Every day is progress! loving the new me!

I'm 23 years old and have two children. Before I...

I'm 23 years old and have two children. Before I got pregnant i weighed 120,I gave birth at 180. I went down to 165 than got pregnant and went up to 175. I now weigh 150.

I have lots of sagging skin in the front of my stomach and huge love handles. I'm very excited to have this surgery done.

I had kids very young and I have never even been able to wear a bikini if i wanted too :( My daughter just turned a year old so she is still very dependent on me. I just hope I'm making the right desicsion to do it so soon after her first birthday.

Thank you, I cant wait! and enjoy to hear other women's stories

Oh it's so helpful reading about others journeys.  


August 30th will be here quick enough and you will soon be enjoying your new body.

Make sure you have plenty of help lined up for your daughter the first two weeks post op.  You are making the right decision so stay positive and stay with us here on RealSelf. 


Ladies, when yall had a mommy makeover did yall...

Ladies, when yall had a mommy makeover did yall stay overnight or go home the same day?
Thank you, I find this website so helpful and I know I'm not the only one out there.

I do have a question. Did you stay over night or go home the same day?

Some doctors do this in an outpatient surgery center so you will go home he same day.  And then some have you stay over night.  Each MD is different in their approach so just talk to your doctor and ask.

Most go home the same day.  

Welcome! You will love this site! It was so helpful to me because I had so many doubts. Reading about other ladies's experiences will help you prepare for your big day.(I am 3 weeks post op) Just make sure you are aware you will need help for the first 2 weeks with your little ones and for yourself:)
Best of luck and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

I went to have a second consultation with my PS...

I went to have a second consultation with my PS too ask more questions and see some pictures. I was very impressed. I put down my deposit and have my pre op apt on 08/19. I'm sooo excited. I feel like the days are going to drag!

Posting a before side view. I hate it :( just 28...

Posting a before side view. I hate it :( just 28 more days :)
Mpls42yo, I'm pretty sure I will be going home the same day too :)

Mackenzieds1978, At this moment I might go with saline, I really love the silicone too. And I have no idea how big i wanna go
hey ~ how are you?/
i ended up with with good old salt water ;) lol!!
i had him fill the to 800cc's

what are you having them do?
I went home same day. Then I was back in clinic the following morning, and again at 5 days, 7, 10 and 14.

Ladies, Did it cost more to have a pain pump? I'm...

Ladies, Did it cost more to have a pain pump? I'm really thiking about requesting one! And how well did it work?
Hi Proudmommy, I am having my TT on Aug 30th too! I'm not too nervous yet but I'm sure I will be as the days get closer.
Good luck to you proudmommy! You will do great! I did not need a pain pump but would definitely recommend you ask for an anti-nausea patch- I've read about women puking after surgery with all the meds and such and heard it's excruciating. The anti-nausea patch ensured no bad reaction to meds.

So soon for you!! Get ready for a new bod! :)
Your day is approaching so quick! Are you starting to nest?

On Friday the 19th I had my last pre op apt! I...

On Friday the 19th I had my last pre op apt! I paid everything in full! Now there is no turning back! Now i just have to get this house spotless, stock up on food and items for around the house. Only 8 more days to go!
Good Luck! Your day is just around the corner!
Thank you! I cant wait to see your after pictures :)
Oh how exciting! what an awesome birthday present for the both of us! And I'm sure you will do just fine! :)

I'm starting to have a hard time sleeping at night...

I'm starting to have a hard time sleeping at night. I dont know if its because I'm constantly thinking about the surgrey. The goods and the bads. I wish my mine would just shut down lol. Well all i need to do now is just fill my prescriptions. one week from today I will be a new (hopefully hot) momma :)
Omg girlfriend you are right one week from today proud mommy and mominaz will b under the knife! I too am not sleeping at all I'm trying to nest but I feel less anxious when I'm out of the house. Are you getting TED hose for compression ? I'm going to order tonight on amazon once I put kids to bed. Breath deep my friend let's hold hands... Lol

Last night I finally told my MIL about the surgrey...

Last night I finally told my MIL about the surgrey and to my surprised she was more excited than me LOL! I expected a diff reaction thats why i waited so long to tell her. She is even going to take my daughter for the week so I can relax and focus on healing. That was alot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I have full support from my close ones and my baby girl will be well taken care of (my main concern since she is so little)

Also My nurse called me today, I go in to sugrey at 8:30 am on tuesday! She gave me instructions on DOs and Donts. I really like my PS's staff they are very nice and easy to talk to.

Now i really need to get this house spotless. I feel like i start cleaning and bam there is my daughter right behind me throwing things back where they were. My son on the other hand is such a good helper, I dont know what i would do without him. I do have a question ladies, What should i wear the day of surgrey?
I'm getting a miracle! Lol. Im having muscle repair and lipo so I guess the same as you. My daughter weights the same as well and I guess i'm just going to have to bug some family members to help! Im completely done with children. My little girl is a diva and i feel like im dealing with 5 kids with her.

Great idea! I will inbox you my number. I'm a textaholic.
That's funny my hubby too, he is basically a traveling salesman. R u getting a traditional tummy tuck? I am with muscle repair from hip to hip. My daughter weighs 20 pounds my dr said I can't lift her for at least 5 weeks!!!!!! :-(. Are you done having kids? My dr said I can have more just might need a little rework .. Sure more $ for him! Lol if u want we can exchange cell numbers so we can text while laying in bed! Lol :-) ok time to try to rest this is getting way to real for me! Grt those Ted hose just for a few days I hear it's great for circulation!!
Well your weekend sounds amazing! I'm going to have a busy busy weekend as well. I didnt understand why my PS didnt offer the pain pump but hopefully the pres that he prescribed is bad ass haha! I really dont want to go pshyco on anyone. My baby girl also turned 1 in july. She is all that im worried about. My husband is taking a week off starting monday than he will be gone the following sunday. He works out of town for about 5 days straight so i will be solo. I hope Im doing well by than.

Finally finished cleaning the house from top to...

Finally finished cleaning the house from top to bottom. Every single piece of clothing is washed. Lets see how long my house will stay clean. Days are starting to feel like they are dragging.
Good Luck next week. I know you must be getting excited. It's almost here.
Omg our Internet has gone out! I'm going crazy over here..

LOL...gotta love technology!


Only 2 more days to go! i cant believe it! I was...

only 2 more days to go! i cant believe it! I was surprised with an electric recliner. Im so thankful! So now i just need to relax and enjoy being normal for now. Anyone with some last minute advice would be sooooo aprecciated. Oh and i plan to put more before pics so i can post after! :)

Thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way for tomorrow.  Update us as soon as you can.

So very close! Excited!
thanks ladies

I fell asleep kinda early tonight (with help of a...

i fell asleep kinda early tonight (with help of a sleep aid) some how i woke up and cant go back to sleeep :( i'm frustrated because i dont want to be up but i cant stop thinking! ugh! 6 more hours! I am soooo nervous its crazy. I just pray everything turns out good. I will post as soon as i can!

I did it! I'm soo glad i went through with it i do...

I did it! I'm soo glad i went through with it i do not know how my tummy or boobs look but tomorrow hope to see. As of right now im not in that much pain unless i get up to go to the bathroom! My hubby is being better than i expected! thank you God for being on my side :)
Don't worry about sleeping. You will get plenty of sleep with and after your surgery : )
Thinking if you today:)

DAY 1 I woke up and had to use the restroom....


I woke up and had to use the restroom. OH crap it hurt like hell! I would say today is def a different day i feel more pain. I kinda feel like something ran over my chest! I hate these drains only because i accidently pulled at one and it stung! My amazing husband has been keeping up with my medicine. He pulled out my sons twin mattress and laid it on the floor next to my recliner! i was impressed. he went way beyond my expectations as a caretaker.
Today i have my first post op apt at 130. hopefully i can see something! my PS and his staff were amazing! I will update later my hands are the only thing that i can use right now ;(

I'm having lots of swelling any advice to get it...

I'm having lots of swelling any advice to get it down just a little? also how long did it take to have a BM?
thank you ladies! i do have lots of swelling :( anything i can do to make it a tad better? also my PS said i could shower but when he took off my binder it felt awful? did yall have the same problem?
Happy day number one, girl! Glad to hear that you have such a wonderfully, helpful husband on your hands. Get lots of rest, and be one top of your pain meds. Remember to wiggle your toes and feet often, and practice a few deep breaths. Take care!

Glad to know you are having a good first day:).

I woke up and my left boob was hurting soo bad. it...

I woke up and my left boob was hurting soo bad. it has a stabbing sensation. its alittle more swollen than my right breast? any thoughts what this could be? I called my PS and hes in surgrey right now, the receptionist said they might have me go in when he gets out

Day 3 I finally took a shower today! Oh i...

Day 3

I finally took a shower today! Oh i feel so clean! My husband put a folding chair in the shower and washed my hair and body! I couldnt feel more thankful! My cousin helped me dressed in put my hair in french braids.Right now I feel like the support I'm recieving is helping me heal.

I finally saw my tummy and where my scar is and i couldnt be happier! My sides are swollen really bad and kinda above my belly button. Its barely day 3 and my stomach looks great! My girls are looking nice. I end up going with 400ccs saline under muscle i will post pics
cottonmomma thank you for your quick response. My boobs were feeling tender and like if i had milk in them but when i woke up with the stabbing pain it took my breathe away. my medicine is kicking in and its going away kinda but im glad to know im not the only one its happen too. made me really scared
I had the same problem- my right boob was much more swollen than left from day one and still is today. (Partly my fault had to pick up my son that was getting projectile vomiting) I had the same stabbing sensation your talking about- it lasted about 2-3 days and the swelling is now going down. Hope your feel better soon.
It does feel at first like the binder is holding everything in there. It does ease up a bit after it's been off a while. The shower will help you feel better even though its a trek. Try ice packs and frozen peas for the swelling.

Updating post-op pictures!!

Updating post-op pictures!!
thank you ladies
congrats, you look amazing!
Wow! You are so skinny! I can't imagine how much better you will look once the swelling goes down. Fabulous!

Day 5 I'm feeling good today. I still feel...

Day 5

I'm feeling good today. I still feel sore maybe a 4/10. I havent taken any pain med today. I hate my binder at this point cause of all my swellling. I cant wait to get these drains out they are annoying. I'm really scared they are going to hurt! I still havent had a BM. I feel like i have to go but nothing. I cant wait until i can stand up straight again

Are you happy with your mommy makeover?
I had a breast augmentation done almost 3 years ago, and I've just recently run smack dab into menopause. I've never had much of a waist, but it's even worse now. I''m heavier than I've ever been - 30 lbs heavier than when I gave birth 19 years ago. I think my hubby would go for a Mommy Makeover - and I know about recovery from having the girls done - are the results worth the money and the recovery? Who do you recommend in Texas? Any advice? Thanks!!
You are already looking so good. Happy healing(-:
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

Eric Minns and his staff are amazing! I couldn't be happier with my results so far! I am so glad i choose him to be my PS. He always answered all my questions and never rushed me. I highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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