LSL Nightmare!

Just a general comment to all that post here. If...

Just a general comment to all that post here.

If you ask us to email you, you must at the registration site, add a check mark that allows us to em you. Above my posts there is a link with my username..

Click on that to email privately if you like.

I had mine over 2 yrs ago& what a nightmare. I have posted all over this site, so you can look for Bitsy, my username., to see my story. A couple on the page are listed as GUEST. Same story.

Feel free to contact me w/ any questions


Frost- I personally emailed you.
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Looks like you had the same Butcher as me. In the back of my head they actually stiched in a clump of hair. Now on each side in the back of my jad i have 2 big ljumps. I hope i dont get tumors from their shabby work! where the made their incisions along the hairlines, my hair no longer grows there. As if it werent bad enough - everyday I am tormented by those commercials.And every day I see thjose LSL commercials! makes my stomach turn and reminds me what a smuck I was! There are so many complaints I cant believe a Law firm didint take them on with a class action. But its malpractice and no Doctor is willing to testify against another Doctor,
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People you have some hellacious cases this company. I have never, ever seen so much malpractice in my life & there victims are older women..... Also, you women should file suit against the doctor & the comany in your own law suit against them.
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Photo Update


in many places here a doctor with any medical specialty training can legally do facial cosmetic surgery - IF there's a hospital or surgical center that will give him/her permission to use their facilites to operate. so, beware. LSL is a franchise of surgical centers. i don't know what their standards are for participating docs, but i have read posts from many dissatisfied LSL patients.
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I had a face,cheek & neck lift by a board certified facial plastic surgeon, in August 2010. I have severe pixie ears and my face,cheek lift did nothing to "lift" my face. I would also like to join in on the Dr. OZ or Oprah and speak about facial plastic surgery. I also need eyelid revision and fat transfer removed from my cheek bone area. And a sub nasal lip lift revision My whole surgery needs revision.I paid over $17000.00. Dr.'s should not be allowed to preform surgery's that they are not properly trained in. It is a huge business and some are only in it for the money. Not to see excelent results that we pay good money for and expect decent results. They "sell' you! on their ideas and don't deliver. No plastic surgeon will testify against another Dr. Because every one has a "different" approach to the same "problem". There are No "Rules". In this game of life where women feel awful because they have a "turkey" neck or don't feel attractive because we age.. It is so wrong to be given false promises.. and turn us into monsters..when all we are looking for is a chance to turn back the clock a few years. Look for" Lavndrlily" to post a response I would like to hear from you.
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I wonder if Oprah or Doctor Oz would take on LL?
THEY are not afraid of being sued, and together they would be one powerful team... what about a letter writing campaign or a petition to Oprah /Dr Oz to investigate and speak out?

I avoided this disaster because i googled LL and found your page/stories and will be forever greatdul for that warning!
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Name not provided

Was lied to, given the DR's wrong specialty, sewed my earlobe shut& pulled down. Stitches coming thru skin behind the left ear& looks like big black round MOLD. Pain is bad, esp. weather changes. Tingling in earlobes, still numb in places, scar very visible , a straight lined scar, not in the folds hidden as they said. I don't have tim,e to explain all the BS they put me thru. Beware, do your homework& email me if you need help or to talk

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