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Loving the Results, but You Gotta Be Patient

Its been a little over 2 weeks since i had lipo on...

its been a little over 2 weeks since i had lipo on my abdomen and flanks, and at first i didnt think it worked! i was sssooo swollen and miserable, but just yesterday i took my measurements and have lost 2 inches in my abdomen and 1 and 1/2 in my waist and my doctor says i will lose many more inches in the weeks to come when all the swelling is gone. i had only local anesthesia, and was back at work in 3 days. the worst for me is the burning and swelling, but its been worth it so far!!
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I had liposculpture done on August 5, 2009 , I had it done on my whole back, whole stomach, hips and under my buttocks,I get the burning feeling only when I get up or sit down,so its not that bad , I havent seen any results, will I see them soon? also my right side is more swollen than my left side, is that normal?and does anyone have any idea how to take off the clue that the tape left on your skin after you remove the garments? I still have some and no matter how many showers I take it is still there
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Hi, anybody has any info about {edited}? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Editor note: To make or request doctor recommendations, please visit our Doctor Recommendation Forums.
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It sounds like you are going to do fine. Any burning and swelling should resolve. The 1 1/2 to 2" changes you mention are really relative to your starting size. . . IF you are pleased, then it was worth it. How are your final results? When did your burning and swelling resolve? I'm sure people would like to hear it from you.
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Glad to hear your surgery went well especially after all these horror stories- I am getting it done in a month under only local so I hope it is not too bad- Any pictures would love to see results well healing- Thanks and take care
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