I'll admit it hurts and don't like the swelling - Loved the Results! - Odessa, TX

I'll admit it hurts and don't like the swelling...

I'll admit it hurts and don't like the swelling after, BUT my results have been wonderful. I decided to get fraxel to get rid of my brown spots. Not only are some completely gone, many are still fading. ALSO, the reduction of my fine lines and wrinkles are amazing. AND, that's only after two treatments. I've just taken my 3rd today and can't wait to see the rest of the results.
I had this done a year ago n my skin looked amazing it lessoned the brown patch I had on forehead n before I new it it was completely gone but I initially did for my acne scars n wrinkles my skin was renewed ten years younger by far!!! Just had my 2nd and last treatment 1/6/14 , but got to tell you it is a bit painful the numbing cream really doesn't work unless it's some powerful cream, and ladies please don't forget to ask doc to prescribe you a pill (valtrix) for cold sore herpes start taking it a day before procedure!! N finish dosage because I n he forgot this time around and I got a million little herpes under my lip and above ugh the cost of beauty!!!!
Bring on the pictures! Also, can you describe the healing process? The redness, swelling, flaking, and how long it took to heal. Anything else you can think of (the whole experience) will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
You will look like a burned victim for 3 days, and start peeling but let it peel on it's own, I've heeled really well n still am it's been 3 days now but I have been around the clock applying aquaphor n washing my face the times a day with cetaphil then rinsing face with warm water and 1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar,it helps with burning sensation n infection believe me it works I seen other woman after procedure get really bad swelling n bad infection so make sure your face is well over load with aquaphor n my secret is I use neosporin before the aquaphor!!! Ladies by 5 th day you can't start seeing your new beautiful skin!!!
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