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I had a full TT and brachioplasty after...

I had a full TT and brachioplasty after significant weight loss. My results are phenomenal and something I never dreamed possible. My regular MD said that he's seen a lot of tummy tucks and that mine is the best he's ever seen! The TT felt very similar to the C-Sections I had. The arms were a little more tender, but healed quickly. I would advise anyone considering doing more than one procedure to be gentle with yourself and to allow yourself several weeks to feel like yourself again. Though everyone at the office was very honest with me about what to expect, I think I was pretty hard on myself for not "snapping back" as quickly as I thought I should.
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truly cannot say enough good things about my experience with Front Range Plastic Surgery. To say I was fearful would be an understatement but my fears were met with genuine compassion and reassurance. I had waited twelve years to have excess skin (after significant weight loss) removed and though ready for the change, I definitely needed to feel 100% confident that I was choosing the right doctor and I certainly did! Dr. Schutte was very honest with me about what to expect and was available to answer questions from my first consult all the way through my healing process. Carli and Leslie were exceedingly patient with my plethora of questions! I know it might sound simple but I felt truly cared for and that everyone was invested in making this experience a positive one. One example of Dr. Schutte's kindness was right before my surgery. I was very scared and a bit weepy right before surgery. Dr. Schutte noticed this and stopped what he was doing in the operating room to just sit with me and reassure me until the anesthesia kicked in and I fell asleep. I cannot say enough good things about Front Range Plastic Surgery from the sweet girls at the front desk to the sweet nurses to the incredibly kind and capable Dr. Schutte. My highest recommendations to anyone considering this option!!

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I had pain in the lower portion of my arms, and slight swelling and a little "bunching" on the beginning of the incision, but now at 6 months PO, it all smoothed its self out.
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You have Fantastic results! Congratulations on your successful surgeries! I also had LBL as well as brachioplasty....The results just keep getting better!
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Can I ask if you ever had swelling around your elbows? I'm three months out and going in today for a quick fix of a dog ear on my right hip and need to ask about this. I'm trying to decide if it's swelling or a "missed spot".
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Hello. I'm having both arms and tummy done at the same time in Jan 2014. Since you had the same at the same time, do you feel it was too much at once? How was the pain and getting around?
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Oh my, I have thought about this very question so many times! Here's the thing....it hurts and it is super hard to just sit still and let yourself heal. My thought was that I was sure I would never go back and do the other surgery if I didn't do both at once. I feel like it was the right choice for me to do both at once and just heal one time rather than have two recoveries. Is it painful? Yes? Is it unbearable? No. Honestly the pain was much less of an issue for me than the emotional piece. I had a really hard time accepting help and allowing myself the time to heal. Do you have a plan to have some good help? My sweet daughter (19) was so good to me. She washed my hair for a couple of weeks, etc, With regard to the arms, I highly recommend having a shower attachment and a shower seat. We just put a metal stool in the shower with a towel on it so I could sit. You will be glad you did it, but it is quite a process. If I can offer you any advice or encouragement during your journey, please don't hesitate to ask. I so wish I would have had someone to talk to who had gone through this before me because it is definitely not something others understood.
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Thank you so much, your story really helps me. Any advice and help you give to me is appreciated. I will have help, husband and 18 year old daughter. How long did it take for you to lift your arms to wash your own hair?
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To truly do it independently, I would say 3 weeks. I wore a lot of pony tails and braids.
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Hey it's me again. How did you get help out of the chair since no one can pull on your arms? Did you think the TT pain was worse than the arms? I'm wondering if I should separate the surgeries.
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I scooted myself forward as much as I could using my legs and then had my husband push me up from behind on my back or rear end. The TT was way less painful than my arms. Seriously...if someone told me I had to do the TT all over again tomorrow, I wouldn't be scared. The arms are hard because you need them for almost everything. My reasoning for doing both at the same time was that I knew I'd chicken out and never go back for the other one. I figured if I was going to have a several week recovery time, why not recover from two things rather than recovering twice. I don't regret doing them at the same time, but I will be honest and tell you that I don't absolutely love my arms. My PS told me that arms are tough and that are, at best, a B+ kind of surgery. My tummy is definitely an A+, but I still see areas on my arms that look strange to me and I do not fault my surgeon. I think it's just a very tough area to deal with because of all the movement. I may be going back in for a couple revisions there. The hardest part is the anticipation and I'm sure, now that you're getting close (January, right?) the thoughts and what ifs will be surfacing! Don't hesitate to shoot me a note and I'll do my best to help you out any way I can!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Your before/afters look awesome! How are you doing now, are you fully healed and recovered?

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I am doing well. I am still a little sore and numb in places and my scars are still quite obvious.. I am working on my scars with Kelokote and hoping they fade. I am definitely enjoying my flat tummy and wearing sleeveless shirts! : )
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Hopefully, with time, the scars will fade quite a bit. You definitely look great though, it looks like your surgery was a huge success.

If you don't mind sharing, how much weight did you lose?

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89 pounds. ; )
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Wow, awesome! You've done really well, you should be proud of yourself!

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Thank you so much, Kirsty!
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