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It is a dramatic and permanent difference. The...

It is a dramatic and permanent difference. The dentist was able to change the shape, color, and smile line in two visits. The first visit is a little longer and I had to wear temporary veneers while the permanents were made but it was definitely worth it. I get compliments on my smile all the time and I love they way they look in pictures too.
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I had crowns replaced on two teeth and veneers done on an additional 6, top teeth only and I love them! I had them done about 9 years ago so I'm afraid I don't remember what the cost was but they completely changed my confidence level and were the best thing in the world for me. I have an excellent dentist and he's who I chose to do my veneers. He gave some excellent advice, especially about not making them too white which can look very fake, especially as you age. I'm 54 and I don't want people staring at my teeth and noticing that I've had them done. If you're sensitive about your smile, it's a truly wonderful investment. Just take your time and make sure that you have a good dentist. I'd also suggest spending some time looking in magazines at lots of smiles. You can get an idea of the shape of teeth that you like the best. For instance, I knew that I wanted my two front teeth to be slightly longer than the others. I didn't want that "false teeth" look where all of teeth almost look like they're the same size and length. It's also really important to know that your dentist uses a great lab! They're the ones creating the teeth. Keep in mind that they don't last forever. It varies from person to person and you'll get more information from your dentist.
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Nancy, do you remember the type of veneers you got - lumineers, empress or another type? I am thinking of doing the exact same thing you did and am close to the same age and feel the same as you about looking like false teeth.
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