Mini Tummy Tuck No Muscle Repair with Liposuction of the Flank Area Also Breast Augmentation Redo - Lubock, TX

I was only charged $1550 for the mini tt and lipo...

I was only charged $1550 for the mini tt and lipo as he did a 50% reduction for doing the ba redo. I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op and still have severe swelling. It has not gone down since day 1. It looks the same. I'm really depressed about that. But I looked at some photos of a lady that looked similar to me on the before pics and 15 months later she looked exactly how I want to look. My stomach feels a little jiggly when I walk and I hope the swelling is not a seroma. I did not have much drainage over the 5 days I had it. 25cc, 20cc, 15cc, 12cc, and then 7cc and they took it out. Oh how I hated the drain. It pinched terribly and it was the worse pain I've ever felt. Wanted to rip the drain out. Told the doc I would take it out at day 5 if he didn't! I see him on thursday 5/31/12, 1 month followup. I had my surgery on 4/31/12. If anyone had a mini tt with flank lipo and they looked like me at 3 1/2 weeks and now look great I would really appreciate some encouragement and some pics! Please!

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I am wearing my binder religiously. Did anyone...

I am wearing my binder religiously. Did anyone else have this much swelling 3 1/2 weeks out.


Welcome to RealSelf! I see what you mean about the swelling. I hope it goes down for you soon and you get the flat results you want! Please keep us posted.

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Thanks, It's gone down maybe 10% since yesterday. Hopefully it will continue. I see my ps on thursday. I also have a ripple on my right breast so I need to talk to him about that too.

Tomorrow I go see my ps and see if the swelling is...

Tomorrow I go see my ps and see if the swelling is a seroma. I almost wish it was so he can just aspirate it and remove the fluid and the swelling will go down instantly. Otherwise, I guess it's a slow path to flatness. I tried on some jeans and they are all loose so that is good. He removed about 3 inches of skin. I don't know how much fat was lipoed off my flanks and am going to ask for an operative report and my records so I can keep them for myself. I also had a breast aug redo and am really really happy with them. I had natrelle high profile smooth round 450 cc gel implants with strattice added to keep them from developing capsular contracture, sagging, rippling, etc... I think it was worth the extra $3000. The only scar is around my nipple and it looks great!


Tomorrow I go see my ps and see if the swelling is a seroma. I almost wish it was so he can just aspirate it and remove the fluid and the swelling will go down instantly. Otherwise, I guess it's a slow path to flatness.
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I saw my ps today and he said not to worry about...

I saw my ps today and he said not to worry about the swelling it was normal, especially in the flank area. He said after six months that if we need we would lipo out the rest but that I did not have enough skin for a full tt. I agree. So we shall see. Boobs look great. He snipped two sutures on my nipples, one on each. I will see him in 3 1/2 weeks. After the doctor appt and shopping I was wiped out.

I am 52 1/2 years old so the swelling will take longer to go away. If not we will lipo the rest out in 6 months.

I will post my BEFORE pictures when he gives them to me in 3 1/2 weeks. I forgot to take any, so I'll have to get them from him.

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Oh. Also I am a little chubby right now. I am 5'...

Oh. Also I am a little chubby right now. I am 5' 4" and weigh 150. I look good at 135 so i need to lose 15 more lbs but my ps said it wouldn't affect my outcome. If I don't lose it in 6 months I will lipo the rest.

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I started using a silicone gel strip at 4 wks post...

I started using a silicone gel strip at 4 wks post op and my scar is incredible looking. Very thin, etc.. I will post pics later. Only warning is that some people are allergic to the strips so not everyone can wear them. I'm wearing them 12-16 hours a day and not at night. No problems at all. The sheet I bought were 6" x 48". So I cut them up to fit my tt scar and my ba scar around my areaole. I made a donut for my areole with this product. Since it is 1/2 foot wide and 4 ft long I have lots and lots to use and cut up as I need them. I found them for only $69.31 at amazon. Unbelievable price if you've priced them! Here is a link for anyone interested.

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Tomorrow will be 5 weeks. I took some pictures in...

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks. I took some pictures in a bikini.


Is this the normal cost for a mtt? What doc was it?
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No it was thrown in with my breast aug redo.
You look awesome !!!! If I get 15 pounds off my tummy will be flat again . I was givin the ok to do it all . But than I fell and my ribs are proubly cracked . My dr said I don't need X-ray he had my spen and kidney checked there ok my bruise is really bad . So Im stuck resting again . It hurts to breath I'm on pain pills again . My blood pressure was high and I have low blood preasure .
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Update mini tt after one year and 4 months

I'm not happy with my results however he did say I would need lipo to suck out what fat remains. I will see him next thursday to see if I need a full tt and just the lipo. Here's some pics.


I think you look great ! Do you have before pics ? I am having lipo on upper and lower stomach .
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Before mini tt and ba

here are the before pics i never entered. Before mini tt and ba.


You look fabulous. What an amazing transition from your before pictures.
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Thanks Ana. But I'm having more done. He never lipoed my abdomen and so he's going to do it next Thursday as well as remove another 1 inch of skin. So I will be totally flat. I'm also redoing my BA. I'm going from 450cc to 350cc with a lift this time. He's also sucking out the fat under my armpit that bulges out. I've hated that bulge for a while. Looks like I have vagina lips under my arms! haha. I'm gonna post pics later today and will post to a mommy makeover review as well as this one and the ba one to keep everyone uptodate.
I can't wait to see your transition, good luck sista!

Going in for a modified tummy tuck on 9/26/13 see my new review under mommy makeover

I don't want to have to post in so many places so I will post the tummy tuck portion of my upcoming procedure under mommy makeovers. Cuz I have to update on the boobies too and I know I'll be tired. So one review will have updates on the 3 procedures I'm having done 9/26/13

Review is:
Mommy Makeover Part 2 - Perkier Boobs and Flatter Tummy Coming Next Week! - Lubbock, TX


That's good to let them know what u want a head of time
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You look good too girl
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Thank you for saying that but I'm still not complete yet. Going under this thursday and not looking forward to the pain.

Abnormal mammogram! for upcoming mommy makeover.

I posted this on my mommy makeover review, but thought i'd share it here as well. No postponement just more work.

My husband just called me and told me he got back my mammo report he had ordered for my surgery on thursday. They said I had some anomilies on the upper right side breast above the implant. I think it may be the strattice or some left over silicone that my surgeon wasn't able to get out last may. So now I have to drive to Andrews which is an hour away and pick up the cd to take to my ps on tues.… Show more He's going to use it as a guide when he removes and replaces the implants I have in now. So he can make sure I don't have any more calcified silicone left in the breast tissue. Calcified silicone is not dangerous it just makes your mammos difficult to read. So you keep getting false positives for cancer. So its a good thing a want to go a bit smaller and he's going to go in there anyway. His wife just had both her breasts removed from cancer last month so he's paranoid about this kinda stuff. I'm not worried its cancer. I know it's the ruptured silicone that I had for over 30 years. Not a big deal. I never had any aches or pains or symptoms ever in the 30 years I had them. But, these false positives on mammos needs to be remedied. My husband whose a doc is not concerned either. But he wants me totally cleaned out so he called my ps and told him what's going on and my ps told him to have me bring him the films on cd and he would use that as a guide to finish cleaning me out before he puts the new implants in. GOSH! Drama


Good luck! Are you using Andrews in ft worth? I just had my TT there and they were all great.
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I'm on the flat side!

I've posted pictures on my Mommy makerover part 2 review. I am definitely flat!


Heyyyy, happy healing part deux!! Can't wait to see your updated pics and wishing you a smooth recovery with hot babe status! :))))
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pics are up! Look at my mommy makerover part 2 review.
So happy for you
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Post op day 1 pics

Well, I did great. He lipod out 700 cc of fat, cut out 2 inches of skin. I have one drain in. I was able to sleep on my side. No real pain at all. Only when I get up and down for a brief second. I've been able to stay by myself and do what I need done. I fed myself and did the dishes. Took the dog out. Made my bed. I'm superwoman today. Hope it lasts. Most of all I am flat, even with the swelling I am flat!


You look great! And wow, total super woman !!
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Fantastic! You are a superhero woman.... Just take it slow.... (((Hugs)))
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Thanks. Ok i'll take it easy now.

Postop Day 2 - Cough Hell!

OMG. I haven't had a cigarette since the day before my surgery. I only had 2 that day. But I'm determined not to ever pick one up again in my life. However, what happens is that your lungs start to rebel and cough up crap and OMG it hurts when that happens. I am pleased I'm staying quit this time. Pray for me.


Still no Nicotine right!!!! So proud of you.... :-)
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Yep. None. Today is exactly 2 weeks! Wow. I'm doing great except of course a little swelling and the top rib area below my left boob pinches like a broken rib sometimes. Ugh. I think its a stitch thats pulling from the inside. i cant wait for these sutures to dissolve so that goes away!
Can't wait to see your results.....Happy healing!!!

Post Revised Mini Tummy Tuck Day 13 Pictures!

Okay, so I thought I would post my day 13 post op pics after the revision. Getting better. Weight was 149 going in, after 154, 152, 150, 149, and today 150.9. Crazy! Must be swelling but I have eaten more and not much activity. Ugh!


Hey GF!!! Hope your doing well will check later to see of u posted some new pics !!!
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I tried to update my review with new pics but realself having a problem. As soon as its resolved I'll post new scar pics on tummy and boobs.
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looking great hon, your scar looks great!. as youve advise i have written a review and post pics of my big tummy... this is a great site
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Scar pics from 10-10-2013 - Day 15 at the time. Try to post again!

I tried to post these from 10/10/13 but had a problem with realself. So I'm trying again. These are 15 days po at the time. It's amazing how 2 days makes a difference in the look of the scar. I haven't done anything to the scars yet. I did soak in the tub and rinsed off real good afterwords and that made some of the scabs come off by themselves.


Wow your scar is super light and low! You have great results! :)
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Thanks, I'm happy with it.
You have the tiniest legs!! I want to see your stomach standing up. Looks amaze laying down. OMGosh I cant wait to look like that!!
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4 wks tomorrow tummy tuck scar pic update

I'm a day early but here are some new pics. My hubby actually tells me how good I look in these dresses. I went from a compliment drought to an overflow! Tuck must be doing some good. Yay!

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New pics. Not bad for 53 going on 54!

I've gained 5 lbs. but my tummy is still flat. I'm amazed that I can wear some of these dresses I couldn't before cuz they showed a slight bulge. Now I feel like I can wear anything!


Hope all is well with you !
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Looking good, dear! I just got back from visiting my sister and am 4 lbs up and feel every bit of it. Time to hit the gym.
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Thanks gf. Yep, I'm up the same amount. Today I'm fasting so I can get it back down.

Too much dessert

Unfortunately I have gained 13 lbs since my surgery. I haven't gained any weight on my lower stomach so at least I know the fat cells are gone from there! However, just as I suspected I gained weight in the upper tummy area where not much lipo was done and in my legs, arms, etc... It is amazing that you can gain weight and it takes over 10 lbs before its noticable. I have to start working out now I've procrastinated as long as I can. Hope everyone is doing well. I've been out of touch I had an enormous amout of clinic and computer upgrades to do while our offices were closed.


Hi Great2bMe: hope ur doing well, been a while, just checking in on you as you have encouraged me to do my blog. I am finally on the flat side and doing great, so just wanted to say hello and see how ur coming along. You look fabulous at 53 .. Keep it up !
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54! it girl...looking great!
Hi gf, I've been thinking abot you. I hope all is well into this new year. I am back down to 154 adter starting my diet and feel so much better. 49 days until Cabo so must do this final push. I got to the gym but the dr has given me a bunch of stretching and strengthening exercises so I've not been doing any cardio.
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OMG. Gained 15 lbs since surgery. Pic, but in clothes.

Sorry, it's been so long. I've been so covered up making all the programming changes for the new ICD-10 changes coming up in the healthcare industry. Plus we bought 6 new computers for the clinic and I had to install all the software, etc... Now I have taxes to do. Ugh!

I also have had to deal with two infections on my left boob. Really sucked!

I have not been active at all and really overdid the holidays. Thus I have gained 15 lbs. Yuck!

I've posted a picture of me I took a few seconds ago. What's really amazing is that in clothes you can't even really tell. Because of the mini tummy tuck I can gain 15lbs and not look it!

I am cleared to play golf and be more active this coming weekend. Hopefully, I'll lose all this new weight. I had an injury that my othropedic surgeon said would take nearly a year to heal and that I could not do any activity that aggravated it. So no golf since last year in May.

Thanks to all of you who were concerned for me. Again I apologize for not getting back to you guys sooner. I've been a little depressed over all of the above. Doing better now.


Omg only $1500? What doctor did you have? Im a mom of three a 7 year old and 2 year old twins. Im looking into getting a mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation i have a little twin skin left that i want gone lol.. plus im only a a cup. I live in azle tx close to fort worth. Any suggestions? Thanks love :)
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Hope your going great . I stopped by to say Hi
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Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

He is great. If I don't get the results I want it is because I did not want a full tt and muscle repair and insisted on this. Time will tell on the results. He and his staff are exceptional!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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