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I have had cystic acne for the past 3 years. I've...

I have had cystic acne for the past 3 years. I've had acne in the past but nothing to speak of. After I decided to get a birth control uterine device called Mirena all hell broke loose on my skin!! Gradually I began having cystic acne my 6th month on the mirena. I brushed it off and figured I wasn't taking care of my hygiene well enough and started eating better, exercising more, investing in expensive skin products etc. My acne exploded my first year and I would have clusters on my cheeks, sometimes 6 cystic acnes clustered together atop or side by side. I of course started wearing more makeup to conceal the blemishes but I'm sure all it did was aggravate the problem. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me then my next year I started getting ovarian cysts!!! I knew something was wrong. Some doctors told me it had absolutely nothing to do with the mirena. I mean really???? Absolutely "nothing?" My acne was obviously due to a severe hormonal imbalance and by the end of my 3rd year I decided to have it removed. I didn't want to be on medications, birth controls, or use harsh chemical based cleansers or skin care. I maintained eating well and started supplementing with something called vitex. When i used vitex it took about 2-3 months to see a change. I honestly could literally feel it working. I took it at the same time everyday for the suggested directions on the bottle. If I didn't take it at the same time everyday and took it later I could feel my breast swell at times as a Reaction. It definitely helps to balance hormones! I swear by this! I also supplemented with a high count of probiotics, stopped dairy, calc+d+magnesium, and spirulina+chlorella. I completely stopped having bursting ovarian cysts and my cystic acne slowly but surely calmed down. I simplified my facial regimen to josie marans Argan cleansing oil and cleansing it off with a lukewarm/cold washcloth each time and using sanitas moisturizer and Burt's rose water to tone here and there. This had been my only answer out of all the things I've tried. I learned and realized that most cases of cystic acne is due to hormonal imbalances, stress, and a leaky gut. It takes so much time and patience! But now I'm 90% healed and it's been a full year now without the mirena. My acne was bad enough for accutane but I refused it! Any who! I've been looking I to getting a laser treatment for sometime now and went to get co2 fractional a by a guy named johnny at VaVoom aesthetics in Loveland colorado for my stretch marks last year. He did an amazing job and they happened to have a living social special for $299 for a face treatment. I had this done in my face yesterday. Despite the fact that I had a severe case of cystic acne, all of the gentle actions I took helped with the healing process over the year and my skin did not get the pitted scarring like most. I feel for anyone who suffers from any type of acne and still get some to this day. The kind of scarring I have is more superficial. A lot of redness, uneven skin tome/texture, and hyper pigmented looking spots. I have few pitted ones but they are barely noticeable unless you are extremely close. Johnny is an amazing and experienced person in laser. Everything went smoother than I thought. I was extremely nervous because I've had ipl phptofacials done over the year and they were more painful than this! I am excited to see my results. These photos are from yesterday prior to the procedure. I was in tons of pain and was pretty lethargic. I've been drinking lots of wAter, aiming for a gallon a day and eating well. Your nutrition and water I take could make or break the results! Today has been tough but I'm pushing through!
Wish you had showed the results!
Good luck on your recovery , I'm too have had mirena, but lucky I'm not breaking out! I did had a fraxel laser done, but it was the very gentle one. It did not go to deep! So my acne scar still there! Let's keep update on how your are healing ok!!! Thank you!!!
Johnny VaVoom Aesthetics

Johnny at VaVoom Aesthetics is amazing. I would highly recommend him. This is my third treatment and I know the results will be fantastic!

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