53 and I noticed those darn pesky folds along the sides of my nose - Loved the Results - Walnut Creek, CA

I am 53 and I noticed those darn pesky folds along...

I am 53 and I noticed those darn pesky folds along the sides of my nose. I did some research and then was lucky to find an excellent doctor. My 'Doubting Thomas' husband thought it was a waste of time and good money, but he went with me. (I previously had Botox and he did not see any great results.) After I came out he actually was amazed. He said I looked wonderful and he was taken aback by how quick the results were. It lasted a very long time, over a year. I had it again and it has even lasted longer the second time. I really feel the best results are achieved when you have a qualified doctor perform the procedure. After all, it is the artist, not the paint that makes a painting beautiful.
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Hey guys, I just wanted to jump in since a few people have requested she share who her doctor is. We leave it optional if someone wants to share that, as not everyone feels comfortable providing that information.

I know its not the exact info you are after, but if you click on the Find a Doctor tab near the top of the page you can find see doctors in your area who have profiles, reviews from other community members, and Q&A answers. Hopefully that will help give you an idea of what they are like and if they are someone you would like to consider seeing.

Hope that helps some!

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Hi Megan,
Thank you for your post. Your right, I do not feel comfortable posting his name without his permission.
I called him to ask if it was OK, and as soon as he responds and is in agreement, I will post all of his info.
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No problem, either way we appreciate you sharing what your experience with Restylane was. :)

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I would love to know who the dr. was as I am looking to get it and I live in the peninsula but I would travel for the right result. Can you let us know the doctor's name?
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dang girl you do not look 53! you look 33. you look amazing!
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Thanks for the review. Could you post your Dr. name? Thanks
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I live in the East Bay too. Can I get the doctor's name? I want to put Restalyne in my tear trough for hollowness. But I'm scared of the reviews I read about bruising and bumps. Did you have any problems?
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