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I feel so much better about the way I look. In...

I feel so much better about the way I look. In retrospect, I believe I felt old and tired because I looked that way, despite the fact that I'm active and live a healthy lifestyle. I've never colored my hair, although it's been turning white since I was 30, and surprisingly that has never bothered me. But the wrinkles and sagging neck-that was getting harder and harder to live with!

My husband generously offered the opportunity to take my appearance backward in time, and I was hesitant at first, questioning if I were being overly vain. Did not hesitate for long, though and said YES! My husband did the research, thought my doctor was highly qualified and a good choice and after I concurred, we made the appointment.

The procedure went smoothly, it was painless and the Doctor and staff were kind and supportive. The recovery was a little more challenging than I had imagined, but after one month I was extremely pleased with the results. When I saw the before and after pictures (6 weeks post for the after pics) I was flabbergasted at how much improved my appearance was. Yes, still white hair but a face that was atleast 10 years younger.

I think the key is patience and realizing that it takes a full month to six weeks to see the final results. I still have some numbness, but that is slowly improving and my doctor tells me it could take six months to get better. I feel wonderful and am extremely pleased with the results. I can highly recommend my doctor!

you look fantastic!!! Congratulations!
You look wonderful!
Very happy for you. I had the same procedures & today was my 5 wk. check up. The difference in my profile is amazing. I feel & look 10 yrs. + younger. No more sagging neck or jowly jawline. I feel it was worth every penny. My pix should be up tomorrow.
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