without overdoing it.
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Hello I had my laser liposuction 4 weeks ago. But I am still swollen and my skin is flaking in certain area. Is this normal for the skin to flake? Or just because I don't have anymore fat around my skin to keep it from flaky. Also after liposuction I have a lot of pressure on my abdominal area. Until I went and get ultrasound. Is it ok to treat ultrasound after liposuction? Can someone advice me with my questions. Thank you
Massage the area multiple times each day. Check into ultrasound treatments, if you have a chiropractor you can get it done there.
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My doctor was very good, however, I'm not sure he thoroughly explained any complications or issues that could occur afterwards so that I could make an informed decision.

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