I currently weight 193lbs My goal is to be at...

I currently weight 193lbs My goal is to be at least 140lbs .I am really looking forward to having this procedure done, I am tired of having my lower area just hang I cant wear nice jeans because i have a gut sticking out. I look forward to that flat tummy, really want to feel better about myself. My expectations are to continue dieting, exercising.
I have been wanting to have this procedure done for years but could never afford it, after years of saving I am able to have it done.
At this point I am very nervous I have never had children, a cousin told me it hurts 10 times worse than having a baby, I told her well I have never had that feeling so I think its going to hurt 20 times worse.
After reading everyone stories which were very helpful and interesting I have prepared myself
several magazines, books, bought larger granny panties, bought several pajamas that are 3x to fit me very loose, eat pineapples or apples, avoid sodium due to swelling, look into the silicone sheets epi derm.

I am starting to get really nervous I cried on my...

I am starting to get really nervous I cried on my way to work this morning, I took my prescription to get filled I am packing all of my clothes I will not be having the procedure done in New Mexico I will be having it done in Texas and will be staying at my mother in laws, I feel like I am going to be in the way so many things going through my mind.

I have decided to add the photo the doctor took of...

I have decided to add the photo the doctor took of me and will add more in due time.

Today was the day of my surgery everything went...

Today was the day of my surgery everything went well. Was a little nervous I had a huge migraine but went away once they put my IV in. Came home walked around for a little bit then took a nap, walked around some more now dinner time. Very Pleased with my results have not slept much but will go to bed soon. I will post pictures later and keep everyone updated. I pray for all my partners out there that had the surgery done today. Very Happy

Well today is Post Op Day 3 I am really tired I...

Well today is Post Op Day 3 I am really tired I walked around for 2 hours yesterday at different times not all at once went to see Doctor yesterday he was very pleased with my wound looks like I will be getting out tubes next Friday looking forward to having tubes removed it would make my life much easier. My Back is killing me, I can feel all the soreness around my flanks but will get better. Only problem is the itching other than that I am doing pretty good. Husband bathed me yesterday and today and I loved the warm shower felt so good on my back. Ladies keep your heads up you will look fabulous. I pray for all of our speedy recovery. Welcome to the flat side bedt decision I made.

Had a bad day today I cried because I could not go...

Had a bad day today I cried because I could not go to the bathroom had so many pains and back pains. Feeling really tired today. I walked around for 30 minutes today and had enough. I am not sure what to eat I am trying not to eat to much. Took a shower this morning felt so good. Hope all the other ladies are doing good ill keep praying for a fast recovery.

Things are getting better I Took some stool...

Things are getting better I Took some stool softener and gas relief and that helped. I have been walking around with my walker. Getting plenty of rest. My drains don't seem to be draining very much anymore I hope to get them removed Friday. Really Sore and bruised up besides that I am doing good getting plenty of rest.

The drains are out I am so excited he said I was...

The drains are out I am so excited he said I was doing good my healing process is Great. I come back in a week to check the drain holes. Feeling good

My drain holes look Nasty it does not look like...

My drain holes look Nasty it does not look like they are healing. My husband is really worried about the holes. I am having to change the gauze every hour, not to mention my hips are hurting. I feel like somebody is pulling my skin apart, not in the best mood really grumpy. Glad I don't have to go back to work I decided to rest a couple if more days since I haven't been getting much sleep. Ladies I hope everyone if feeling good. I love reading everyone's updates and look forward to exercising soon

So I scheduled to go back to work tomorrow really...

So I scheduled to go back to work tomorrow really not in the mood. I have the cold and Flu, I started menustrual cycle which I am cramping bad. Could things get any worse for me. On my incision the right side feels like a hard ball and is kind of pink I am really worried about that. Lord help me get through all of this. May have to go back to doctor not sure.

Well first day back at work and I cannot even walk...

Well first day back at work and I cannot even walk my incision feels so irritated so I go to the bathroom and it is blood shot red, my skin is peeling off really bad. So I send pictures to my doctor and he tells me I have cellulitis a skin infection (REALLY) so ready for this to be over with. I am not feeling good this is Day 18 and it feels worse than day 1 that is not good :(

Well due to the infection I had yesterday I woke...

Well due to the infection I had yesterday I woke up this morning at 3:30 just to see myself drinched in blood it looked like my entire incision was opened but of course I panicked and screamed my husband comes in the bathroom and panics we rush to the emergency room I have a seroma, the incision did open up but very small opening, my Goodness did it hurt the nurse and doctor are over me pushing down on my incision while all this pus and blood is draining out. Not a good day for me, now I am on my way to see the Doctor I Hope everything is good I refuse to go back to the Operating room. I hope nobody else goes through this, I am back to walking funny again. Please keep me in prayer thanks to all the ladies I appreciate the support

Had an appointment today things are getting better...

Had an appointment today things are getting better just waiting for my incision to close. Still having to put some gauze inside of it so that it can drain out. Besides the little open incision I am feeling better than I was on Tuesday. Next appointment is Thursday I hope my incision closes and gets rid of any infection. Thank you ladies for keeping me in prayer. :)

Here we are on week 6, exercising is going good, I...

Here we are on week 6, exercising is going good, I feel so much energy. My incision has healed very quickly, not to mention how smooth it is. I feel so much better about myself. I hope everyone is feeling good. Went shopping for the first time since surgery an bought my birthday Dress look forward to wearing it. I posted some pics

I am so happy with my TT I have had no problems I...

I am so happy with my TT I have had no problems I started running this last week. I feel great and full of energy. I would totally recommend doing a TT. Looks like ill give it a year and look into having my breast done.

One year since my surgery, I feel and look amazing

I am so happy with my results I totally recommend woman to have a TT. I would do it all over if I had too, but I'm thinking of my next cosmetic surgery.

One year anniversary

I will bring in the new year with my new body
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Minns is an amazing doctor I feel like i went with the best doctor I loved the nurses they were very friendly. The aftercare was great I enjoyed my stay. I have attached a pic

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fabulous:)! can I ask what your prior weight was for surgery? Thank you:)
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So happy your loving your new body a year later. Wow time goes by fast.
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It has been a year since my surgery and it's the best thing I have done. So happy with my body. Would totally recommend Dr. Eric Minns I'm thinking of my next surgery. (:
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I also used Dr. Minns for a tummy tuck. Could you post some after pics so we can see how the scars etc.. look. I am 1 week po and doing great. See my pics. I only had a mini tt but I think I love my results.
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I am so happy you posted! My surgery is just 9days away and to hear how good you are doing has settled my nerves some. You look great! You are back running already? That really gives me hope! I'm a runner too and it just scares me to death to think I'll never run again. Went out today and kept thinking I am crazy to give this running up for surgery! What am I thinking? Then tonight I read more posts and am back thinking this is exactly what I want. Anyway, thanks for sharing how good you are doing!
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Talented Its the best decision I have ever made I feel confident about myself, I will be honest with you the only part I hated about the whole TT was that fact that I could not sleep on my tummy and I had to put 2 pillows under my knees just to get comfortable other than the sleeping situation Everything went good. Its been 2 months and I am back to my normal self, every once in a while my tummy feels funny but other than that I am good. another thing is dont worry if you get diarrhea with your anitbiotic its normal.
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Yvette29, Thank you! You have given me hope! Today I was in tears thinking I have made the wrong decision and I should just live with this floppy flabby skin hanging down bunch of fat! LOL....just read that sentence and remembered why I am going to have this surgery!! I remember wishing March 18th would get here, it almost is, and now I wish it were June! So glad to hear you are doing so good! Happy for you, and will be happy for me in a week!
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So happy to hear how much better you are! You have every right to feel so good, you look FABULOUS! Congratulations on all your progress!
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luck luck luck luck luck luck luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So glad your doing better! I was thinking about you since hadn't seen any posts. Your looking great. Happy healing
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Thank you Gabs mommy
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Yay! You look great, glad you're feeling better!
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Thank you SValentine
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Glad to hear you're doing better! Keeping you in my prayers for speedy healing!!
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So glad to hear you had a better day today. Hope it just keeps getting better and better for you! Will keep sending good thoughts your way!
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hope all continues to go good here is some prayers coming your way keep your head up it will be better PRAYERS FOR YOU PRAYERS FOR YOU PRAYERS FOR YOU PRAYERS FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How are you feeling? Prayers your way!

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oh my goodness! Thoughts and prayers your way Girl! Please keep us in the loop!
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I am sorry to hear this:(  Ok positive thoughts this will heal up quickly!!!

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oh my gosh i am so sorry i hope all goes better for you the rest of the day here is a prayer for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless her and here is some luck also Luck luck luck luck luck luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Feel better soon!!
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Prayers your way!!! Hope you feel better!!!
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So sorry that your going through this you are in my prayers girl. That had to be so scary. Keep us posted. Sending hugs
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OMG - so sorry sweetie! Sending healing vibes your way. Hang in there!
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evette hope your day is going better today hope you are at lest not in as much pain as yesterday luck luck luck
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