I have to say everything with my actual breast reduction is doing so wonderfully well. - 3 weeks post op - Lufkin, TX

I am in the process of trying to get it approved...

I am in the process of trying to get it approved through my insurance. I applied last June and got my approval in October but found I was pregnant so I could not get it done by the approval date. I reapplied last month after the birth of my son and I got a letter today saying I'm approved but they only give me six weeks to get it done from the date of the letter. Also I am confused because it stated in the first approval that I was approved for 19318 REDUCTION MAMMAPLATY 2 Times and the new letter states 1 Time. It aslo stated Total Services Covered 2 on the expired letter and new one states Total Services Covered 1. Does this mean they are only going to cover for one breast to be reduced? What has been your expirence?


Sorry I tried to update with my phone but it didn't take. I did call and the representative did not know why one letter stated 2 and the other 1. She said that I am approved for a bilateral breast reduction and should cover both. I hope she is right. I think I am going to call again and see if I get the same response. Just makes me nervous. They have scheduled my surgery for Sept 11 but said I am actually approved until January 2013. So I have a month to wrap my head around all of this. I am not sure what type of surgical bra is best. I have my pre-op appt Sept 5th. Our schedule at work will only allow me to be off from Sept 11 thru the 23rd. Do you ladies think that is enough heal time? My doctor did not say how long I would need to be off.
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That's potentially great news! Very confusing paperwork though...

As far as a surgical bra, my PS will have one for me - she said I will wake up in it - and when I spoke with her office manager, I was told its cost since it isn't covered by insurance. You may want to check with your PS to see if they will have one for you. If not, he may have recommendations for you.

Your return-to-work time should be pretty dependent on the kind of work you do. I have a desk job (I type emails all day!) so I can go back in 7-10 days. If you need to do lifting or anything like that, you would need to be out for longer. But your PS should also give you those guidelines since he will know your situation.
Wow i hope everyone gets it worked out i never went threw this i just went in and they checked me out and said you definatly are a canidate for a BR and then he scheduled me but i hope you guys find your anwers good luck and god bless... keep in touch when you find your surgery date.....
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Sorry ladies I haven't been on my computer in...

Sorry ladies I haven't been on my computer in awhile and finally figured out how to do this on my phone. I had my surgery on Sept 11th. I chose the wrong hospital though. There was an accident during surgery. My PS accidentally sliced the top of my breast while removing tissue. He was working with a guy in the OR he had never worked with before and when he asked him to retract the skin he put pressure instead causing the slice. Then when they were taking off the operating table I woke up in pain screaming cause they left the catheter attached to the OR table. The nurse that was in charge that night came in and removed the IV hook-up but didn't cap off my IV. Thank God my mom was staying with me. I got up to go to the bathroom and she saw the blood coming out of my IV. I was bleeding all over the place. The PS came in at 6:30 the next morning to change my dressings and discharge me. The morning nurse came in and stated she would be discharging me in an hour and gave me my last bag of antibiotic. I called the nurses station a few minutes later cause it burned so bad. She came back and said it was intravenous and would come back in a few minutes to remove it. 3 hours passed and still no nurse. I pressed the call button and asked them to come remove the IV. Twenty minutes later some one pokes in and asked what I needed I told her and she walked out. At 12:30 my husband grabs a student nurse in the hall and tells he needs bandage cause he's taking out my IV. The student comes back and does it. My hand is so swollen I can't bend any of my fingers. My husband told them they had 20 minutes to discharge me or we were walking out. The nurse finally came back.


oh my goodness,thats aweful!!!, I'd say not to use that hospital in an emergency,! they should be shut down with that many mistakes one person! im glad you make it through geez...,,Im glad your br came out good.besides that cut you look fantastic!!!..xoxoxo
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oh i wanted to tell you your reduction looks great. they look like their the perfect size.
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I hope not too. He didn't say either way just that he would have to excise it and pull it back together. The first day he said hopefully it would heal up to be a thin line but that didn't happen.

Last night I was checking the slice and felt a...

Last night I was checking the slice and felt a lump running from it to the top of my nipple. Is this normal? I tried researching online freaking out and found all different kinds of answers to what it might be. I'm hoping it's just scar tissue. I really wish the PS would have given me some paperwork that told you what you could expect and what you should do in different cases.


what size were you? and what did you down to?
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I was a DDD and should be a full C I still fit in some D's though.
Thank you! Sometimes when I shower I'll put a water shield bandage it makes it the same color of my skin and they do look good in the mirror. It's sad how the eyes focus on the flaws. I'm going in the morning to let him look at it.

So I went to see the PS today about the lump and...

So I went to see the PS today about the lump and he said it was just scar tissue and nothing to worry about. That was such good news! I have to say everything with my actual breast reduction is doing so wonderfully well. I showered by myself 5 days after surgery, and had most of my energy back on day 6. My PS did not put any restrictions on me. He advised if it hurts or feels uncomfortable don't do it but if you feel ok then your should be ok. I was able to pick up my son on day 8. My son is 4 months old. I could hold him against my breast though until around two weeks. They were a little tender this week but towards the end I can now hold him like nothing happened. I did make a mistake last week when the nurse told me I could now use neosporin if I wanted to. I used what I had at home. I didn't know that some have pain reliever in it!! Oh my did my breast feel on fire!! I wanted to rip my clothes off and stick them in a bucket of ice! I even went back to see PS and asked him if this was normal. He said in all the BR's he'd done he had never heard of the breast feeling on fire. It wasn't until the next day that I figured out the problem. I felt like any idiot for not knowing. So those of you that have not had it done...word of caution don't use it with pain reliever in it!


Hi. i was wondering how you were feeling and how your cut was healing. i hope your doing good. xxxx
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I am happy to hear you got into your doctor quickly:)  

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yikes thanks for the tip!!!. im so happy for you in your speedy recovery!!!
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Lufkin Plastic Surgeon

He was local and on my insurance. I had heard he does a good job and usually gets approval from insurance.

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